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World Cup Golden Ball Award

World Cup Golden Ball Award

Messi fan site by Jack

Lionel Andrs messi is an exciting football player of Argentina. He presently plays for Barcelona FC as a second sticker. He has shown his remarkable capacity for a player with much enthusiasum. He often touted as "the new Diego Maradona" in the media. He has been announced as golden boy of Argentina and desire to live up those requirements in the world cup. Messi was the young and most enthusiastic player born on 24 June 1987. His talent in football was visible when he was 5 years old. His acceleration, speed and his intimidating techniques has attracted comparison with the Diego maradona. Later messi is declared as his successor. In any position messi can play to attack but seems that he selects a free roaming role to create confusion in the opposition defence.

At the age of 5 he played as a football player for Grandoli, it is a club which was trained by his father. Messi joined the team of Barcelona and moved to Europe with his entire family. This was the beginning of messi's path to success and building records. In 2004 october was his foremost debut when he played against RCD Espanyol for the 1st team and for BC Barcelona he became the 3rd youngest player to play ever. He also made record on 1 may 2005 for scoring in the club opposed to Albacete Balompie as a first senior goal. At that time he was only seventeen years old and hence messi cames as a youngest player to won in a FC Barcelona for La Liga game.

Currently he was called as the former legendary football player successor of argentine,'Diego Maradona'. In June 2005 he won the 'golden boot' award for achieving six goals in the youth championship of football world conducted in Netherlands. As a best player of tournament he also awarded the 'golden ball'. In 2005-2006, messi obtained the spain citizenship which gave him a opportunity to prove his charisma in Spanish First Division. The 'Tuttosport' awarded Lionel Messi as the title Golden Boy 2005. In Europe he was considered as the great under-21 player ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukas Podolski and Wayne Rooney.

In 2006, for the World Cup FIFA Messi was selected. In the match between Montenegro and Serbia he played as the substitute player for Maxi Rodriguez. Messi was the younger player to stand for the team of Argentina. In the test he lead the team to win by scoring the final goal. Because of this concluding goal, he was known as the youngest player in the World Cup 2006 and in the history of World Cup he was the 6th youngest scorer. In 2006-2007 he achieved eight goals. During the semifinal of Copa del Rey against Getafe CF on 18 april 2007 he made the goal which is same as the goal made in FIFA world cup 1986 by Maradona in opposition with England. Maradona's goal was named as the "century Goal ". In 2009 as the year award he was awarded as the FIFA World Player.

The Messi fan site started for him provides all the information’s and the biography of him with his full history which can be viewed by any of his fan at any time.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Messi-fan-site/872073

World Cup Golden Ball Award

Lionel Messi Won The Golden Globe Prize by yeah

Beijing at 2:00 on January 11 FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland, annual awards, announced at the conference in the 2010 Golden Globe Winners Cup. The player with the World Cup Football Shirt in the world and Golden Globe award won for the first time since the merger of Barcelona star Lionel Messi on the other hand, Mourinho has won the Coach of the Year Marta won the World Cup Miss World Hammett - Objective Altintop won the best goals, the wife of football coach Silvia year in Haiti under 17 team won the Fair Play Award for women. others have also been released.
Historically, the FIFA World Player Awards, organized and "France Football" magazine "led Golden Globe world's most prestigious football two individual awards. In 2010, the prices announced by the two agencies combined, FIFA, Ball Gold, though of course, the price of the corresponding individual football. The award of three Golden Globes After the screening, FIFA announced the initial list of 23 pre-selection, but FIFA has announced a month ago, a list of the last 3 ballot will have three players of FC Barcelona Xavi in Cheap Football Shirts Thailand, Messi Iraq never Sita, the final competition.
Finally, as guests of honor at the Barcelona coach Guardiola announced that Lionel Messi won the Golden Globe Award The second purpose Iniesta, Xavi finished third.
Lionel Messi in the last round of the Golden Globes from 0.2009 to 10 excellent season, Lionel Messi of Barcelona during the years of playing in 34 goals in 10 goals in the Champions League and three goals in the Cup this season following Messi in the state 15 amazing cycle of the First Division in 18 balls, 6, 6 goals to win the Champions League, five World Cup Matches in the country will continue into 4 balls, 4 games 2 goals in the national tournament. With a high score to hit wonder aloud Aspen Lionel Messi, Xavi in Brazil Football Shirt, Iniesta has again won the Golden Globe won the Golden Globe in 2009 years after the golden goal to reach the defense of Messi. Also Van Basten in 1989, after the Golden Globe and an advocate.
Acceptance speech Macy's in the sermon was surprised that he can win this award. During the ceremony before the news conference, Massey's sermon. "Even though I won the world championship, but I think I have a good year"
Throughout the ceremony, Van Basten announced as guest of the FIFA best lineup after the team U-17 women in Haiti won the FIFA Fair Play. Then the Forest as guests of honor, Women's Soccer Coach of the Year was awarded to Germany coach Silvia - Ned. The next presentation was the best football coach Jose Mourinho won prize Forest. Then, the slain President's Annual Award FIFA World Cup hosts South Africa's political personality. Hammett - Altintop of Turkey in the match against Kazakhstan to win volleyball in the waves, the world's best goal award. Finally replaced the Miss World Cup, the FIFA Golden Ball, Marta of Brazil with the Robinho Shirt won the soccer star Women's World, Mademoiselle, is the Brazilian actress, won the award for 5 consecutive years. The latest Golden Globes are presented by Lionel Messi

