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Fifa World Cup Football Schedule

Fifa World Cup Football Schedule

World Cup Betting - Can Italy Make History in 2010 by Drin

It is World Cup fever everywhere and this time it is South Africa welcoming one and all with the ear splitting vuvuzela horns. If you are a crazy soccer fan you can never resist the vibe of the World Cup. And above all if you are interested in World Cup Betting, then I hope you can never ever spare Italy. The current World Cup champions and also a credit of four World Cup winnings is enough to declare that Italy is equivalent to Brazil in talent and records.

Team Italy is also known as Azzuri which means blue- the traditional color of the team. The term is related to the dynasty of Italy and the Italian National Football team is generally known by this name. The youths of Italy spend most of their time playing soccer and every youth wishes to be a member of the National team one day. This great team has brought the World Cup to their land four times and it is incredible that it includes the 2 consecutive world Cup winnings in 1938 and 1942. This makes them the second team to win the most number of World Cup after Brazil.

It will be fascinating to know more about this wonderful team. They first won the title in 1938 with a glorious win against Czechoslovakia in the final. The preceding World cup win in 1942 created history for successfully defending the title. This incident have created great fan follow up for the team and still stands out as the best soccer team the world have ever seen. Then it took pretty much years to win another title back in 1984. The finale was very interesting that will remain fresh in every soccer fans mind. The 3-1 victory with the remarkable goal in the 83rd minute was awesome. And finally in 2006, they kissed the World Cup again with a pretty tough match with France and ended in a 5-3 victory. Sometimes this time too they will repeat history by defending their title like in the World Cup of 1942.

They have easily qualified into the World Cup 2010 and have the greatest probability of winning the title again. So you can definitely bet on Italy in World Cup Betting because of their talent and confidence. It is usually a practice to bet on their favorite star and Italys players are the most popular ones in World Cup Betting. Let us take a look at the best performers in the team. Italy has the best goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon who has won the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year award a record nine times. He is truly the backbone of Italys winning and is considered to be one of the best 125 living footballers by Pele. It will be bad if I left out the Italian Captain Fabio Cannavaro who won the FIFA World Player of the year in 2006. He has been the Captain for 133 games and record of the most capped Italian national team player also goes to this 37 year old. Another great player in the team is Andrea Pirlo who is a free kick specialist. He has played for the youth teams and was the captain of the winning team in 2000 and also bagged the title of the Golden player of the tournament. He was also the captain at 2004 Olympics when the team won the Bronze medal in the tournament. In the 2006 World Cup too he had showed real talent and have won the man of the match title three times and won the Bronze ball for the third best player in the tournament.

This time too Italy is ready to defend the title and to create history. They have real talent and one of the strongest teams in the world equivalent to Brazil. You can surely bet on this team without even thinking because we know they will always keep up the glory of their team. Head over to www.sportsbook.com and place all your world cup bets today!

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Fifa World Cup Football Schedule

1.Sports and equipment: how are industry trend influencing the way we exercise? by Dave Edmonson

Is your latest piece of sports equipment about to become outdated? Is your favourite sport about to become a thing of the past? What trends are effecting sports this year and what innovations are there to come? Read below and discover the highlights of 2009 and what the future holds for the avid sports fan.

â€Players are the key
You expect the top premier football leagues to have star players such as Ronaldo and the like, but snooker, cricket and even tennis is looking to increase their popularity by adding star players to their line-ups. And we don’t mean by simply just adding their face or name to a piece of fancy sports equipment.

â€Money talks
What does it take for a sponsor to pull out of a successful venture? Is it madness or is it financial ruin that forces them to relieve themselves of added spending? Licensed fitness equipment is part and parcel of a great player’s arsenal. More than likely it is the latter and therefore great stars such as Tiger Woods and David Beckham have lost out on massive sponsorship deals that dealt them hefty financial blows. This has caused panic for all but the biggest names in sports today and many more sports, as well as sports stars are in danger of losing out on precious revenue. What is the solution then? For advertisers and sponsors to pull out of the minor leagues and to only concentrate on the big guns. What could be worse than an unlicensed piece of sports equipment?

