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Football World Cup Calendar

Football World Cup Calendar

Sports Entertainment in Victoria BC by Geoff McLean

People who are living in Victoria BC are active and love to participate in and follow their favorite sports or any high quality athletic endeavours! And because of our mild climate, there are sporting activities happening throughout the calendar year, providing year round sports entertainment for fans in Victoria.

We may have the warmest weather in the country, but hey, it’s still Canada! So one of the most popular spectator sports in Victoria has to be Hockey, and there are two teams that fans in Victoria love to watch and support:

â€The Victoria Royals are a major junior hockey team playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL). They relocated in 2011 from Chilliwack, and play out of the Save-On-Foods Arena (SOFA), and
â€The Victoria Grizzlies are a Tier II Junior A team playing in the BCHL (Island Division). These young guns with aspirations to play professional hockey play a fast-paced entertaining game, always looking to prove themselves to scouts who lurk in the audience.

Lacrosse, that other quintessentially Canadian sport, has a long and storied history in Victoria because of the Victoria Shamrocks of the WLA. The team has been in operation continuously since 1950, and has won eight Mann Cup Canadian Senior 'A' championships!

Football (aka the beautiful game, or soccer as we call it here) is just getting established on a professional level. The Victoria Highlanders Football Club was founded in 2008 as the United Soccer League (USL) awarded rights to a Premier Development League franchise to the City of Victoria. The inaugural season was 2009, and in 2010 a womens team, the Victoria Highlanders Women, began play as well, both teams play out of Bear Mountain Stadium. Soccer is hugely popular here, with thousands of children, youth and adults playing at various skill levels within the region, so watch for this franchise to grow!

Football (the North American type) is represented in Victoria by the Westshore Rebels Football Club. The Rebels play in the BC conference of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), and compete for the national Canadian Bowl. Although undergoing several name (and location) changes, the club has operated continuously since the late 1960’s.

Any summary of high level sports entertainment in Victoria would be incomplete without mentioning the University of Victoria and its contingent of amazing athletes. The amateur athletes at the university level provide riveting entertainment and boast a large following of loyal fans and supporters. U-Vic fields women’s and men’s teams and athletes in the following sports:

â€Cross Country and Track;
â€Field Hockey;
â€Soccer, and

Numerous UVIC athletes have competed internationally, and several teams and athletes have won championships or medalled at Olympic Games and World Championship competitions. If you have an opportunity to watch these athletes in action, it will definitely be worthwhile, so don’t pass it up!
There are loads of sports entertainment events in Victoria that can draw a crowd due to the skill of the participants and the excitement of the game, check out:

â€Triathlon BC’s website for listings of local triathlons and duathlons;
â€Victoria and District Cricket Association;
â€Velox Rugby;
â€Times/Colonist Open Golf Tournament, and
â€The new kid on the block †Armageddon Fighting Championships (AFC), the premier mixed martial arts organization in BC, you can catch a fight at their home venue, Bear Mountain Arena,

Victoria has become a hotbed of sports entertainment in Canada! The opportunity to pursue athletics year round has entrenched an active and athletic psyche in the people who are living in Victoria, and this translates to the type of entertainment they like to watch. Almost everybody loves the thrill of attending â€the gameâ€, whatever it is!

Geoff McLean is a realtor in Victoria BC who approaches his real estate vocation with honesty, integrity and straightforwardness.
Geoff is also the primary author of a blog about his home city. Living in Victoria is a valuable source of information about the Greater Victoria area for those who are interested in moving to this beautiful city.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Sports-Entertainment-in-Victoria-BC/1293512

Football World Cup Calendar

Sports in Dublin by Steve Danzel

Ireland is recognized as the home of the world's best golf courses and Dublin has a lot of these magnificent golf courses. Golf is an individual sport and can be called as gentleman or gentle lady's' game. It is a quiet and sophisticated sport. We see that there is a set of social rules that all golfers have to follow so; we can say that playing golf is just like having and practicing good table manners. The golf courses in Dublin can surely be marked as magnificent places for golf lovers to spend their holidays with fun and etiquettes. Dublin offers a broad variety of world famous golf courses to play. Almost all of these courses are appropriate for beginners and experts both. The ideal time for Golfing in Ireland is during the summer season. The most important Irish tournament of international level is the Murphy's Irish Open Golf Tournament, which attracts thousands of sports lovers to watch.

Horse racing on a top class horse in the lush green wide lands is every adventurous man's dream. Dublin is fairly known for its high breed horses and thrilling race-courses. These world class race-courses provide entertainment and exercise to the riders and the spectators. Horse racing is a popular historical game of Dublin, now it has become a great business as well.

Greyhound racing is an electrifying spectator sport and a multi-million money industry. It was introduced in Ireland in 1927 and since the day it was started, it is growing. Today, this sport has become an essential part of the lives of millions of people. Dublin holds its own identity in the world of Greyhound Racing.

