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World Cup Ctv

World Cup Ctv

Ron Artest Pointed to the Left Hand Side of the Map a Point Asks   by Exaspermme1

"Oh, nothing. "Ron Artest pointed to the left hand side of the map a point asks," tuofunuo, where 11, as if each area is 11 degrees, in addition to these two places. (Ron Artest pointing the finger of right hand side map where two mark 13 and 14 degrees) so, you know, dress warmly. "And Ron Artest will finger above the white area of the screen," there will be snow. "Ron Artest said excitedly," but I don't know the name, so we don't have to worry about the place. "Ron Artest instead focused on a blue area on the left side of the screen, "here is water, so we are on Earth, Vancouver, I am very happy here. "Ron Artest then point to the top left of the screen," I guess there are a lot of bear-infested, so be careful and stay away from there. "And in two small islands in the Middle, Tai said," from the island to the island, I guess it needs by sea. "Thailand will face the camera, opens his arms, the screen says:" and so, great, CTV, baby. "Ron Artest took his own guest weather forecaster.
History of both teams a total of 29 times, drove, Italy 10-win 11-8, Spain 8 win 7 from the heats. Two team drove 10 times in the official competition, Spain in only 90 minutes of regular competitions beat Italy 1, that was in the 1920 Olympic Games. Italy is Spain in the World Cup and the European Cup finals in the team with the most experienced, Spain 3 3 negative results do not lead, but recorded as a draw that one-fourth in the final of Euro 2008, Spain beat 120 minutes did not fight hard for victory, end with penalties knocked Italy people, and eventually won. Friendly match of the latest conflict between the two teams was on August 10, 2011, when Italy beat 2-1 Spain.ã

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