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Fifa World Cup Blogs

Fifa World Cup Blogs

England's Defeat in FIFA 2010, who is to Blame by Jim Hardy

The world famous English Soccer Team faced a shameful defeat by the German team. Many football articles focus on this humiliating defeat in World Cup. The English team has won the international football cup in the late 60’s and after that no new feather in the team’s cap. Now the question is where is that old charm and passion which lead the team in that glorious era. The England team is awfully unfortunate in terms of winning the world cup again after the first title.

Typically the game proved to be very important between the traditional rival. Losing a precious game in this battle field proved to be the biggest upset for the English crowd in that international football arena. After this defeat the blame game of holding the responsibility of this failure has been started and the name came out which was none other than Fabio Capello, the English Coach amounted to an exceptional position, and one that flawlessly encapsulates all that has been incorrect with England at this World Cup.

Still there is no sensible conclusion came out of the ashes of this famous defeat. But still sports fans are seeking some authentic directions on producing a formal decision which reveal the truth behind this huge failure.
But more or less Fabio was not the only person to blame out as in that match. The second goal which was scored by Frank was wrongly ruled out. But ironically the outcome would remains the same if that goal had not been ruled out. The same thing has been revised in different football articles.

Moreover English Coach Capello made an argument if the goal been allowed than definitely it would give some piece of confidence to the English team. But it may increase the German’s determination toward game. Of course humiliation for the English team would be more obvious. There are other facts as well which should be revealed to understand the real story of English defeat.

Some critics also say that the refereeing in the England †Germany game was doubtful. But it’s not proven yet. Similarly the team Captain Steven Gerrard proved to be inefficient to handle the team over the tournament and over that heavily paid players were also failed to perform well.

The only thing which can counter the offensive strikes of the opponents is the self motivated style and unique football skills. Really, the team was lacking these skills and on the same time lacked the desire for winning the game.

Like all other games the players who are given the noble responsibility to represent the whole nation in the sports ground should reveal their proven sporting skills and smash the opponent team. Obviously if they fail to do so, the real defeat would be for the sports fans out there in front of TV screens or in the same sporting arena.

Now it’s not difficult to understand that England football team is solely responsible for this shameful defeat rather than the team manager or so called doubtful refereeing.

This article is regarding football articles. For more information on international football visit blogs.bettor.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/England-s-Defeat-in-FIFA-2010--who-is-to-Blame/839583

Fifa World Cup Blogs

Another successfull year with Hopitality Management by Hospitality courses

With yet another year behind us it is exciting and encouraging to see that so much has been accomplished at Stenden South Africa. We have seen the name change of EISS International to Stenden South Africa and the opening of â'Recessâ' which is a tuck shop that that sells anything from toasted sandwiches to chips and cold drinks. The exterior of the campus has had a complete overhaul
and the improvements can not help but be noticed.

This year, Stenden South Africa has been on the SABC midday news on television, local radio, in newspapers, national magazines such as Wineland and South African Wine and on the blogs of wine makers such as Bruwer Raats, Cathy Van Zyl and Karl Lambour. This has brought tremendous exposure not only to Stenden but also Port Alfred. The name change has also resulted in a new fresher looking website which should be up and running in the next few days. Of course, what is most exciting about this year is the noticeable increase in student numbers which is a result of the dedication and enthusiasm of both our academic, marketing and support staff.

I am pleased to say that student enrollments are up 30 % in comparison to this time last year. We look forward to greeting approximately 135 Grand Tour students and 40 first year South African students in February next year. This is going to bring with it a number of challenges and changes and as a team we are ready to face them head on.

Looking back, we had many exciting developments at our campus. When one trains students to manage five star hotels, all tangibles and intangibles should reflect this aim. This will be our main focus for the new year and the years to come; excellence in all we do. As such, many staff members at Stenden South Africa are currently involved in further studies and research to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of our field. Also, we are constantly growing and strengthening our network with leading hotels in the industry to ensure the best placement opportunities for our students.

