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World Cup Aspen

World Cup Aspen

The Top Snowboarding Competitions You Need To Know by Robin S

The snowboarding mania that hit the young people notably in countries enjoying lots of snow is far from fading. With thousands of young men and women taking part in this extreme winter sport, numerous competitions are being held each year in the different parts of the world.

The first even snowboard race occurred in 1982 in Suicide Six, outside of Woodstock in Vermont. Everything was simple then as participants only had to board down a steep and icy face. However, it was only in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan when snowboarding hogged international attention.

The X Games

The X Games are an annual event catering to extreme sports fans. The Winter X Games are the newest events that focus on extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding done on snow-capped mountains with great terrain. Sponsored by ESPN, the regular venue of this event is in Aspen, Colorado. First-time and experienced snowboarders have an opportunity to show their skills and tricks here.

US Open

The US Open snowboarding events take place each year usually at the end of the winter season. For more than two decades now, the games kick off in March with the champion getting $25,000 for his prize.

The Olympics

To date, the Olympics feature six snowboard events. These are the men’s halfpipe, ladies’ halfpipe, men’s parallel giant slalom, ladies’ parallel giant slalom and men’s snowboard cross and ladies’ snowboard cross. Although no cash prize is at stake, an Olympic medal for most athletes is already a reward worth treasuring for the rest of their lives.

Burton New Zealand Open

The Burton Open is New Zealand’s top winter snowboarding event. It has been held yearly since 2003 at the Lake Wanaka. The New Zealand Open is the first of the Burton Open series which then takes place in Australia, Japan, Europe and the U.S. This event gives Kiwis a big opportunity to compete with some of the world’s greatest riders.

Steven’s Pass World Snowboarding Championship

Steven’s Pass in Washington, U.S.A. is popular for its world class and varied terrain on two different mountains. Its terrain alone covers 1,125 acres while there are about 37 runs. On the west edge of the resort is a huge terrain park while for riders who’d like to get some sunshine can ride on the Mill Valley or the so-called backside. This ski and snowboarding resort is jampacked on weekends and school holidays so, those wishing to go there should book early. Lodging is not available there, though, but those who’d like to stay the night can book rooms in nearby Skykomish and Leavenworth.

Revolution Tour

The Chevy Revolution Tour is a series of competition for snowboarders that began in 2005. Aimed at helping young riders progress to the elite level competition, this event is the brainchild of the U.S. Snowboarding. The 2008 competitions took place from January to March and were held in various areas such as Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Philadelphia. Events featured were snowboardcross, halfpipe and slopestyle.

Enter The Dragon

This yearly snowboard contest features slopestyle and superpipe events with great prizes at stake. Open to all ages, this competition welcomes young and old riders who want to participate in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere.

FIS World Cup Circuit

This is best for professional snowboarders around the globe. The European countries of Italy, Austria, Slovenia and the Netherlands played hosts to the 2006 series while more countries joined in during the 2007 event such as Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Korea and Quebec in Canada.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/The-Top-Snowboarding-Competitions-You-Need-To-Know/343427

World Cup Aspen

Think About Staying In This List of Colorado Ski Resorts by Alain Schuster

If you are someone who enjoys skiing then finding the perfect resort where you can perfect your skills is very important to you. Below we list Colorado ski resorts that are known around the world today for offering some of the ideal slopes on which one can learn or improve their skiing skills.

These Colorado ski resorts are not only well equipped but offer you the chance to really challenge your abilities and which is one of the main reasons why skiers from around the globe flock to them each year. These resorts are not only suited to those skiers with plenty of experience at this sport, but are also ideal for those who are just starting out and are complete novices.

However, you need to be aware that each ski resort in Colorado differs greatly from the others in relation to how accessible they are and the kinds of amenities they offer their guests. But it isn't just skiing that people visit these resorts for there are plenty of other types of winter activities one can enjoy during your stay. There are over 20 different ski resorts in Colorado that one can spend time at and below we take a look at some of the more popular ones.

1. Aspen - This is situated in the county of Pitkin, Colorado and is situated very close to the town after which the resort is named. It lies between two mountain ranges, to the North is Aspen and to the South is Bell. Although it may be one of the smallest resorts for skiing in Colorado it has proven popular each year because the slopes are smooth and of a very high quality.

2. Snowmass - This resort is much larger than Aspen and covers an area of around 3,000 acres. Along with having great slopes for those who are just learning to ski there are those which offer more of a challenge to those who have experience.

3. Copper Mountain - This is the largest of all the ski resorts situated in Summit Country, Colorado and is a name well recognized among the skiing community. It is a resort where you have a wide variety of different types of skiing terrains to attempt starting with those for beginners and going up to slopes which are ideal for those who really have been skiing for some considerable time.

The main locations which make up this resort include Beaver Creek where regularly Alpine Skiing World Cup Events take place. Vail the sister resort of Beaver Creek and another where many skiing events and competitions take place. Then there is also Wolf Creek which is popular and well known for the amount of snow that appears on its slopes each year.

In this article we have provided with some information of the list of Colorado ski resorts that skiers from around the world like to visit each year. Yet they don't only come to these resorts for the skiing they also tend to visit them for the spectacular views and camaraderie of spending time with likeminded people.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Think-About-Staying-In-This-List-of-Colorado-Ski-Resorts/370479

World Cup Aspen

A Ski Vacation In Italy - Are You Kidding Me? by Mike Singh

One of the oldest alpine ski areas in Italy, Limone can be found when traveling north from the Mediterranean Sea. With a top lift elevation of 6,689 feet and a vertical drop of 3,033 feet, Limone Ski Resort has 46 ski trails with 27 lifts, consisting of 7 chair lifts and 20 surface lifts. Of the 46 slopes and extensive runs that are available to guests and skiers, 13% are for beginners, 69% are for intermediate level, and 18% are for the experts. The snow up here is known to be unpredictable towards the end of the winter season' end, due to the altitude and latitude mix. Available also is the Limone Ski School, which has over 100 qualified skiing instructors for individual or group lessons, which in the past had organized the downhill Women's World Cup, and the Italian Men and Soldier's Championship. Very impressive and outstanding of a background, and more than qualified to teach, don't you think?

Limone's splendid geographical position, between the Piedmont, Cote d'Azur, and Ligurian Riviera, has helped it develope and become a holiday destination since the early 1800s, being one of the first Italian localities to promote winter sports. After a cold day on the slopes or sightseeing in Limone Piemone, why not stay at a 4 star hotel? This beautiful hotel consists of a traditional corner of hospitality in the centre of Cuneo, a 16h century noble palace - the Palace of Counts Lovera di Maria. At one time it hosted the King of France, Francis I, and Pope Pio Vii, upon their visit to Cuneo, a city which dates back to 1198 and was named "Villa Nova", which at one time was attached to the Savoia's Kingdom in 1382. On the hotel ground floor, the restaurant Delle Antiche Contrade (considered a 1 star Michelin) serves the finest cuisine in the area, with a wine cellar that has around 900 labels.

A beautiful historical village, Limone Piemonte or "Mountain of two Rivieras", looks and feels like the traditional old Italy with its narrow cobbled streets and gourmet food from over 50 restaurants. Romantic and gentle, the 12th century ancient church dominates the center of the town - the parish church of San Pietro in Vicoli, which is a late gothic Alpine style church that was built in 1363. With historical memories like these to savor and absorb, in addition to the excellent skiing available, how can a person choose any other place to vacation that offers a little something for everyone?

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/A-Ski-Vacation-In-Italy---Are-You-Kidding-Me-/69809

Aspen World Cup Preview 2011

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