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World Cup Blogspot

Flights To Melbourne - A city that gives pleasure to all by Jack Olivor

Melbourne is a multi-ethnic city that is renowned for its fashion and great magnetism. Heaps of holiday makers look to book cheap airline tickets to this enchanting city. From glamorous events to huge range of restaurants, cafes, wineries and boutiques, Melbourne stands out in every way. The city boasts some of the beautiful old buildings, striking modern architecture, extraordinary shopping zones and myriad of galleries and sports events. Here are the top five popular activities to be done in Melbourne.

Hop the Bar

Melbourne gives you a wonderful opportunity to hop in some of the best bars in the world such as Chinatown and St Kilda. From the exotic wines of the Little Collins Street bar to the fake grass in Bourke Street, Melbourne is a city that fulfil everyone’s fantasy. The bar parties, that continue from dusk till dawn, are refreshing and out of the world. The city’s blazing bars lure many party animals to buy tickets on flights to Melbourne.

Melbourne- A land of sports

Melbourne welcomes loads of sport enthusiasts every year to enjoy the some of the best loved sports on the land. In winters, the visitors get a chance to enjoy the Australian Rules Football whereas in summers, Melbourne hosts the Ashes and several one day internationals on one of the largest cricket grounds in the world. Sitting in the night bars and watching these entertaining matches along with the jovial locals bestow pleasure to everyone on Melbourne holidays. The city is also brimming with casinos and thus appeals highly to those who wish to woo the lady luck!

A shopping treat

The city is an eye candy for all the shopping lovers! It is one big reason why cheap flights to Melbourne sell like hot cakes. Shopping in Melbourne is really fun with markets such as the Rose Street Artist’s Market, Brunswick Street and Chapel Street offering a variety of items. From funky homeware stores to trendy fashion garment shops, the city has it all that attracts tourists to book flights to Melbourne.

Cultural pleasure

Melbourne is an unrivalled king when it comes to cultural pleasures. The Australian Ballet, dazzling music at the Princess Theatre, Southern Hemisphere’s superior collection of international fine art at the National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre showcasing the moving image in Federation Square, make Melbourne a landmark of cultural tourism. Moreover the city’s theatres and museums are also highly popular and tell stories of Melbourne’s rich history and tradition. Due to such an incredible aura of the place, a number of tourists make advance booking to grab cheap flights to Melbourne.

A close overview of the wild life

World-renowned Healesville Sanctuary in Melbourne grants a close overview of the wild animals in their natural habitat. Stretched up to 30 hectares, the Healesville Sanctuary presents an awe-inspiring Australian arrangement made for the visitors to give them an opportunity to meet some of the unique and engaging animals that include koalas, kangaroos, wombats, emus, dingoes, birds of prey and platypus. The place also has special arrangement for food and drinks in the Yarra Valley where the tourists can relax in the heart of such an enchanting place.

Best time to visit

With such a diversity of options, the tourists crave to book air tickets that will enable them to travel this mesmerizing land. Weather in Melbourne is mostly pleasurable and conducive to sightseeing. In fact, there is a saying about the place’s weather - 'In Melbourne, even the weather is stimulating'.

In summer, there are numerous golden beaches to distract whereas in autumn one can experience the magnificent flora in various nineteenth century European-style parks. In winter, the travellers can enjoy with a cup of hot coffee in the warmth of comfy cafes and in spring, one can visit the parks and wonder at the splendid range of flora and fauna. One can visit Melbourne anytime of the year to enjoy the different flavours of this land.

Jack Olivor is expert content writer and editor. He is involved in writing and sharing travel related information on holidays, hotels, tips, advices, and cheap flights to Melbourne, India, USA, Thailand etc. Find more information about him at http://jackolivor.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Flights-To-Melbourne---A-city-that-gives-pleasure-to-all/1207479

World Cup Blogspot

ICC World cup cricket 2011 - Cricket Fever by Odicrickets

Cricket World Cup is something everyone looks forward with craziness. This year's Cricket World Cup is the tenth World Cup and it's being conducted in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The world cup's opening match was conducted in Bangladesh and fourteen teams are participating which includes ten full members and four associate members.