However, excellence works both ways. Each student we deliver to the industry should embody a drive for excellence and as such we will keep asking a lot of them under the motto: â'be Early, be Prepared, and be Excellentâ'â". Particular students see something that can be improved and take charge in a constructive manner taking ownership. I am also proud to confirm the involvement of all hotel management
students in the Port Elizabeth stadium for all eight soccer matches hosted there during the FIFA World Cup. We aim to provide students with a diverse exposure and felt - despite the logistical challenges
involved - we could not let this opportunity pass. In addition our network with the industry is growing and strengthening.

Stenden South Africa is a hospitality management institution and offers the best hospitality courses and international hospitality management degree in South Africa.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Another-successfull-year-with-Hopitality-Management/809769

Fifa World Cup Blogs

Tilt the balance to Nike Air Max after World Cup 2 by loveair882p

Tilt the balance to Nike Air Max after World Cup 2010 suggest the violent attack of AdidasThe war in Iraq is quit, however, even World Cup is ending, the war between Nike and Adidas still continues in football area. From the producing of Football Shoes, Nike Air Max 24-7 has never stop exceed Adidas-the best football shoes in the world. Begining in football field,Air Max Online, the war has expanded to business area.Before beginning of World Cup, Nike is occupy basketball field in collage, 52 of the 65 teams in the 2010 NCAA March Madness wore its 'swoosh' on their shoes. However, just like the slogan "Just do it", Nike has changed their way to football field. Preparation for a long time, the producing of football shoes is the first war between Wholesale Nike Air Max and Adidas. Reported Nike spend $1.7 billion in sales of its core brand soccer gear and equipment in 2008. Its German rival, meanwhile, brought in $1.6 billion at the current dollar-euro exchange rate. But despite Nike's recent, well-played sponsorship deals, Adidas has an edge with contracts to supply 12 of the 32 teams competing in the World Cup this year. No other company can claim such a high number.After the nike ads has since been viewed over 14 million times on YouTube alone and over 29 million times on all web platforms. In contrast, Adidas launched its ad featuring David Beckham and Snoop Dogg last week. And so far, it has only received around 3 million hits. However, Adidas is not satisfied with this, for the result, Adidas want new Adidas Soccer Shoes lead the future in World Cup 2010. The other way Adidas do is supplying FIFA - the international soccer federation C officials. And it should stay just ahead in its profitable soccer shoes business as well. Nike's new premium Mercurial Superfly II shoes have nearly kept pace. But Adidas' F50i currently has the lead. Adidias also spends about $71 million per year sponsoring World Cup teams while Nike totals only around $58 million. This do the effect, FIFA authorized the World Cup football use Adidas and also during football match, the advertisements on the football field take Adidas ahead from the behind. Also from market selling show that Adidas football shoes sale better than Nike.In the beginning, it seems that Adidas is more active, but after the listing of nike Mercurial Vapor for 2010 World Cup, Nike become the biggest winner in the business area. Researching for a long time, according to the report of doctors, Nike company tested new nike Mercurial Vapor from time to time. Testing for the speed is nike's Wholesale Air Max Shoes first theme. This new Mercurial Vapor is the continues of Nike speed myth, the inside technology is the highlight of Nike which can increasing speed. It is reported that revolutionary "TPU/Pebax" materials, and the Nike Vapor TD pattern are all features of this superior cleat that is geared to create stable traction and provide excellent ankle support,air ltd 2. According to the official Nike store, this shoe is "Marshall Faulk's shoe of choice" and it is "designed for the serious football player". For this new shoes, Nike's so-called ambush ads have generated a lot more buzz. Nielsen found that Nike's "Write the Future" ad helped it gain twice as much attention on blogs and social network sites. Initially launched online on May 22nd, it features Wayne Rooney of England and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. As the hot of Cristiano Ronaldo among football fans, it is no wonder that Nike's new ads played great effect for saling this new shoes,Air Max 90 China.With the great market temptation in 2014 World Cup, Nike Air Max and Adidas both are all step up preparations occupy a larger international market. The complaints of Adidas soccer ball give Nike ample room to score for the next World Cup in Brazil in 2014, made the situation more tense.
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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Tilt-the-balance-to-Nike-Air-Max-after-World-Cup-2/1696126

FIFA World CUP. France 98. The cup of life.

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