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World Cup Blogs Germany

World Cup Blogs Germany

correspond with bad news by houipwee

Well, this is depressing: A team of scientists from the University of Vermont appears to have proven via the judicious use of Twitter that people have been gradually growing more and more unhappy over the last three years.

It’s not a continual downward trend, however; the report notes that “average happiness gradually increased over the last months of 2008, 2009, and 2010,maillot de foot, and dropped in January of the ensuing years,ray ban,” along with “a clear weekly signal with the peak generally occurring over the weekend, and the nadir on Monday and Tuesday.” In other words, people are happier during the holidays and weekends (something underlined later in the report, which notes that Christmas Day and Christmas Eve trend as the happiest days of the year).

According to the report “Temporal Patterns of Happiness and Information in a Global Social Network,” which appeared in the December 7 edition of the Public Library of Science’s journal,lunettes ray ban, PLoS ONE, Twitter’s happiness peaked somewhere around April 2009,abercrombie, and it’s all been downhill since then. “It appears that happiness is going down,” confirms UVM applied mathematician and lead author Peter Dodds, worryingly.

(MORE: Why Twitter?)

Graeme McMillan is a reporter at TIME. Find him on Twitter at @Graemem or on Facebook at Facebook/Graeme.McMillan. You can also continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.

The group from UVM tracked more than 63 million Twitter users over a three-year period beginning September 2008, categorizing over 46 billion words with particular emotional meaning,chaussure louboutin, having worked with groups of volunteers who would rate the “happiness” of words on a scale of one to nine–”food” rated 7.44, with “terrorist” just 1.3–only to discover that, except for a rise between January and April 2009, happiness is in sharp decline online.

I’ve gone on before about the value of Twitter as sociological barometer, so it’s no surprise I’m excited about this particular study; I admit that I’d be more excited if the results were more positive,chaussure louboutin pas cher, but there’s no arguing with facts–or,hogan, it seems,maillot foot, the emotional wellbeing of 46 billion words. Here’s hoping that 2012 will end up being the year that Twitter cheers up.

The sharpest declines, no surprise,louboutin pas cher, correspond with bad news; the 2008 financial bailout “induced a multi-week depression” according to the report, while news of the 2009 swine flu, Michael Jackson’s death,abercrombie france, Patrick Swayze’s death and Twitter suffering an outage off a denial of service attack also resulting in significant downswings. Interestingly, cultural events also had an effect; the ending of Lost and Germany beating England in the 2010 World Cup both caused drops in Twitter’s overall happiness.

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You’ve gotta give him credit: somehow the things he says as well as his antics manage to keep him in the press lots more than most candidates with the possible exception of Nevada’s Sharron Angle.

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World Cup Blogs Germany

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Korean national football team manager Dick Advocaat gives a press conference at the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany on Sunday. A relaxed Korea manager Dick Advocaat said Sunday he hopes the name the Korean people choose for him after the World Cup will mean "president." The national football team coach was speaking at a press conference at the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg in Bergish Gladbach,mercurial vapor pas cher, where the team is preparing for its first World Cup match against Togo. On Monday, the team will travel to Frankfurt and prepare for the G Group opener on Tuesday at 10 p.m (KST). Advocaat says he is aware that many people were waiting intently for the match. But training time was adequate, he says,air jrodan, since he called the athletes together on May 14 and the final training takes place on June 12. - So far you have primarily used Lee Eul-young,doudoune moncler, and Lee Ho as your midfielders. Why Lee Ho instead of Kim Nam-il? The most important thing is to strategically coordinate the Korean team to face Togos organization,air jordan, the Dutchman says. Now the Korean team has a good handle of Togo, and after considering the matter for some time, it can use both the 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 configurations on the pitch. - How important are the younger players including Park Chu-young to the team, and what is their role? The lineup for the Togo match will be decided on Tuesday,jordan pas cher, but Advocaat admits to not knowing if that includes Park Chu-young or not. He praises Park as a striker who if he goes out has to put in a goal,doudoune moncler pas cher, but hastens to add that he has great faith in the rest of the team too. - Four years ago, the team made it to the semifinals. Will you be able to build on that? To start with,burberry soldes, you have to set the goalposts high. Only afterwards can the team and coach determine if the goals he had set were realistic or unrealistic. The team's first goal is to make it to the round of 16. After that, what will happen is anyone's guess. - Togo seems to be facing some internal turmoil It's hard to say if the troubles will be beneficial to the Korean team or not,mercurial vapor, the coach says. The tensions could bring the Togo team together,franklin marshall, and they may fight harder with the rope around their necks. But Korea will of course turn on the pressure, and dominate the match, Advocaat vows. One thing that must be considered is the temperature and the weather. It's become very hot in Germany,air jordan, and in the Paraguay-England match, the players had a hard time due to the weather. It will be hard to maintain the pressure throughout the match if the weather is this hot. - What are some of the differences between the team of four years ago and the team you have now? Some of the players had the experience of playing in the Cup in 2002 and then for another four years after that. When that is considered, this team is in a better position. Some powerful new players have also joined up. But he cautions that this time the matches aren't on home turf, which is a disadvantage not just for Korea but for all the other teams as well. - As a leader of both the Korean team and the Dutch team,burberry, what are the differences? First of all,air jordan pas cher, when you take over a team, you have to pursue greatness, he muses. The Korean team is a very disciplined bunch, and that discipline makes coaching more enjoyable. "The difference is players in Europe like to talk to coaches about decisions they make," Advocaat jokes. "In Korea they always follow the leader." Related articles:




Du culot, il en est fort bien pourvu, ce Langmann, et sans ce fameux culot, il n'aurait jamais pu porter l'cran des projets ambitieux tels que The Artist bien videmment, mais aussi Mesrine, tout en se relevant des checs d'oeuvres telles que Blueberry.

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World Cup Blogs Germany

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World Cup 2010 Blog: Germany vs Australia

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