The full tournament will consist of limited over matches "One day Internationals", as it's more popularly known. The first match was played on 19th February 2011 at Sher-e-Bangala National Stadium, Mirpur and co-hosts being India and Bangladesh. The final match will be conducted at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on 2nd April 2011.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) removed Pakistan of the hosting rights due to attack on Sri Lanka national team in Lahore (Pakistan) in the year 2009. Originally, the headquarters of the organizing committee was situated in Lahore, but is now shifted to Mumbai. The teams under Group A are Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya.

The teams under Group B are India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, and Netherland. Eighteen umpires were selected by the Umpire selection panel excluding a reserve umpire, Enamul Haque to officiate at the World Cup: 5 from Australia, 6 from Asia, 3 from England, 2 from New Zealand and 1 each from South Africa and West Indies.

World Cup has always been a big media event. Cricket World Cup rights for broadcasting was sold for $2 billion by the International Cricket Council to ESPN Sports and Star Cricket and this will be broadcasted in about 220 countries all over the world. Sachin Tendulkar is the official event ambassador for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup is Stumpy-a young elephant.

The winning team will be receiving total prize money of three million US dollars and the runner up will get 1.5 million US dollars. A replica of ICC Cricket World Cup trophy will also be given to the winning team as carried out since 1999. ICC board decided on this prize money at a meeting held at Dubai on April 20, 2010.

The total prize money on offer for the tournament for the teams placed from 1st to 8th is 7.48 million US dollars. The remaining two semi-finalists will receive 0.75 million US dollars. The last four quarter-finalists will each receive 0.37 million US dollars.

The biggest flop of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 was England being defeated by Ireland. The fastest World Cup Century was by Kevin O'Brien who made 100 in 50 balls and this made Ireland highest successful Run chase in the World Cup History beating Sri Lanka's 313 against Zimbabwe in the year 1992.

G. Vasantharaj is passionate about all format of cricket particularly at international level. He is a contributor to the Cricket World Cup Updates Blog that features all the latest cricket news for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. To learn http://cricket-worldcup-updates.blogspot.com/

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011, World Cup Records, Batting & Bowling Statisticals, Live Scorecard, Latest Test Cricket News

G. Vasantharaj is passionate about all format of cricket particularly at international level. He is a contributor to the Cricket World Cup Updates Blog that features all the latest cricket news for ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. To learn more visit http://cricket-worldcup-updates.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/ICC-World-cup-cricket-2011---Cricket-Fever/1043852

World Cup Blogspot

Little Kids Play In World Series by William Bishop

The Little League World Series is here. Many kids and parents look forward to watching the Little League World Series every year. It is time just to relax and watch kids enjoy the game of baseball. Millions of people watch it on ESPN and ABC every year. It's not about people playing for money but for the love of the game and having fun. How can you not enjoy that?

Having played in the Little League World Series myself I cannot even explained how much fun it was. It makes you feel like you're part of something bigger and better in our society. It makes you feel like a top player just like Major league baseball players. The truth is you are actually good and some of the best out of all the other 12-year-olds in the United States and even the world.

Enjoying different ethnic groups playing sports is very enjoyable for hopefully not only me but everyone. It's a chance for all the different countries to come together and play sports at a young age. This actually gains interest in things such as the World Cup in soccer and baseball. Of course it also gains interest in the summer and winter Olympics. Once you see or play with these different ethnic groups it brings you to want to see all of different groups play together at every level.

The grass hill that was is what they call let by the end of the Little League World Series. It starts off as a grass hill every year and ends up being pure mud or dirt. Kids slide down it with cardboard sun or rain. When it rains it gets really bad. People will slide all the way down the hill with no cardboard box at all. Every year afterwords they have to seed the area of the hill again so that next year it looks really nice. It has always been a part of the Little League World Series so the head of the Little League World Series has never said to not ruin the grass on the hill.

Many people have come across a Little League World Series game but just change the channel because they do not want to watch kids. This is the time of the kids life that you want to watch because there is no gambling, no money, and no fame. They're just playing to play and try to win. Like they always say, play with 110%!

William is 24 years old and has a four year degree in journalism. He writes for many different blogs including Tattour, Anything and Everything, and Internet Celebrity Files. His main website is http://bradybunchsports.blogspot.com/

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Little-Kids-Play-In-World-Series/200222

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