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World Cup Jackets

World Cup Jackets

slip on my north face jacket and some wool socks to keep warm   by Yeats Lee

Inevitably, no amount of vigilance would preserve Thatcher's rule as Prime Minister, although the ritual overthrow could never take on the finality of a beheading; her head remaining as potent a presence in contemporary iconography as Andy Warhol's pictures of Marilyn Monroe or Korda's portrait of Che Guevara. ('The three of them couldn't be further apart ideologically,' observes the artist Alison Jackson, 'but they all had what it takes to become a modern icon: big hair, high foreheads and a face that would allow you to project your own fears and desires on to it.')
Whatever one's view of Thatcher's supremacy, her departure from Downing Street in 1990 was as brilliantly staged in the original as it has been in The Iron Lady . Red roses, and a red suit; 'not Labour red,' insists Currie, 'but an act of defiance - her way of saying, "I'm going out in a blaze of glory, and you will be sorry."'

Grande dame, femme fatale, the woman in red had at last removed her mantle of blue; but Margaret Thatcher's afterlife was just beginning, and her legacy is with us still.
Despite her increasing penchant for power-dressing, with wider shoulders and strong block colours, the Iron Lady never gave up pussybows altogether, however prone they were to parody. 'I am now always caricatured with rather large bows,' she admitted to Stoppard. 'I often wear bows; they are rather softening, they are rather pretty. So do a lot of other people wear bows.' Still, the ridicule rankled, not least because the cartoons gave her a large nose and double chin. 'I think a little bit larger than it isâ

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