â€Sports Slims Down
Streamlined cricket games have pushed the option of a quicker, less bloated game. Everything from rugby to football may and will feel the pinch of a tighter schedule. â€Express events’ it will be called, when a five to ten day sporting event is squeezed into one day. Even polo is trying it out, as the official London derby has commissioned a lightning-fast tournament. Golf is hit the hardest, as fans are leaving in droves thanks to the relatively slow and tiring pace of this age-old sport. Golf just takes too long and the punters are searching for instant gratification, a quick break during their channel surfing. Cast your glaze into the future and believe that a two-hour Nascar race is possible.

â€Other new and exciting rules

Football may get even more referees to keep the game in check. Two more referees are to be placed on each game, with an extra one placed behind each goal line. This, however, lies in the hands of FIFA as they will decide if this game-changing rule is implemented or not.

For the devious free kick system, there is a spray being developed that will be tested to mark out defensive walls a certain distance from the free kick line. This spray will fade after a short period of time. (This is sure to be a handy piece of sporting equipment!)

The stadiums in Cape Town for the FIFA World Cup are well on their way to be completed. Near the end of 2009, these stadiums (a few new venues are being constructed throughout South Africa) will have massive seating capacity and this nominal upgrade is a true landmark for each province.

The smoother the tire, the better the grip on the road; this has been known for many years and the sport of Formula One has not been able to employ this particular piece of hardware for a long time now. Other cool advancements include an energy system that redirects power to the correct areas of the F1 Car. This is the type of sporting equipment will keep the sport truly interesting.

Dave Edmonson designs fitness equipment for a prominent chain of sport stores in the UK. His brand ofsporting equipment strives to combine functionality and fun.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/1--Sports-and-equipment--how-are-industry-trend-influencing-the-way-we-exercise-/571962

Fifa World Cup Football Schedule

Malaysia Football Portal review by abhinav sidana

If you are a soccer player or you have some interest in the game of football, and comes from the beautiful country of Malaysia, Malaysia Football Portal provides you best information on any of the Malaysian football team or any other international football team including Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool, man utd, English premiere leagues etc., and at the same time you get the latest happening around the soccer arena. Malaysia Football Portal posts latest soccer news as and when these happens and even you can also participate in forums and can share your views, tips or concerns related to any soccer topics including FIFA or your local Malaysian or Indonesian football teams.

Malaysia Football Portal is one of the large web portal viewed and enjoyed by large population not only from Malaysian but fro other soccer loving countries also. The forum is open for all international soccer loving people and after registering at the site can post, ask questions and reply to other member’s queries.

Advantage of Malaysia Football Portal

Malaysia Football Portal represents the views of soccer lovers and therefore it represents you. The site provides live scores and details of soccer schedule of not only Malaysian football but international football including the big teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal, world football, euro cup, fifa and many more. You can enjoy equally watching live scores on the internet at Malaysia Football Portal especially if you are unable to watch the live game on TV.

The information and comments at Malaysia Football Portal

The website Malaysia Football Portal is especially designed keeping in mind the requirement and needs of a football loving person and you will find here every information you look for. The forum provides you the unique opportunity to meet people like you and interact with them. The latest news post at the site are provided in easy and interactive and you can pass on comments if you desire to do so and therefore the web portal Malaysia Football Portal is unique and you will be glad to be a part of the website.

Owner of website Malaysia Football Portal

Diana Neoh, a highly professional person having vast experience in the area is associate publisher of the website Malaysia Football Portal and he is available round the clock to reply your queries if you have any. You can also reach him by phone or email.

The final impression about Malaysia Football Portal

Malaysia Football Portal, although is a Malaysian football web portal, however you can get every national or international football information here and whether you want to see the latest information about Malaysian football or Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal, man utd., teams, you will get each and every information here.

The form provides you the easiest way to put your views before soccer lovers and can also interact with football lovers of various countries.

Visit Malaysia Football Portal for more information from http://www.football.com.my

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Malaysia-Football-Portal-review/477847

FIFA World Cup 2010 - All The Teams And The TV Schedule

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