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Italy World Cup Jersey

Italy World Cup Jersey

Silva With Thailand Jersey Make Up the Offensive Line   by Soccerjerseysalon

The recent period of time, the outside world has been which one guesses in the Torres Strait, and Negredo and lorent in Italy of the competition during the first, eventually turned out to be none of the three main strikers into the starting lineup. Bask niesita, little law, Silva with Thailand Jersey make up the offensive line, the team used 433 formation, but because there is no real strikers, this formation can be seen as 460 formation. Bask-free front tactic has become after the match Spain media point of contention. Qian Spain coach Luis Aragones has said about this puzzling: "Spain teams adhere to the ball that's right, but is not always in a place away from restricted areas without end passes, and in the course of passing, no player profile, access to the restricted areas in depth. From the start, we have seen Italy in midfield players-intensive, plugging your course of action, in this case, they are most afraid of is the ball behind them. Unfortunately, the Spain team first player a steering wheel in Italy Defender turned to speed the player at all. Fernando Torres after the play, Navas and Alba start open sidewalk, Italy Defender not so comfortable as when first half. If you are me, gonna make Torres first. "
Spain also talked about in the media. Spain said the national report, Bask with Thai Jersey on the choice of strike gives a most surprising answer, three strikers did not play, he is Inácio Lula da Silva, Harvey, and law, A. Iniesta these little players. Bask's intention was in Italy shrinking defense cases, these players can make on Spain for more ball control rate, but Spain midfield stacking up so many of the players, the team at the top is the lack of a benchmark player, so that the team could not find directions, very serious traffic jams on the pitch. Five midfielder Claudio prandelli's formation, lack of support on the strike point Spain player raises the question, first half, Spain team, apparent lack of depth on the offensive, the team could not even control. Spain tactics in team training center already has for some time now, Bask and suddenly let by small pseudo Center so that players are surprised. Philip Bosco tried to copy Barca tactics, play the role of Macy's by small, however, no one in the world in terms of depth of attacking and scoring ability and Macy's par. Bask copy 460 formation of Guardiola, the result was draw Tiger, no anti-dog. Substitution of the game Bo ' is questioned by the media. In Spain after the goal, Bask was replaced as da Silva, one of the best players on the field, the Spain team made a threat up to players, has just completed a beautiful assists before they are replaced. Zhihou, Bask and Torres replaced by small, but Torres is very general, after play had wasted two excellent scoring opportunities. When Super gorgeous and fluent Spain-attack experience of reinforced concrete in Italy-defense, UEFA Cup Group c first ended in a draw, there is no accident. Both sides have a goal, rather than handing each other, there is no, Italy team back very sharp, Spain team opponents almost 1 time times higher rate of ball control, have a reason for final match results have a direct impact. 1:1, this is a very reasonable, allowing both sides to accept the outcome. Ball rate has been valued highly, is still considered to more accurate reflection of the game scene of important data. However, when Barcelona in this technical advantage, but still took Chelsea there is no way, they have been eliminated in the end, more people on the ball also has a new understanding. Spain and Italy World War I this is once again, always pay attention to control of the former, the latter always stressed defense, this time rate of 65.8% to control the ball, is not enough to speak for themselves. The SHO has a clear manifestation of Spain House shot 19 times in total, Italy only 11 times. Look, the difference seems clear, but in fact, the target number is the same between the two sides, is 6 times. In Italy under tight defense, Spain team with Spain Football Shirt wanted to create a very good shooting opportunities is not easy. Contrast corner kick, pass the ball out, and many data, success, success rate of crossing, all Spain team-dominated, but Italy's data make them far behind: on tackling the success rate statistics, Italy team did amazing 100%.
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Italy World Cup Jersey

Keentelang With New Real Madrid Jersey Also Obtained the Support of the Greatest Trust   by Soccerjerseysalon

