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South Africa World Cup Travel Packages

South Africa World Cup Travel Packages

Charges 2011 Holidays Info Primary Vacation Destinations   by Holiday Gia

It is certainly a complex assign to make the best holidays 2011 destinations. Whatsoever, we have searched out few best Destinations for your use.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
In this Brazilian city, you can find out the fabulous combination of sun, sea, glamour, glitz and of course samba. Amazing beaches, stunning seaside patios, and the presence of a large number of resorts, restaurants, night clubs and bars have added to the city's attraction. In addition to this, exciting city is going to host the 2014 Soccer World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. Naturally, major developments are taking place, drawing huge crowds to the city.
South Africa
This year only the country successfully hosted 2010 Soccer World Cup. It can be a great idea to visit this place in 2011 for holidaying as all the necessary arrangements for the visitors are still very much there in the country. It boasts of breathtaking natural beauty, great beaches and an amazing repertoire of wildlife. On the other side, cities such as Cape Town, Cape Point and Kirstenbosch are indeed rich in culture and history. Aside from these, the world-famous wines, trekking in the Table Mountain and the amazing whales off Hermanus are great tourist draws.
Doha, Qatar
Doha, Qatar can be one of the best place to come by. The Doha-Tribeca Film Festival is drawing a large number of visitors to this place. Next year will be the third edition of this event-Doha is indeed trying hard to make it a big international event. The city is hosting Asian Cup Soccer in the month of January. All these have made Doha an inspiring place for holiday vacation in 2011.
Stockholm, Sweden
The city is home to many under-rated wonders and discoveries. Tourists flocking to this city must visit places like the streets of medieval Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace. One of the excellent attractions of this Scandinavian city is the Djurg. This Game Park is famous for superb green spaces, scenic beauty, events and parks. It will definitely not be a bad idea stop by the capital of Sweden for 2011 holidays.
If you're already thinking ahead to your summer 2011 holidays, here's something to whet your appetite.
Thickly populated forests, sparkling beaches and a vibrant culture make Bali a scenic destination and unquestionably a desire spot for all. Interesting and mesmerizing beaches washed by deafening surf and white sands make Bali an ideal spot to enjoy with family and friends. Go on a tour of the Kintamani to feel the splendor of a dynamic volcano and a stunning lake or travel around the Ubud Village to benefit from the confined culture and their handicrafts. A Balinese massage and spa treatment full of luxury is famous all over the world. It is an outstanding way to get totally revitalized while on a gratifying holiday.
Honeymoon Packages in India
The charge of Honeymoon Packages in India is very low, which indicates that honeymooners can have utmost fun at finest and reasonable prices. The bliss and eternal love is what one feels when on a honeymoon tour in India. The beautiful honeymoon destinations in India are Goa beaches, Backwaters of Kerala, Vibrant Rajasthan and various hill stations which offered serene and ideal atmosphere for honeymooning couples. There is a list of travel agencies available who make sure that you have an imaginary honeymoon in India and that too well within your means.
Thailand Tour Packages
Thailand Tour Packages have really gone very common and the number of tourists is really mushrooming every day. You can take pleasure in a hassle free vacation to rejoice the beginning of your wedding and fresh life. The Thailand Tour Packages cover approximately all that. You can also get customized packages where you can get both your events and meals covered. There are various types of packages available like honeymoon package deals are all inclusive of nearly all that you require. Greatest packages are not all comprehensive package that has the lowest
rates. Nevertheless, you can have a good number of them that are for the cheaper rates. The consequence nonetheless is a comfortable and a luxury vacation that will be cherished, treasured and hard to beat for many years to come. People get a chance to have a honeymoon only once in their life and it has to be full of fun and need to be an unforgettable and full of fun before actually commencing your married life. Thailand has almost everything a beloved couple could want to crave for when it comes to vacationing and going out for fun.
It is really complicated to choose few top destinations in the world, as roughly each and every location bear such a bewitching element within it, that stand out to be incomparable to others.

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South Africa World Cup Travel Packages

Best International Sports to Watch on Satellite TV   by Justin Walton

One of the most incredible things about having satellite TV is the fact that you get access to the entire world around you through your television. You can order so many international channels that you will become a like a regular little jetsetter. If your tastes do not exactly include foreign cinema or getting your politics from the BBC, you can still enjoy the international flavor of your new TV channels by seeing what kind of sports are popular around the world! So the next time that you are flipping through channels on your satellite TV, pause for one of these international pastimes. You never know: in a few years they might become big in the United States, and then you can have the snobbish pride of being an early adopter!


When most people think of polo, they imagine British princes playing together in the 19th century, settling personal scores with their expensive horses and funny looking pants. But polo is alive and well and, believe it or not, the United States actually has its own teams across the country. Most Americans are surprised to hear that, but teams ranging from New York to Denver, Colorado actually travel around the world to recruit players. It is simple to follow, almost like soccer and lacrosse combined and then set on horses.

