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Soccer World Cup Trophies

Soccer World Cup Trophies

The Trophy And Other Awards Bring A Sense Of Accomplishment And Pride by MIKE SELVON

The trophy and other kinds of awards, like certificates, plaques and medals are a large part of the competitive world. The main purpose of these awards is to honor those who won their particular event.

They also give the winners a sense that all their hard work was worth something. The presentation of awards and trophies started many years ago, and since they are offered at almost every level of competition, they are not going away any time soon.

The concept of a trophy or any other award has been around for a long time. Some of the first ones were probably hunting trophies. The hunter would use the skins and pieces of the animals that he killed in his home. Skin rugs and clothing were some of the first animal trophies. During Greek and Roman times when the Olympic Games were first created, the trophies from those games were olive branch crowns.

This was a symbol of their skill as an athlete. From there, the concept of playing a game to win something evolved. Now, almost any competition has a prize or award for the winner or winners. For small children, the trophy presentation involves giving one to all of the players, such as with a little league baseball team. The hunting prize has also evolved. Many people who hunt like to mount the heads of what they killed on their walls.

A trophy and other awards are offered for many different kinds of events. Sporting trophies are awarded, such as the World Cup for soccer, the Stanley Cup for hockey or the Super Bowel trophy for football, all of which are awarded each year to the winning team. Other sports trophies are given out for other things as well.

Academic competitions also will give trophies and awards to the winners. Many events, such as spelling competitions, science fairs and such will hand out trophies to the winners. For other games, other kinds of awards are given. Medals are favored for events such as track and field, and swimming.

Ribbons and plaques are given out at different events as well. Ribbons are frequently given at smaller events and fairs. Some people believe that trophies and awards should be done away with because of the bad feelings they create among competitors, but humans are much too competitive by nature to ever accomplish that.

Everyone who has won a trophy or other award knows the sense of accomplishment and pride that they felt at the time. A trophy is a nice reminder of a day in time when you excelled at something and of course, it allows you to physically show your accomplishments to others. This is a necessary part of human nature. The trophy and the trophy winner will not be leaving completive events any time soon.

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Soccer World Cup Trophies

FIFA World Cup †Checkout FIFA world cup Schedule and Excitement by rahul kumar

With the US soccer team about to commence their assault on the fifa world cup 2010 in South Africa, the time has come to prepare yourselves to support your team in style. Whether you are lucky enough to make the trip to the event or simply plan on cheering the boys from the comfort of your lounge room, we have some great ideas for helping you get into the spirit and really feeling part of the action. The 2010 fifa world cup commences on June 11. Get your family kitted out in the latest gear before the first kickoff and help cheer on the boys to success.
The fifa world cup Soccer & Football Trophy is one of the world’s best know sports. The 2010 FIFA World Cup commences on June 11. Great prices on all the 2010 World Cup Soccer memorabilia, tickets, South African accommodations and fan gear.
The fifa world cup Soccer & Football Trophy is one of the world’s best know sports icons; popping up during every TLN sitcom & talk show, on the news every day, even being presented to one of the most loved and revered figures in the world today, Mr. Nelson Mandela. Now that the countdown to the World Cup Football Match in the South Africa has begun, that little golden statue of two extraordinary humans holding up the whole planet in their up-stretched and very well sculpted arms, has even been showing up in some people’s dreams.
The FIFA World Cup (that’s football in case you’re not a sports fan) kicks off in South Africa on the 11th of June. For only the second time in its history, the World Cup tournament is accompanied by a major official licensed art project. The Official Art Poster Edition comprises works on football by seventeen internationally acclaimed artists with a special relation to the African continent. Each artwork is related to football and covers images from a village of colorful players to a red elephant holding the ball in its trunk.
The new trophy is not awarded to the winning nation permanently. World Cup winners retain the trophy until the next tournament and are awarded a gold-plated replica rather than the solid gold original.
fifa world cup schedule intermediate scale 1:2, small scale 1:16 and miniature replica World Cup Soccer Trophies attached to mini cord, keychain & pendant. Authentic World Cup African team jerseys, fan scarves ,button shirts, banners & badges, team hats, miniature FIFA trophies, Africa t-shirts, Zakumi the South Africa 2010 Mascot, Official FIFA South Africa match balls, named Jabulani and also Kapanya. Nation fan flags, pennants, jewelry, FIFA soccer watches and hundreds of great souvenirs and fan enthusiasm gear. Articles regarding the FIFA Trophy and the FIFA trophy replicas available for fans around the world to buy. Great prices on all the 2010 World Cup Soccer memorabilia, tickets, South African accommodations and fan gear. Worldwide shipping. Everybody can shop online for South Africa 2020 FIFA Soccer merchandise.

FIFA is the synonymous of world cup football, get details about fifa world cup, players, matches, fifa world cup schedule, groups, mascot, fifa world cup

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Soccer World Cup Trophies

Soccer and Baseball trophies by jimcorbett

If any team have contributed in any soccer event than that tem do gets the soccer trophy as soccer trophies uses to be presented to each and every team performed in any event. These trophies use to be presented in very professional way and generally by the legends of the soccer as it use to represent the iconic contribution of teams to the game of soccer. In generally there uses to be the name of the team printed on the trophy but sometimes the date of event also uses to be printed. The soccer trophies of FIFA world cup are known to be as most respectable and prestigious trophy of all time and it uses to be awarded to the team winning the FIFA world cup. The first ever World Cup trophy was won by Uruguay and 1930.

Abel Lafleur designed the first ever soccer trophy of FIFA World Cup in 1946 and named it after the name of the founder of the world cup â€Jules Rimet Cupâ€. Abel Lafleur is a French sculptor and has been the fan of soccer from long time. As FIFA Trophy must be different from all other soccer trophies, he designed a new soccer trophy with the combination of gold and elegant stones. Goddess of victory holding the cup of octagon shape was designed on this highly respected trophy. The designed changed in 1970 and new trophy was designed by Silvio Gazzaniga, who was an Italian artist. It was known to be as the one of the finest designed soccer trophy from all of the soccer trophies designed till that time. From past to present, soccer trophies have been greatest rewards to the soccer teams and it will remain forever.

Unlike soccer, baseball teams uses to give the baseball awards to their teammates, coaches and all other members related to the team. They use gather the names of al of their players and coaches and other members and then they uses to decide that what they want to write on the baseball award, which uses to include the team name generally. After all this they use to divide baseball award by categories and use decide that if they are going to any special baseball award to someone to they are going to same baseball award to everyone. Then they use to deice the shape of the trophy and how much they can spend in the designing of the trophy. Generally they uses to make the man or women body shape on the award/trophy but they don’t want to do so then they uses to opt for the Tro Action Figure to be printed on award. Other special awards also uses to be put under consideration and some of them uses to be team pins, dog tags, fine crystal awards or baseball medals. The players uses to keep these award with themselves for whole of their life as they uses to know the importance of these awards in their lives, even other members of team use to do the same.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Soccer-and-Baseball-trophies/961525

Making of FIFA World Cup Trophy Case

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