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World Cup Hyundai Ad

World Cup Hyundai Ad

Who is sponsoring the 2010 FIFA World Cup? by Vicki Kelly

At the beginning of the FIFA World Cup, we noticed there were quite a few articles written about the Nike versus Adidas advertising campaigns. On the back of this, we decided to devise a survey to gauge awareness of the sponsorship of the world cup. There were five categories †Airlines, Automotive, Beer, Electrical and Sport †and the survey takers had to pick the brand they believed were the sponsors out of a small selection of major brands. In theory, the brands that are supporting the 2010 World Cup should have attracted the highest amount of votes, thereby reiterating how beneficial sponsoring a major event such as the World Cup is.

The most anticipated result from the poll was the sports brand category. Nike and their â€Write Your Future’ campaign has been a huge success both offline and online. Their adverts include appearances from Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba and Ronaldino which generated more buzz than Adidas going into the World Cup according to Nielsen. Nike had 30.2% share of social networking sites compared to Adidas with 14.4%. However, a new table was released which covered the period 11th to 25th June (when the World Cup had commenced) and revealed that Adidas had leap-frogged Nike with their Star Wars-themed campaign. This was also reflected in the results of Brand’s survey. 60.9% of voters knew that Adidas were the official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup. Nike did come in second place with 34.8% of the votes.

Most of the other sponsors all came top in their categories with a huge majority. Sony topped the electrical category with 52.2% whilst second placed Panasonic received 17.4%, Hyundai obtained 34.8% of the votes with BMW close behind with 16% and Emirates were the resounding winners with 58.3%.

In the beer category, it was a close call, with Budweiser received 47.8% of the votes whilst Carlsberg received 43.5%. Seemingly there may have been confusion as Carlsberg were the sponsors of the England team and have more established links with English football. Similar to Nike, Carlsberg had a massive advertising campaign leading up to the World Cup. Their â€If Carlsberg did team talks’ campaign had a lot of TV coverage and featured heavily online before the 2010 World Cup. Carlsberg also held a road show which travelled across the UK and gave fans an opportunity to meet some of their England 2010 World Cup heroes. This reveals how crucial a well-orchestrated marketing campaign is to the major brands that are competing against one another to win their own sponsorship World Cup.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Who-is-sponsoring-the-2010-FIFA-World-Cup-/802453

World Cup Hyundai Ad

South Korean couriers set to be popular by Jamie Francis

There seven high income developed countries in the world and these are USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea. This group of countries are leading the way in economic development and are prime locations for businesses to set up in. South Korea is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and between the 1960’s and 1990’s they were the fastest growing according to many industry experts.

The South Korean economy is run by the large conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. Technology plays a major part in the Korean economy and has it is bordered by China there is a lot of work between the two to develop the next big thing. There are many reasons why businesses would move into the market as it is constantly growing including the Digital Media Complex that can be found in the country’s capital Seoul. For companies looking to move into the market and in particular the technology markets, you need to find the best couriers to South Korea so whenever you need to send something from the UK to South Korea, you can do so in the easiest possible way.

When looking to send a parcel to South Korea you will pleasantly surprised with the options you have available and as such you can make your transition to the country as smooth and comfortable one. South Korea also has a rich and diverse culture and history and a visit to the country will leave you with lasting memories. Since the separation of Korea into two peninsulas in 1945 both have tried to distinguish themselves from one another so whilst North Korea have kept to their traditions, South Korea has welcomed modern art and cultures into the country.

Many people may have already visited the country during the 2002 World Cup that took place there as well as Japan, the money that the county earned and invested from that has gone towards helping the economy strengthen further. If you are planning a world trip then make sure you fit South Korea into your plans because there is so much that the country has to offer and you will find a considerable amount of things to do during your stay there. Make sure that if you have friends or family there then you can send a parcel to South Korea in an simple and cost effective manner.

Many parcels to South Korea are sent each day and you can find the best deals from the leading couriers online.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/South-Korean-couriers-set-to-be-popular/810803

World Cup Hyundai Ad

Saving on Costs on a Hyundai Engine As you Gain on an Infiniti by lowmileageengines

For anybody driving a Hyundai, the only thing in ones mind is to keep on driving. Built with a skill that makes them a convenient and reliable trait for any road, they are a favorite of those who consider living their dream today while enjoy 100,000 mileage that the model has. The Hyundai engine is also a formidable element in their excellence, something that makes them very popular with people who have immaculate style and character.

Driving a Hyundai Matrix for instance, is a dream relived for everybody, when every mile covered means a great feeling of appreciate for another. However, when a Hyundai engine needs replacement, it is another issue altogether. It is not the best news for anybody, more so at this time when finances are curtailed by the economical quagmire affecting the whole world. After realizing you need to replace your Hyundai engine, not many conjure the thoughts of a second option that is revolutionizing the whole of United States.

This is turning to used car parts, from engines to any other part of a car. In addition, this same dilemma faces those individuals with vehicles having an Infiniti engine. Infiniti car models are essential luxury cars that have a way of intoxicating a person with their delightful charm and splendid performance. They are not car models that you find every time on the road but depict the industry of an individual, saving until he or she can purchase one of the most comfortable vehicles across the world. It is the reason after the need of a replacement, mostly the engine that many of the executives face lots of problems.

With an Infiniti engine, buying a new replacement is one of the natural things to do, meaning that you dig even deeper to raise a sum that might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. However, the trend in the American population is fast turning towards used car parts, from Hyundai engines to Infiniti ones and much more. This is after many have realized what kind of savings can be accrued from replacing broken down or obsolete car parts.

A Hyundai engine is not made to fail, but the natural thing is that every engine does fail, and there is a possibility it is for good and a replacement is required. It is important to know there are quality engines available from many providers where you can receive an afore selected, where you are provided with good discounts, mileage verification, mechanics to help with installation to getting the engine delivered at home wherever you might be across America.

You only need to find the right provider online, select the Hyundai engine of choice and after checking on your warranties and the payment, that sometimes is half the price of a new engine, you are ready to receive the engine, shipped to you. It is one of the reasons that most individuals are turning online and on used parts to get their best rides back on the road.

Low mileage Engines is your best place for the used engines of your choice, with comfortable guarantees and great service for any type of engine. It doesn’t matter what kind of engine you have in mind, you will find it at http://www.lowmileageengines.com.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Saving-on-Costs-on-a-Hyundai-Engine-As-you-Gain-on-an-Infiniti/702697

Hyundai 2010 FIFA World Cup Baby Name Commercial

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