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Fifa World Cup Soccer Live Coverage

Fifa World Cup Soccer Live Coverage

World Cup Betting - Can Brazil do it for the 6th time by Onesimus Smith

Brazil is one of the strongest teams in the current 2010 Soccer World Cup which is being held in South Africa. The team has a number of superstars who can turn the game on its head all by themselves. There are also a number of other teams in the tournament which have a few stars in their teams but none beats the star-studded Brazilian line up. Apart from being the current tournament favorites, Brazil also holds the record of winning the most number of FIFA World Cups; 5 in all which were won in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. The question remains, can they do it for the 6th time?

The road to their World Cup qualification has been a comparatively smooth task as Brazil qualified extremely convincingly in the South American group and also managed to top their group for World Cup qualifiers. Apart from doing well in the World Cup qualifiers, they also go into the tournament with a lot of confidence as in 2009 they won the 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup after defeating USA 3-2 in the tournament's final match. Their victory run doesn't end there either, to add to their recent tournament victories is also the prestigious Copa America which they won in Venezuela in 2007 after defeating their biggest South American rival, Argentina, 3-0 in the finals.

The Brazilian team consists of a number of world class players but some of those who we think will have the most impact on their World Cup campaign are players like Julio Caesar, Kaka and Luis Fabiano. Julio Caesar is one of the best goalkeepers in the game today and he is as miserly as they come when it comes to goals being scored against him. While in the goal scoring department, Kaka and Luis Fabiano have proved themselves over and over again that they are the best any team can have when it comes to attacking, and world cup betting keep a close eye on this.

One can have the best team in the world but not be able to provide results if the team lacks a good coach and fortunately for Brazil that is not true. Their coach and ex-captain Dunga is the most pragmatic and efficient coach Brazil has seen for a long time. Dunga as a player was one of Brazil's most ferocious who always gave his best for the game and his dedication can be seen in the way he has disciplined and made this team a success.

All teams in the game have their strengths and weakness, while Brazil has many strengths that they display during the game, one has to really dig deep to find a flaw in this perfect team. While the team has no real weaknesses, that itself somehow can be dangerous as the media spotlight is always on the Brazilian team and excess coverage could prove as a major distraction for the players. However, to tackle this issue Dunga conducts most of the training sessions in complete isolation; away from the glaring eyes of the media and especially the raucous Brazilian press.

World Cup betting enthusiasts who want to know what the odds look like will find that most bookies have put Brazil right on top. Here is how the World Cup betting odds look like, the best odds are for Spain which is set at 4/1 and Brazil is next in line with odds of 5/1. The World Cup betting odds will keep fluctuating but in most matches you would find Brazil on the favorite side.

Lastly, the group that Brazil has been placed in has been named by many as the Group of Death. That is because alongside Brazil in Group G are the mighty Portuguese who have the Golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo, C'te d'Ivoire who are being led by their top goal scorer Didier Drogba and the second time qualifiers North Korea who can be extremely dangerous on their day.

Brazil kicks off their World Cup campaign on the 15th of June against North Korea.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/World-Cup-Betting---Can-Brazil-do-it-for-the-6th-time/797607

Fifa World Cup Soccer Live Coverage

Fifa World Cup Soccer Live Coverage

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