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World Cup Cup Schedule

World Cup Cup Schedule

FIFA world cup 2010 Quarter Finals by Rita Jain

FIFA world cup 2010 Quarter Finals

FIFA world cup 2010 has finally entered the quarter final stage. After a 20 days long soccer bonanza of 32 qualified teams, top eight will compete against each other to win football world cup in South Africa. The nineteenth edition of FIFA world cup has unfolded numerous positive aspects of worlds most popular game †football. Qualification of sides like Paraguay & Netherlands in quarter finals has proved immense success of FIFA's worldwide football promotion campaign. Challenging the mights of champions like Brazil, France, Italy and others, these latest sensations of soccer have ignited the fire to compete. They have scored best goals, made exceptional saves and given some unexpected match results making FIFA world cup 2010 †a highlight show.

The eight teams which have qualified for the quarter final stage are Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Netherlands, Germany and Ghana. All these teams have reached here after a flamboyant display of their football talent. The main highlight of football world cup quarter finals this time is the missing team of defending champions Italy. They were knocked out from FIFA world cup 2010 in their groups stage itself. Spain & Brazil are being considered as the expected winners of FIFA world cup 2010 but Argentina & Germany seem to be giving their best shot at world title this time. Paraguay, Uruguay and Netherlands finished at the top in their groups after FIFA world cup 2010 schedule of group stage. Later these teams went on to win round of 16 stage also and entered quarter finals. The most surprising feature of FIFA world cup 2010 quarter finals is the presence of Ghana. This African team has come a long way to be at this level. Striker and captain Asamoah Gyan is amongst the top scorers of FIFA world cup 2010.

The quarter finals will kick off from July 2, 2010 with Brazil v/s Netherlands match in FIFA world cup 2010 at 07.30 P.M (IST). Second will be Uruguay v/s Ghana at 11.50 P.M on same day. July 3 will have other two quarter finals with Argentina v/s Germany match at football world cup. This is the most awaited game of soccer world cup. It will be followed by Spain v/s Paraguay quarter final at 11.50 P.M 9IST) on same day. Watch out for the quarter finals of FIFA world cup with live updates on the match and highlight moments. Watch FIFA world cup 2010 online with exclusive videos on best goals, controversies and live matches on various online sites. Keep yourself updated with FIFA world cup 2010 latest results to know about semi finals to enjoy this soccer extravaganza.
FIFA world cup 2010 Quarter Finals, FIFA world cup 2010, FIFA world cup 2010 Live

Get more details on FIFA world cup 2010 at http://www.surfindia.com/football & http://www.surfindia.com/football/fifa-worldcup.html

Get more details on FIFA world cup 2010 at http://www.surfindia.com/football & http://www.surfindia.com/football/fifa-worldcup.html

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World Cup Cup Schedule

World cup schedule simplifies your work by ella Wilson

Do you have the schedule for cricket world cup 2007? Your answer will be a loud yes, if you are an ardent follower of the game. Cricket world cup is an event that takes place after every four years. This is the time when players put in their best performance and try to win the coveted title. After all, this is the biggest event that takes place in the world of cricket and a cricket fan will not want to miss out on any aspect related to the world cup. World cup schedule is a simple means that will help fans in planning their daily routine to make it suitable for viewing all the matches during the world cup tournament.

World cup schedule gives detailed information to fans about the dates on which the matches will be played, whether the matches will be day-night affairs or day matches, and the venues where the matches will be played. So the earlier you get hold of world cup schedules, the easier it will be for you to plan out everything accordingly. Well only if you have the schedule with you beforehand, you will be able to make any alterations or adjustment in your routine for accommodating your liking of watching live cricket matches.

In the year 2007, World Cup will be held in the West Indies. Cricket fans belong to different geographical regions of the world and due to the difference in time zone, for many people it may not be possible to keep track of what is going on in a live match if they do not plan out their routine properly. It is just proper planning with the help of world cup schedule that will help fans keep a track of all that is happening in West Indies during the world cup. Unless you are those fortunate ones who have tickets to watch the matches live in West Indies, world cup schedule is the only solution for you.

