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World Cup Analysis

World Cup Analysis

Finer Points That You Need To Know In World Cup Betting   by Vickram Chandrer

The biggest sporting event in the world is the Fifa World Cup Football, which takes place every four years and is scheduled to be played in South Africa in 2010. World cup betting is very popular across the globe and over the years, has gained a lot of momentum. If one sticks to the basics, it is possible to make a lot of money from this type of betting. One just has to be careful when choosing the betting agency. During the football tournament, the teams are drawn into groups. The top two teams will go through to the knockout phase.

The qualifying stages are more exciting for the world cup bettor. This is because it is during these stages that some of the giants of the game might play against the smaller teams. For example, Italy might play Albania and it has been observed that some of the greatest upsets in the history of world cup football have happened during these qualifying stages. Bettors have made some serious money here.

It is estimated that a whopping 1 billion GBP will be gambled in bets during the tournament. The bookies are already well prepared and the competition between the betting agencies is very high. There are both online agencies and the local betting agency or club.

Over the last few years, online betting has become very popular. Since these websites are properly regulated by the government, the bettors need not worry about security for the money they put in. The websites let you bet on almost all aspects of the game from the outright winner, top scorer, top 3 teams, the Golden Ball award and even things like, at what stage would France be eliminated and so on, as an example. The online betting sites also provide bookie reviews and free bets. If one is interested in world cup betting, it is important that you read through the analysis given by each bookie and then make your decision based on your own analysis.

As of now, all the bets on world cup 2010 tend to favour the defending champions and 3-time winner, Italy, as well as the 7-time champion and all-time favourite of the world cup betters, Brazil. The first step in being a successful bettor for the world cup betting is to find a good betting agency or exchange. You should also be aware of the teams, the schedule in which play, and the groups. The betting agency (whether it is online or offline) would provide a list of teams with their recent form and related statistics.

You should stake your money only after checking the consistency of the team. Many bettors have a tendency to put their money on the host team. But, the fact remains that most of the host teams have not performed well under pressure from their own fans. Betting happens in relation to a variety of factors like the match winner, team score, goal difference between the rivals and so on. The other point to keep check is the injury list. Also, it is important to understand that if the betting market is lesser known, it might tend to be more profitable.

About the Author

Vickram Chandrer is a sports betting writer specialising in world cup betting.

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World Cup Analysis

The Definitive Guide To World Cup Betting   by Vickram Chandrer

Everyone likes to bet every now and then. People like watching different kinds of sport and they like to bet their money on a person or a team they think will win. The betting industry is booming and it has been deemed safe by government watchdogs that monitor clubs, casinos, and other betting hotspots constantly.

The games that are most popular in the betting arena are cricket, soccer, American football, and horse racing. People who bet regularly are generally known as punters. You should ensure that you know the sport very well before you actually go out to bet.

When there is a World Cup of any sport happening, you see a lot of betting activity. You are tempted to put your money on your favourite team. However, a word of caution: you should be careful and should not throw away your hard-earned money.

If you are new to the betting arena, you should probably talk to some of the punters. They might have some good ideas and pointers on where and how to begin. During World Cups, a lot of money is at stake and you have to choose your team carefully, after a lot of research.

The first step is to choose the right betting arena or agency. After you have chosen, you should have a look at the list of the teams that are participating in the World Cup. Along with this list, you can also get the team rosters. These details are generally available in all betting clubs.

But these lists are not sufficient. You should use the Internet to check the recent form of the team, and the results of the last few games. You should get to know the details of the players and coaches. In any sport, every member of the team contributes to the victory or defeat. Therefore, it is important to know all these details.

You can either bet on the outcome of one match, or you can bet on a team. The other option is to bet on the outcomes of all the matches. This is considered a tricky option and only the most experienced of 'betters' bet on the entire World Cup.

There are some betting agencies that provide third person perspectives before every match. You can have a look at their projections and the odds against each team.

It is wise to start with a single match, and then move on to group matches and deciders. You should also have a look at the weather and playing conditions before every match. It is also important to have a look at the head to head statistics. Do not attempt to place a bet on a sport that you have no knowledge of.

A detailed analysis can prove to be really helpful when you place a bet. You can either go to a betting exchange or club, or you can use the Internet to place online bets. You will be constantly updated on the status if you choose the Internet method.

About the Author

Vickram Chandrer is a sports betting writer specialising in football betting.World Cup Analysis

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