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Fifa World Cup Draw Live Stream

Fifa World Cup Draw Live Stream

Watch Live Football World Cup Free - South Africa vs Mexico - Live Football Streaming - Watch Matches Online   by ann mark

South Africa meets Mexico in World Cup 2010 opener on 11/6/2009 16:00 in Johannesburg.

The battle will take place at Johannesburg, June 11, 2010 at 4pm on Soccer City (http://www.workthisway.com/South-Africa-vs-Mexico.html). The 2010 Final Draw is underway at the International Convention Centre of Cape Town. The 32 qualifying teams that will participate in the World Cup have been divided into eight groups and placed into four pots. This is where the schedule is being drawn. Charlize Theron and Jerome Valcke FIFA Secretary General are hosting the event.

After finally knowing who will open the game, the one who will break the ice is South Africa vs. Mexico. They will be drawing the first blood in the 2010 Soccer world cup. You might think that Mexico sounds like a small country but take note that they hosted the world cup in 1986. If there is anyone who might know what theSouth Africa team is thinking of playing against right now, it might just be the Mexico team. This Mexican team is currently rated number 15 on the FIFA ratings on the other hand,South Africa is rated 86th. South Africa did not play to earn their place but got it because they are the host. They lost against Iceland as well which puts at doubt on everyone?s mind on how they will fair against a much stronger team like Mexico.

Maybe with a lot more of cheering in Bafana, they could win against Mexico but you should consider that Mexico earned their way to be where they are now. WhileSouth Africa, if they did not host the 2010 World Cup, could not even be in game line up. South Africa started playing only in 1998 and has never been in the second round before. So if you study the stats you will see that it might be harder forSouth Africa than it looks. Whatever result it will make, this will be an interesting game.
The last time Mexico hosted the world cup was in 1986 and this country might look small compared to its rival USA in terms of politics and other issues. Everyone should look out for their accomplishment and output inWorld Cup 2010. Mexico won their fifth Gold Cup in July 2009 and totaled eighth CONCACAF Championship overall. Mexico won against the United States 5?0 in the finals after about 10 years of not even winning a game against the United States. On the 10th of October, 2009 Mexico qualified for a spot to the 2010 FIFA World Cup after it defeated El Salvador 4-1 in Estadio Azteca.

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Fifa World Cup Draw Live Stream

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