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World Cup Beer Commercials

World Cup Beer Commercials

World Cup Fever with Satellite Internet   by Jon Jacobson

There are some events that happen you simply can't miss. One of those is fortunately happening this year, a historical sports event that brings countries from all over the world to the television to experience and appreciate the best in football, futbol, or as Americans call it "soccer". The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a chance for the entire world to embrace the sport, raise national spirit, and catch the soccer fever. Whether you have friends and family living in another country or are simply partial, even if your country is knocked out you can cheer with pride for another country's team. The World Cup is truly an international event, and with satellite internet you can enjoy the matches in the best quality and with the ability to record, fast forward, and replay your favorite moves.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is taking place in South Africa. In recent years this has become a more and more popular destination for study abroad programs and tourism. The land's beautiful landscape makes it an amazing place to visit and study. With the invasion of the World Cup in June, this country will turn into an international magnet, attracting hundreds of thousands of soccer fans that come to cheer on their team, meet other fans, and enjoy the experience.

Even if you can't make it to South Africa to enjoy the live action, with satellite television you can in the company of your friends and family at home or at a public location. For the big games going to a sports bar is always a great option to enjoy the action with other avid fans. With satellite television for businesses you can enjoy the big game on the big screen of your favorite bar in better quality and streaming capabilities. Enjoy a beer with friends and enemies in your favorite public location this year for the FIFA World Cup.

If the public scene isn't your favorite you can also enjoy the best quality streaming at home. With DVR you can insure you watch the game, even if you aren't at home when it's actually streaming. The record option allows you to save the game and watch it later when you have time. Plus, you're able to rewind, fast forward through commercials, and use the slow motion option in order to get the best views from the most amazing plays. A good soccer game can be a great inspiration for anyone, even if you're not familiar with the sport because it is so fast-paced you don't get bored. Now with satellite television you can enjoy the best plays over and over with more options and in better quality.

Get into the international spirit this year and sign up today with satellite television to be installed and ready to watch when the FIFA World Cup comes around. You don't have much time, but the change will certainly make for a more exciting experience. Share the experience with millions of fans in better quality.

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Catch the international soccer fever with the help of Directtv. Experience the difference with DVR and better quality with direct tv internet.

World Cup Beer Commercials

'A Very Good Night' Follows Clarke's Open Triumph   by Abigail

BC-GLF - British Open-Clarke's Triumph,1186

'A very good night' follows Clarke's Open triumph

AP Photo XSDW371, LON852, XSDW363, XPM101, XPM102, XPM103

AP National Writer

SANDWICH, England (AP) - Darren Clarke's bleary, bloodshot eyes told it all.

The party began shortly after he walked off the 18th green at Royal St. George's with the claret jug in hand. Beer and red wine flowed through the night, the revelry not letting up until Clarke had to return Monday morning for a few more interviews and some picture-taking at the spot where he tapped in the final putt to win the British Open.

"I have not been to bed yet," Clarke said. "I probably won't get any sleep until tomorrow at some stage. You have to enjoy it while you can.

"It's been," he added mischievously, "a very good night."

Clarke sure earned it.

No one had ever gone more than 15 British Opens before winning. Clarke did it on his 20th try at 42, making him the oldest first-time major winner since Roberto de Vicenzo in 1967.

But that only tells part of the story. Clarke lost his wife, Heather, to cancer five years ago, leaving him to raise two young boys. Not surprisingly, his focus on the course wavered, which sent him plummeting out of the top 100 in the world. It had been a decade since he was a serious contender in a major - he didn't even qualify for the three majors that preceded the Open.

"I definitely appreciate an awful lot more what I've achieved," Clarke said. "Ten years ago, I did take an awful lot of things for granted."

His parents and new love, fiancee Alison Campbell, were at Royal St. George's to cheer him. Clarke's two boys stayed home in Northern Ireland, but he phoned them shortly after his three-stroke victory over Americans Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson.

"Tyrone, my oldest one, was very pleased, very proud," Clarke said. "He was going to tell everybody his dad was Open champion."

And Conor, his youngest?

"He wanted to know what he could spend all the money on," Clarke said, breaking into a grin.

That's not surprising. Clarke has always been a guy who lived life to the fullest, so it's only appropriate that he passed on that attitude to his children.

Then again, given all that's happened, Clarke plans to handle the spoils of this triumph a bit more prudently than he would have, say, 10 years ago. His Open prize was nearly $1.5 million, and there will undoubtedly be a flood of new endorsement opportunities.

"I actually don't have anything in mind because I've been there, done all that before," Clarke said. "I've had the opportunity to buy whatever I want to buy and all that. This time, I'm a little bit older and a little bit more sensible. If I can put a little bit more aside for my boys' future, then that's what I'll do, as opposed to looking after myself."

Clarke has long been a stalwart of the European Ryder Cup team, and he's made no secret of his desire to serve as captain one day. He may have to put off those ambitions for a few years.

Turns out, this guy can still play.

"Playing," he said, "is much better than being a nonplaying captain."

Clarke became the third golfer from tiny Northern Ireland to win in the last six majors, following U.S. Open champions Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell. The Americans haven't won any during that span, their longest drought of the modern Grand Slam era, though they did have five of the top seven at Royal St. George's.

Mickelson played the first 10 holes Sunday at 6 under and actually claimed a share of the lead at one point, only to fade down the stretch when his putter faltered. Johnson was in contention again at a major but made another huge blunder, knocking a shot out of bounds just five holes from the finish.

"Northern Irelandâ

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