More details come from World Cup Football Shirt.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Lionel-Messi-Won-The-Golden-Globe-Prize/974842

World Cup Golden Ball Award

International Soccer - Ballon d’Or 2010 award will stay in Spain by Stephen Lars

By Stephen LarsOn January 10, 2011, once the official ceremony begins, FIFA and France Football magazine, will award the Ballon d’Or to the most outstanding player in the world.

After this season the title was unified with the award for best player of the FIFA. This means that journalists in the sports magazine along with the coaches of national teams of the nations involved and the captains of each of the clubs evaluated will be responsible for choosing the winner by vote.

There are many players who want to be named among the list of potential candidates, but few are able to carry out a true breakout season to give them the opportunity to see their name shine among the candidates.

For this year, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi, outstanding players all members of the powerful FC Barcelona, are the three finalists nominated to win the Ballon d'Or 2010. Since the award was established in 1956, this is the third time that three players from the same team complete the podium. This happened to AC Milan in 1988 when Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkard were chosen. The following year Marco van Basten Milan repeated with the first, along with Franco Baresi and Rijkaard in second and third place respectively.

Throughout the history of the Ballon d'Or, Barcelona has recorded seven trophies provided by six players. The Catalans are currently third at the club level and are outweighed by the Italians from Milan and Juventus, who have, each, eight players creditors Golden Ball

Lionel Messi, Argentina's talented striker and one of the outstanding figures of Bara, is present in another edition of the Ballon d'Or. Messi was nominated for the award in 2007. He came in third place behind Kaka, the winner, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The following year the Argentine again was among the nominees, but finishes second to be beaten by Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres was third.

In 2009, Messi made a perfect season and gets the trophy, which was proved that his talent is greater than the fame and the spotlight that Cristiano Ronaldo, who was second, may have. The third place on that occasion went to Xavi Hernndez.

With respect to Hernandez, this is his second nomination for the Ballon d’Or. This year, the Spanish midfielder is listed as the favorite to win the prize. This is mainly due to the professionalism with which he works, both on and off the pitch.

While Messi is the favorite and was also named best player of Argentina in the last World Cup, Argentina’s under par performance could hurt his personal aspirations. Messi whatsoever has had a really good performance with the Catalans.

Andres Iniesta, another talented figure of Barcelona, is also present with his nomination for the Ballon d’Or to the great performance he did in South Africa 2010, securing Spain’s a 1-0 victory in the World Cup final.

With this Ballon d’Or, Barcelona adds its eight title and matches Milan and Juventus’ records. The Spanish League will obtain its fourteenth award, leaving them four behind the Italian Serie A.

Stephen Lars has been a prominent writer on regular International Football games, sports news and the sportsbetting industry for many exceptional sports web sites. You may reprint this article in its full content, please note no modifications to it are accepted.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/International-Soccer---Ballon-d---Or-2010-award-will-stay-in-Spain/942161

World Cup 2010: adidas Golden Boot award

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