When Wayne Rooney with New England Jersey subject to two suspension penalties, doubts he can appear in the list of England. I do not think so, but believed he would at this contest Flash. If he can do it, England will surprise everyone. Wayne Rooney is a genius, has all the qualities. Like this high standard of competition, the team needed one as anything in his players: can be found twenty or thirty yards passing chance; to complete volley to break outside the restricted area will be completed in the vicinity of penalty points support; alone power change the course of the game. Therefore, Ukraine team, Rooney must come--I would choose him and Willbeck partner to strike. Carol has a height advantage within a restricted area, and Sweden teams competitions, he will be evidenced by Steven Gerrard's pass into the net. But two games left before Willbeck I was even more impressed. Against France when the teams his efficiency and is exactly what we need by way of playing football, even if there is no break. Sweden team, he's at greater risk, into a winner. Since it is impossible to arrange 3 striker, Carol can only give way to good men. Against Sweden stunning Walcott, I also would prefer him to continue sitting benches Mr Milner continued to the first. Ashley young is still as LH, I hope he can play better. Wayne Rooney lead England to go farther, but the whole team and Sweden still need to improve after the game. We in the former two got the 4 points, the game still want to win. Problem now is defensive Placement vulnerability is not small, are Sweden into two balls, ball is not good. I am sure that France would beat Sweden team, so we must win the Ukraine team, by more experienced than to overwhelm France team group header name. This will avoid Spain, you know, they won Ireland 4 balls. We prefer to face Croatia or Italy, against both teams, we must also improve the defense.
Defeating Sweden proved that Hodgson football is not boring, it was the most exciting game England recently, also increased the team's expectations. But we have yet to come up with winning the champion qualities, but Wayne Rooney's arrival will be improved. As a coach, Hodgson are very reasonable, and he also reveals a bit of passion, in the past, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello rarely celebrated. This coach group and the team is also encouraged. Perhaps, one local coach meant more to the team. Hope that we can have more time to celebrate in the future. Coach Hodgson has confirmed that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney in the game in the first episode, due to red cards in the preliminary, before Wayne Rooney with England Soccer Jersey was suspended from participating in England by appending two panel games, and now he finally came. Hodgson hopes the first two fields of "repression" can let Rooney thorough burst forth. Hodgson said: "If you look at the history of football, you'll find a lot of things, such as Billy, he is a player in the contest, always playing the best football in the World Cup, I think Rooney could also be the case. If we win, Rooney played the best State, which can help us to go further. Everyone knows the power of Wayne Rooney, he can make us more threats of attack. He is a world class player. From his eyes I could see that he was very eager to win. "Hodgson said. This European Cup in England open high low, prior to the start of wounded soldiers reached the camp lineup so that they will not be favorable, but forced France, and defeating Sweden zhihou, ushered in the Wayne Rooney of England comeback now, Hodgson have reason to expect better results--such as winning the European Cup.
Hodgson said: "not only we are improving, many teams are kicking more and more good. We will now only consider their own, believe that they can do the best. "Hodgson said:" looking back at the years prior to the World Cup, Pele by virtue of his personal capacity scored a wonderful goal, these goals eventually helped Brazil win the World Cup champions. I hope that Rooney was able to par Bailey. Everyone knows Rooney with England Football Shirt has the ability, he is a world class player, he was threatened by our frontcourt. If Rooney can play the best State, advance triumphantly on England in the European Cup. "
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Hodgson With Thailand Quality Soccer Jersey Imposes a Heavy Responsibility   by Soccerjerseysalon

England not to be optimistic about, there are many reasons why. First, the farce is part of Capello and the FA has destroyed the team's prospects. South Africa World Cup, the FA on Capello's lead performance is not satisfied with, but because you have and to renew, taking into account the high damages, no fires him. You would think kapeiluohui lead the England team with England Football Team Jersey to play the European Championship, but do not want to, because in an interview Italy media interview on the FA the issue of race deprive the different views expressed in the skipper's armband, be fired. So, the FA rush to hire West Bromwich Albion coach Hodgson served as England coach, war at the European Championship. Hodgson curriculum vitae than Fabio Capello sent too many, the key, he is good at managing second-rate teams, have had good results, but the teams did not have to come to the performance. Twining and Henderson WINS sparked controversy, both in Liverpool this season are very bad, for their social status, there are no convincing. Leaving too little time for Hodgson. In addition to the match, he simply did not have time to study team, looking for methods to solve team problems. Now England, difficulties are many. Rooney before the ban is absent for two rounds of group matches, who is going to replace him in front of the location? Barry, Lampard hurt back, who come and Steven Gerrard partner midfielder? Scoring responsibilities who is going to stir up, Carol?
From the heats, is in good condition today Ashley young, should be Hodgson with Thailand Quality Soccer Jersey imposes a heavy responsibility, but other players after a crazy English Premier League season is showing weakness, like Barry and Frank Lampard is so hurt back. England's midfield is probably the weakest since the previous, Twining and Henderson WINS sparked controversy, both in Liverpool this season are very bad, for their social status, there are no convincing. Cahill Tim wound back Hodgson to abandon Ferdinand called the bianweikaili only one national team experience in Liverpool, but also raised the dissatisfaction of public opinion. Parker Spurs also accumulated a lot of hurt, it's hard to say in the competition back to health. Hodgson in the European Championship series by a defensive back playing. Zhongwei Cahill Tim says England with England Soccer Jersey can follow the Chelsea counterattack, "competition, sometimes you win easily, sometimes it is in the case of passive win. Results are the most important. The FA rush to hire West Bromwich Albion coach Hodgson served as England coach, war at the European Championship. I understand the importance of the results in the past six months. Chelsea Barcelona, Chelsea played does not look good, but finally won, and that's the key. You can play it sometimes nice, sometimes you need to also withdraw, this is football. Media speculation that Hodgson would give up West Bromwich Albion with 442 formation, modified 4,411 formation. Ashley young partner with whom man, Carol was Willbeck, depends on specific opponent may be.
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