Hurling is the national game of Ireland. This out door sport is considered to be the fastest game on grass. It is also described as the field Hockey in the air". It is a unique blend of hockey, soccer, rugby, football, and lacrosse. This rough and tough game is very much famous in Ireland. Equipment to play hurling is a ball and a stick almost similar to hockey. The stick to play hurling is called hurly and it is made of hard wood while the ball is made of hard leather. This game needs physical energy and active attitude. This sport requires 15 players at a time. The objective is to make score like any other sport.

Gaelic Football is the traditional game in Ireland. Gaelic football is the sister game of Hurling. This field sport is a mixture of Australian Rules football, soccer and rugby. It is a fast game and requires a lot of energy. But it is an easy game to learn; men and women of any age can play and enjoy it. The field for this game is rectangular; usually 13 players are enough to participate. It only involves a ball almost similar to soccer ball but heavier in weight.

Soccer is another prominent sport in Ireland after the native games. Winter is considered to be the best season to play this game. Foot ball or soccer has a huge circle of fans in Ireland especially after the remarkable performance of Irish team in the Football world cup of 2002. Ireland has three levels of soccer teams which are; Youth League, Junior Football and Irish league.

Rugby is an exciting game. Irish people eagerly prop up the mature and international rugby. Dublin is the hub of Rugby in Ireland. A very special attention is given to this sport, as it is an energetic sport and flourishing day by day. Dublin has produced the world's finest players of Rigby in last few years.

The list does not ends here... there are a lot of other games like water sports, cycling, angling and hiking. Dublin is a unique place; this city was voted Europe's fourth most popular city break destination. The shoreline of Dublin Bay always welcomes the visitors and locals for windsurfing, sailing and fishing. The lush green magnificent mountains around the city receive the hikers whole heartedly to enjoy their walks in tranquil atmosphere. This place also invites the bicyclers. The attitude of this city is warm and friendly for those who are interested in work outs. This is why we see that Dublin's calendar is full of sporting events whole year round.

Dublin Events is an online portal for sports and entertainment in Dublin and Ireland. Visit the site for more information about Horse riding, greyhound racing, water sports and other traditional games in Dublin.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Sports-in-Dublin/108849

Football World Cup Calendar

Investing in Joao Pessoa by Editor Investinbrazil

Joao Pessoa, a coastal city in Brazil, is the second greenest state in the world. The city is also the third oldest city in Brazil. The city of Joao Pessoa, referred to as the Ponta das Seixas, is the easternmost city of South America. Locals sometimes also call the city as "the city where the sun rises first." Joao Pessoa is the capital city of the Brazilian state, Parabia. The city has a huge forest range and is very much known for its contemporary architecture construction, buildings with historical significance and beautiful tropical beaches. The city has a very pleasant climatic condition throughout the year. The average temperature is about 27 degrees.

The city has a cosmopolitan outlook and is very well juxtaposed with tranquility. This unique combination, and a very low crime rate in the city, makes the city one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world among foreigners.

Besides being a hot-spot tourist destination in Brazil, the city is of greater significance to Brazil from the economic point of view. The Joao Pessoa foreign investment potential, especially in its real estate sector.

Advantages of investing in Joao Pessoa"s real estate sector:

1) Brazil is the host nation for the 2014 FIFA football cup. The two cities, Natal and Recife, which are the chosen venues to hold group stage World Cup Matches, are in close proximity to Joao Pessoa. The city is perfectly located at about an hour"s distance from these venues. During the World Cup, visitors to the venue places are doubled and most places for accommodation are full. Investors can cash-in on this opportunity and provide accommodation facilities to the visitors so that they can have access to as many football matches as possible. People who are unable to get tickets for matches can enjoy the game from the cozy environment of their beachside villas.

2) The Federal Government of Brazil, after many years of legal battle, has granted the state government of Joao Pessoa permission to construct a conference centre in the city. The estimated budget of building the centre is about $60 million. With the construction of the centre, the city is experiencing tremendous market growth and its economy is expanding. People from different parts of the country are migrating to the city. Thus, there is great opportunity for investors to invest in building hotels, resorts and other residential and office buildings.

3) Joao Pessoa has a very lively cultural calendar and the city plays a important role in hosting some very high-profile events all through the year. Tourists throng the city round the year to be part of the various events.
4) With business analysts expecting about 25% capital growth in land investment over the next few years, all investment in the city"s real estate sector will provide a healthy return.

5) The Federal government provides tax incentives to investors investing in different cities of the country. Also, considering the stable currency of Brazil, investing in the Joao Pessoa would yield good returns.

Invest in Brazil is an initiative to market Brazil as an investment destination.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Investing-in-Joao-Pessoa/781641

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