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Play Fifa World Cup Games

Play Fifa World Cup Games

World Cup 2010 : New Horizons for African Football by Peter Beckham

Early reports show that even at this early stage, South Africans are more than eager to formally welcome and host the FIFA World Cup 2010. After losing the 2006 bid to Germany, the date of May 15, 2004 marked history when it was announced that it is time for South Africa to be the first ever African country to hold the much revered World Cup series and to be the 16th country to do such.

There will be two main stadiums in Johannesburg to be used for the event. Built in 1987, Soccer City is the venue for the first game. The stadium has a capacity of 94,700 people and is large and majestic enough to act as the springboard for the exciting tournament. Currently, renovations are under way to make sure the stadium is at the best it can be by 2010. Being constructed is an encircling roof while being developed are new changing room facilities and floodlights. The upper tier will also be extended around the stadium.

Another main stadium to be used for the 2010 World Cup is Ellis Park, just a few minutes away from Johannesburg City Center. Built in 1982, Ellis Park is a world class, integrated stadium that offers only state of the art features, facilities and security. The stadium is also being improved to be ready by 2010. Among the current developments under way is the construction of new upper tiers to increase the capacity of 10,149 seats to 60,000.

It must be said that the entrustment of the FIFA World Cup 2010 to South Africa couldn’t have had a more perfect timing, happening in a period where African football is steadily rising in both quantity and quality, especially considering its difficult beginnings. In the early days, football in South Africa has been affected by a harsh system of racial segregation. South Africa’s constitution prohibited racially mixed teams to compete in global tournaments and could only send either all-black or all-white teams.

Meanwhile, the history of football in Africa as a whole has been a deep story that doesn’t involve games alone but a lot of magic, racism, money, and complexity. Football games were not just mere games but also reflected such uneven poverty in Africa through money in the form of income to players. Everything was highly monetized and the system was frowned at by European countries. Nevertheless, the complex system of African football continued to push on and the overall style was often characterized by a showy, individualistic kind of game instead of a team effort.

The recent years showed much evolution in African football, along with the rise and global recognition of African football players like Steven Pienaar and Aaron Mokoena. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Pienaar is a South African midfielder of the Bafana Bafana (South African Soccer Team) who moved to Germany and the Borussia Dortmund team in 2006. Meanwhile, Mokoena is the captain of Bafana Bafana and was the youngest player ever to play for the team.

One thing’s for sure: regardless of the outcome, the FIFA World Cup 2010 would truly mark another history for the long evolution of football in Africa.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/World-Cup-2010---New-Horizons-for-African-Football/348027

Play Fifa World Cup Games

Learn more about the greatest event in the sporting calendar: The World Cup! by Gareth Hoyle1

The World Cup is the number one tournament in Football, Rugby and Cricket. Read this article to learn more about this magnificent event.

The World Cup is the biggest event in the UK, but which sport do you prefer?

Cricket World Cup Final

The ICC World Cup will be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in 2011. Pakistan were originally due to co-host the tournament but withdrew after the Sri Lankan team were Cricket team were attacked in Lahore in 2009.

The tournament will start on the 19th February between India and Bangladesh and the final will be played on the 2nd April in Mumbai. Australia will have to battle hard to protect their title, facing strong competition from the host nations.

Rugby World Cup Final

The 7th Rugby World Cup takes place in 2011 and New Zealand are the hosts. The tournament kicks off on the 9th September when the hosts play Tonga and will last 7 weeks. 20 countries will battle hard to been crowned world champions. South Africa currently holds the title and will have to fight off competition from the likes of France, England, Australia and Ireland to retain the trophy.

The tournament will be played at 13 locations across New Zealand and the final will be held at Eden Park. This is the largest ever sporting event in the country, with the reported amount being spent an estimated $310 billion New Zealand Dollars to run. If New Zealand emerges victorious, this is an amount that will be quickly forgotten!

FIFA World Cup Final

With a combined total of 26 billion people tuning in to watch live games in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, this year's tournament which is in South Africa is going to be even more amazing and will smash that record. This the first time that the FIFA World Cup is going to be aired in High Definition (HD) and promises to be truly spectacular. Enhance your viewing by watching in HD to make those special moments even more memorable.

32 teams are in preparation for this year's tournament in the hope that they will be the best in the world. The 19th World Cup which starts on the 11th June is being defended by the current world champions Italy, who will face strong competition from the likes of Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Argentina and the Netherlands. The newly redeveloped Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg will play host to the final with England, Brazil and The Netherlands favourites to win.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Learn-more-about-the-greatest-event-in-the-sporting-calendar--The-World-Cup-/780258

Play Fifa World Cup Games

Brazil shows pride to defeat Mexico by Andrew Hill

2014 FIFA World Cup host came from behind with ten players and defeated â€El Tri’ on the road by 2-1, thanks to a penalty defended by Jefferson and the goals from Ronaldinho and Marcelo late in the second half.

After a poor game against Costa Rica last Friday, which despite winning by 1-0 didn’t fulfill the fans expectations, Brazil wanted to change its image against Mexico, team that had a streak of 14 matches undefeated. Leaded by their star and former FIFA World Player of the year, Ronaldinho, who had four years without scoring for the National Team, the Brazilians arrived to Corona Stadium in search of a victory that allowed them to dissipate the critics at least until their next friendly game, against Gabon on November 10 at Libreville.

It was their 36th head-to-head confrontation, and Brazil was on the lead with 20 victories, against nine from the Mexicans -the other six games ended up tied- that put themselves ahead in score early in the game, through an own goal from Brazilian defender David Luiz at minute 10. Things got worse for the five-time FIFA World Cup Champions when Dani Alves was sent off with his second yellow card of the game, after bringing down Javier â€Chicharito’ Hernandez inside the box in the last minutes of the first half. Mexico had the chance of taking a two-goal lead before the break, but goalkeeper Jefferson defended the penalty kick from Andres Guardado.

In the second half is seemed as if Mexico was the team with 10 players on pitch, instead of the â€Canarinha’ that began to control the game leaded by a great Ronaldinho. It was going to be Brazil’s number 10 and captain who through a free kick tied the game to one apiece with 11 minutes to go, and broke his 4-year streak of no goals with the National team.

That goal was a boost for the Brazilians, who not satisfied with the draw went upfront for more. They got their reward four minutes later, when Marcelo scored their second goal of the night after a good individual play inside the box, for the 2-1 victory.

It was the first defeat for the Mexicans under coach Jose Manuel de la Torre’s order in 15 games, while for his Brazilian colleague â€Mano’ Meneses it was his tenth victory with the â€Canarinha’ in 18 games.

Brazil showed pride to overcome adversity, which left â€Mano’ very happy for that â€indignation†he saw reflected on his players when they found themselves down by one in the score, and then again when Alves was sent off with a red card. And Brazil also showed some luck to win this game, because if Jefferson wouldn’t have blocked Guardado’s penalty kick, picking up a 2-goal deficit against Mexico on the road would have been improbable.

That missed penalty gave them a boost to win the game, and post-match Neymar confirmed it: â€after the penalty blocked by Jefferson, I said in the locker room that we were going to win anyway.â€

We’ll see if they can keep the momentum against Gabon next month.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Brazil-shows-pride-to-defeat-Mexico/1233352

USA vs Ghana World Cup Match (Simulated with Fifa 2010 South Africa)

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