Now the next question is where you can find world cup schedules. Believe me, this is not at all a difficult thing to find out. With the approach of world cup, almost all leading daily newspapers provide their readers with world cup schedule. Newspapers and publishing houses realize how important it is for fans to know about world cup schedule and stay in constant touch with the events taking place in the tournament. You can put up the world cup schedule on the walls of your bedroom or inside the doors of your cupboard so that whenever you want to clarify anything, you can do it easily.

The online sites on the World Wide Web are also a great source through which you can get world cup schedules and know about all those matches that will take place during the world cup in West Indies. Several cricket dedicated websites provides fans with cricket schedule and all you will have to do is take a print out of the world cup schedule and put up at a place in your room, where you can easily see it for reference purposes. A world cup schedule will solve many problems and make things easy for you.

Ella Wilson is a cricket fanatic. She simply loves the game and tries to catch live action no matter where she is.At Stickiewicket she works on Online cricket score,World cup schedule , Fantasy cricket and Cricket News among other things.You can see her works at www.stickiewicket.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/World-cup-schedule-simplifies-your-work/119856

World Cup Cup Schedule

West Indies Cricket World Cup 2007 Is The Event To Be Seen by ella Wilson

Now, the fever of world cup is on the soaring heights. As West Indies cricket world cup 2007 has started, cricket fans have glued themselves to the medium that allow them to have access to scores, news and other related information of the biggest event. As everyone knows that world cup comes after four consecutive years and this increases the curiosity of fan. History of cricket tells that till now eight world cup tournaments have been played and this is the ninth one that West Indies is hosting. West Indies cricket world cup 2007 seems to be really high on the popularity charts because West Indies have been extravagant in organizing the event and welcome of 16 playing nations.

West Indies cricket world cup 2007 has started seeing some of the classy show of performances. In their first match with Pakistan, West Indies have proved that they are really worth of being the tough contenders for world cup championship. After all, West Indies cricket world cup 2007 vehemence is creating an atmosphere of heat in the entire world. All the countries have been doing something or the other for their players, to boost their morale. West Indies are hosting this world cup tournament for the first time ever and this makes it important for them to show remarkable performance. They have to keep up the reputation of their nation and try to win the trophy.

It is because of the West Indies cricket world cup 2007; West Indies have also been promoting their tourism destinations. The reason for this is that they plan to earn more and more rewards through this promotion. It is the Caribbean Islands of West Indies that will be a proof of one of the most memorable shots and performances of playing nations. All the teams would be trying hard to become a strong contender for the trophy. Kingston, Basseterre, Gros Islet, Port of Spain and St. John's are some of the venues that will see number of classic shots, along with caught and bowled moments. All the players will also be getting enough time for site seeing and enjoying in the Caribbean Islands.

What is more important in West Indies cricket world cup 2007 is the information related to this event. There are lots of aspects that have to be seen for looking forward to this tournament. First of all, all the cricket fans would be looking out for West Indies cricket world cup 2007 schedule, so that they are able to know the exact dates of every match. This will also help them to make certain arrangements well in advance to catch up with the match of their favorite team. Another thing to be checked out is news related to this event. West Indies cricket world cup 2007 news will inform the cricket enthusiasts about the latest happenings in the match and some of the controversial issues that might have cropped up during the match.

Since the West Indies cricket world cup 2007 has started, every other cricket enthusiast would be trying to have access to the source that is available to them. Some of you may stick themselves to television sets, some of you might be looking at the sports page of newspaper and many of the working professionals would be taking the assistance of cricket websites that are providing information on this tournament. Though world cup has started; still, there is long way to go in this direction and we all have to wait eagerly for the finals to come.

Ella Wilson is a cricket fanatic. She simply loves the game and tries to catch live action no matter where she is.At Stickiewicket she works on Online cricket score,West Indies cricket world cup 2007, Fantasy cricket and Cricket News among other things.You can see her works at www.stickiewicket.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/West-Indies-Cricket-World-Cup-2007-Is-The-Event-To-Be-Seen/130018


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