Soccer, or Football

Anyone who watched the World Cup that took place last year in South Africa probably got the sense that soccer is a major sport everywhere except in the United States. Despite the fact millions of American school children have played the game recreationally, it simply has not caught on as a viewer sport in the United States. Take the example of the Chicago Fire. The team won the United States championship a number of years in a row, and yet it could not get its stadium to half-capacity. Meanwhile the Chicago Cubs, the baseball team that has not won the World Series in over one hundred years, still manages to pack its ivy-covered stadium room wall-to-wall. The greatest thing about watching soccer on satellite TV is the fact that you can watch games as they take place in South America, in eastern Europe, or in Africa.


Curling is a Canadian ice sport that could be seen in the winter Olympics in Vancouver last year. It might not seem that exciting to the casual observer, but much like hockey, once you actually understand what is going on you can understand how the game involves a lot of strategy that the average athletic person would never be able to master.


This is another ice sport that viewers might be familiar with after having watched the Olympics on satellite TV. It is sort of like individual bobsledding. American teams actually do well in the luge, but interest has never quite been enough to get it broadcast throughout the year on television. But with a great satellite package of channels, you should be able to find this wintry sport ready and available for your viewing pleasure.

Eco-weddings: just for hippies and the hip?   by Phil Smulian

Despite the real truth of global warming, and the dire need to make changes in our buying habits and lifestyles, going 'green' is one of the biggest money spinners the world has ever seen. And it makes sense that our most costly occasion, the wedding, will follow that fad.

No expense is spared for the perfect 'big day', and this is especially the case with the emerging trend of eco weddings - even if the bride is wearing handmade sandals of organic leather.

Many make the mistake of assuming that environmentally-friendly or sustainable celebrations will be cheaper. (A glance at the prices at any organic market will swiftly relieve anyone of that misconception.) Economics have dictated our harmful choices until now: humans use so many synthetic, chemically treated and genetically modified products precisely because they cost less. Therefore in the case of eco-weddings, less conspicuous consumption almost always means a more conspicuous bill.

But a genuine effort to make a difference should not be met with cynicism. Those who insist on eco-celebrations do so in order to reflect their care and concern for the planet they inhabit. Another aim is to impact on the lives of their guests, and demonstrate how social events can be executed in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way without sacrificing pleasure.

Considerations that wouldn't even enter into the mind of the ordinary carbon-spewing couple are now vital to eco-wedding plans. For example, for locations that require guests to travel a fair distance by car or aeroplane, a substantial carbon footprint would be the damaging result.

One U.S. couple a started a resource guide for ecologically-aware weddings after their own was so successful. They explain how they gave each of their wedding guests a tree to plant as an effort to offset their travel. It's a win-win: the bride and groom could have everyone they loved, from far and wide, attend their nuptials and let go of the guilt because a hundred trees would be planted as a result.

Local initiative co2balance Southern Africa aims to help minimise carbon emissions and offset CO2 residue. This works by investing clients' funds in energy efficiency projects that absorb or prevent the release of CO2 equivalent to their carbon footprint, which can be calculated on the site.

Emissions are not the only by-product aiming to be reduced. Ec- weddings aim to create as little waste as possible. Options include that of biodegradable food packaging supplier Green Home, which offers a comprehensive range of products from plates, cups and cutlery to serviettes and toilet paper. All of the products are made from renewable plant-based materials such as sugar cane waste fibre, wood cellulose, corn starch and recycled unbleached paper. Resources are 100% biodegradable and can be used as compost.

Local wine that is made organically will go a long way to appease the bridal couple's eco-ethics, as well as guests' palates. Some claim its flavour is far superior to wine made according to modern methods; there are fewer sulphites (which cause headaches); and there is a soothed conscience to sweeten the deal. At Avondale in Paarl the winemakers are getting back to nature, while still using 21st century science, technology and research. They use cover crops instead of fertiliser to restore the balance of the soil, and artificial sprays are never used to control pests: the resident ducks and wasps do the job perfectly well. They are members of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, a partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector. The goal is to minimise the further loss of threatened natural habitat, and to contribute to sustainable wine production.

There are myriad other ways to be more carbon considerate while planning a wedding: reduce the numbers; source local and organic produce and products; encourage green transportation; give gifts of conscience and communicate the message.

But as far as wedding crazes go, this one has to be the most beneficial to all concerned, hippies or no, and therefore worth investigating despite the price tag. And the possibility must be mulled over that 'green' might be the only way we do anything in the future. Get used to it.

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Phil writes about weddings for the South Africa travel & adventure directory, Leeulekker.

South Africa World Cup 2010 - Travel Packages To Fit Your B

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