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World Cup Anchorage Alaska

World Cup Anchorage Alaska

Some Like It Cold by Brenda Fleen

Beaches, swimming pool havens, and tropical islands all across the globe are favorite summer destinations of vacation hungry Americans. Hot spots like the Caribbean, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Southeast Asia look just about mouth-watering as a huge grilled piece of steak. But there are also quite a number of us who would rather spend 109 degree weather indoors with our lemonades and our divine air conditioning. Some would even go to farther lengths just to snuggle up with their loved ones in the cold. Are you one of those people who just aren't built for fine warm climates? Are you tired of the smoldering heat? Are bikinis and surfing just too much for your taste to handle? If you are indeed summer's fair-weather friend, fly to the nearest possible arctic escape and enjoy snow, wind, and hale in the middle of the heat wave.

If you are not worried about denting your bank account and you simply have all the time in your hands, I suggest you go international. I hear Switzerland is just completely fabulous this time of year. Temperatures in most Switzerland cities barely even reach 80 degrees during the summer, which is around 26 degrees centigrade. Most tourists would go there in June or July. This is the ideal time for availing tours, then it gets quiet for another couple of months. Tourist season peaks up again some time around September and October after the summer wave when mountain roads and peak passes are still manageable from the snow. Bern, which happens to be the largest city in the Bernese Oberland alpine region of Switzerland, has a long list of chic and elegant ski resorts that's sure to endear any traveler; Gstaad, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Murren, Kandersteg, and Wengen to name the most popular ones. Its mountain ranges are beautiful and captivating all year round, but summer would be the best time to visit to completely enjoy the outdoors as much as the indoor amenities. At tripadvisor.com, you would be able to find great ticket deals and hotel accommodations to virtually anywhere in the world. Fill out the date and destination fields for real time availability and cost estimates. It actually doubles as your very own personal travel agent so you would be able to pick up more information about your travel destination, and maybe even learn about a great new place to visit next time you fly.

For shorter vacations, why not fly domestic and rediscover the overwhelming beauty that is North America. Last summer, my family and I decided to visit some friends in the north, and the unusual cool airiness and refreshingly crisp ambiance made it my best American summer yet. Juneau, Alaska is definitely a welcoming delight in the summer. The urbane summer hot spot used to be a mining town in the 1800's, but through the centuries it managed to transform itself into a hub of local and foreign culture. Anchorage used to be the only airport that welcomed tourist into the state. But with Juneau's expansion and international appeal, prominent local flight providers such as Alaska Airlines and ERA Aviation have created cost-efficient deals to fly directly into the city. Wine, dine, and relax at a resort that triumphantly shows off the city's breathtaking glacier vista views and conveniently directs you to a variety of whale watching spots. Get a good deal and discount on flight and accommodations to Juneau at www.alaskaair.com. For other available discounted packages, compare super saver deals with various American airlines and destinations on hoppa.com.

Not a huge fan of flying? I strongly suggest you go coach. You should take the train or the bus to a much closer local resort that you and your friends have always been planning to see. You might not get to ski in the majestic snowy slopes or share a cup of hot cocoa in front of the blazing fireplace, but you still get that long overdue vacation you truly deserve. At www.coachusa.com, you can get more information on their daily scheduled bus routes, exciting individual city tours, fun group sightseeing tours, and even first class charter services. It's the summer, for crying out loud, so go out there and be sure to enjoy every minute of it.

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World Cup Anchorage Alaska

World Cup Anchorage Alaska

US Nationals & Supertour finals XC ski championships Anchorage AK 2014

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