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Fifa World Cup Games Online

Fifa World Cup Games Online

Learn more about the greatest event in the sporting calendar: The World Cup! by Gareth Hoyle1

The World Cup is the number one tournament in Football, Rugby and Cricket. Read this article to learn more about this magnificent event.

The World Cup is the biggest event in the UK, but which sport do you prefer?

Cricket World Cup Final

The ICC World Cup will be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in 2011. Pakistan were originally due to co-host the tournament but withdrew after the Sri Lankan team were Cricket team were attacked in Lahore in 2009.

The tournament will start on the 19th February between India and Bangladesh and the final will be played on the 2nd April in Mumbai. Australia will have to battle hard to protect their title, facing strong competition from the host nations.

Rugby World Cup Final

The 7th Rugby World Cup takes place in 2011 and New Zealand are the hosts. The tournament kicks off on the 9th September when the hosts play Tonga and will last 7 weeks. 20 countries will battle hard to been crowned world champions. South Africa currently holds the title and will have to fight off competition from the likes of France, England, Australia and Ireland to retain the trophy.

The tournament will be played at 13 locations across New Zealand and the final will be held at Eden Park. This is the largest ever sporting event in the country, with the reported amount being spent an estimated $310 billion New Zealand Dollars to run. If New Zealand emerges victorious, this is an amount that will be quickly forgotten!

FIFA World Cup Final

With a combined total of 26 billion people tuning in to watch live games in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, this year's tournament which is in South Africa is going to be even more amazing and will smash that record. This the first time that the FIFA World Cup is going to be aired in High Definition (HD) and promises to be truly spectacular. Enhance your viewing by watching in HD to make those special moments even more memorable.

32 teams are in preparation for this year's tournament in the hope that they will be the best in the world. The 19th World Cup which starts on the 11th June is being defended by the current world champions Italy, who will face strong competition from the likes of Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Argentina and the Netherlands. The newly redeveloped Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg will play host to the final with England, Brazil and The Netherlands favourites to win.

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Fifa World Cup Games Online

Brazil vs. Italy in 1970 World Cup of soccer by Paisley Kidd

The FIFA World Cup is well known as the most popular event in the sporting world. The event features the best soccer teams from around the world representing their respective countries. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the event is anticipated every 4 years as it approaches.

In 1970 the World Cup was held in Mexico. The event featured 16 different teams that played games in 5 different cities in Mexico. This was a groundbreaking event as the World Cup had never been held in North American Continent. In fact, the event had never been held outside of Europe and Brazil previous to the event. The event took play from the 31st of May until the 21st of June.

The event began with group play. The 16 teams were split into 4 different groups to decide which teams would enter the single elimination tournament. Each team would play the other three teams in their group one time and the teams with the best records would advance.

The first group featured the Soviet Union, Belgium, El Salvador and Mexico. El Salvador was winless in group play and would not advance. Belgium managed to win one game, but ultimately they would lose to Mexico and the Soviet Union. Mexico and the USSR won their two games against the other teams and tied each other to advance.

The next group featured Italy, Sweden, Uruguay and Israel. There were several ties in this group and the teams to advance would have to advance through tiebreakers. Ultimately, Italy and Uruguay qualified to play in the tournament portion of the World Cup.

The third group featured some of the best teams in the tournament in Brazil and England. Brazil was already known as the best country for soccer in the nation and held up to their expectations during group play. They won all of their games and outscored their opponents by 5 goals. England would be the other team to advance, beating Romania and Czechoslovakia to advance.

The last group featured Bulgaria, West Germany, Peru and Morocco. West Germany and Peru were dominant over the other two teams and did not lose a game to Bulgaria or Morocco. West Germany took out Peru to win the group, but both teams advanced.

The Soviet Union was upset by Uruguay in the first round. They lost 1-0 in tough defensive matchup. Brazil and Peru played each other in round one, with Brazil dominating the game offensively. They won the game 4-2.

The bottom half of the bracket featured games between Italy and Mexico and West Germany against England. Italy was just too good for Mexico and won 4-1. West Germany and England had a good battle, but the Germans came out on top with a 3-2 victory.

Brazil topped Uruguay with a 3-1 victory in the semi finals to advance to the finals. Italy and West Germany had a great battle. The game had 7 goals scored, but Italy was the winning team, taking the game 4-3.

Brazil continued to further their reputation as the best country in the world as they took out Italy in the finals with a 4-1 victory to become the World Cup champions.

Paisley Kidd writes reviews on various sporting events including the online sportsbbok websites. In this piece of write up he highlights on soccer game and soccer betting odds. He takes the readers opinion on soccer betting.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Brazil-vs--Italy-in-1970-World-Cup-of-soccer/1034997

Fifa World Cup Games Online

Europe's Most Significant Sporting Events in 2009 by abraxas

Sports are forever and a day the obsession of mankind and Europe is always ahead in conducting sports events. Of course, the 2009 formula one season is the 60th FIA Formula 1. With a total of seven teams, the event is to be great enough for the audience to have a wonderful time. The winter classic, the hockey event, is yet again another highlight in the European countries. Yes, it is getting launched in Windy City.

Each year, each season, there is no spirit without rugby. UEFA U-21 Championship 2009 is set in motion on 31 May 2007. This is supposed to be the seventeenth UEFA European Football Title fight. Once more, it is the number one competition subsequent to the clash relapsed to a dual-year layout.

This time, The Masters Series, tennis tournament, possibly will be hacked as of nine on the way to eight play-offs in 2009. This will give a stop to the Masters Cup stirring from Asia on the road to Europe. Ashes is of course a wonderful competition in the times past of cricket. The heart throbbing fight between England and Australia is the most superb and brilliant event in this. The 2009 sequence happens in several sites in the region of England in July.
For Soccer lovers, The beach Soccer is ahead to fulfill your dreams. The teams participating in this are quite competitive and it is beyond doubt going to be another unforgettable event. For the tickets for each of the sport items, there are special venues.

If you cannot bear the rush in the queue, then opt to buy the ticket through online, where you can acquire cheap tickets. At times, you might find it really difficult to procure a ticket on the sport event you wished to perceive. Today, there are legitimate event tickets brokers who can get you a ticket without visiting the venue as suggested. All you have to do is make call to their office.

Sports packages endow with a grand line of attack to take pleasure in a life time occasion devoid of dealing the enjoyable fraction of a holiday. The majority of the sports packages are an adjunct to hotel lodgings, tickets as well as a trip surrounded by the neighborhood.
There is never an end to European sports event. The mature call of humans for festivity extends beyond into the next-door bubble of sport. Almost all the small states in each of the European country possess their own sports and interested item. The country is even far-headed when coming to the finance of many of the sport events. As you would expect motor sports like Formula 1 and noteworthy motorcycle happenings are methodically enclosed, as the leading city long-drawn-outs, bicycle contests and the two long-established boat races in London.

Yes, sports are in always a passion to the whole mankind. There is no end or hindrance to these games, with the encouragement of many companies and immense sponsorship. Today sports have become a business.

Ivaylo Yordanov is the author and can provide you with additional information about European sporting events. Also, more information is available at Cheap Football Tickets Sporting Events Tickets Formula one tickets

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Europe-s-Most-Significant-Sporting-Events-in-2009/416224

FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa The Game - Online Goals Compilation

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