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World Cup Jr Ice Hockey

World Cup Jr Ice Hockey

Movie Zeros to Real Life Heroes: Disney's Anaheim Ducks by Adam Singleton

Often, stories found in the world of fiction are based on reality, rather than the other way round. But the real life story of Disney's Mighty Ducks ice hockey team strangely mirrors its fictional counterpart.

In 1992, the Walt Disney Company released the first of a live action trilogy: "The Mighty Ducks". The films followed the misadventures of an ice hockey team composed of perennial losers who finish at the bottom of their league year after year, before a new coach arrives, who inevitably leads the team to victorious glory.

Despite the predictable plots, the trilogy's commercial success led to Disney founding a real life ice hockey team, based in Anaheim, California. Many hockey purists cringed at the idea of a team being founded by Disney Corp and named after a kids' movie but, unlike its fictional namesake, the strength of the team surprised fans and the Ducks had an excellent first season, proving them to be more than just a movie spin off.

Disney later went on to make a further two Mighty Ducks films: "D2: The Mighty Ducks" (1994) and "D3: The Mighty Ducks" (1996) as well as 26 episodes of an animated series called "Mighty Ducks" that were loosely based on the films and the real life hockey team.

The founding of a real life team based on an established fictional concept was marketing genius. The Mighty Ducks team instantly appealed to young fans of both hockey and the Mighty Duck movies, proving the perfect opportunity for merchandising, with many toys, logos and characters already in existence.

The real life Duck's team mascot, "Wild Wing", is taken from a character in the Mighty Ducks cartoon series; he is the leader of the Ducks gang, both on and off the ice and plays as goal keeper in the cartoon team and regularly appears at the real life games.

Disney kept hold of the Ducks for 12 years, but in 2005 sold the franchise for $75 million. In 2006, the team were rebranded from the "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" to simply the "Anaheim Ducks" and have continued to play a high standard of hockey, reaching the pinnacle of the game this year by winning the highly converted Stanley Cup in June 2007.

The Anaheim Ducks are based in Orange Country, California, and play their home games at the Honda Center. Fans of the Ducks wishing to see the Stanley Cup champions can chose from a number of hotels in Anaheim and, with Disneyland not for away, fans of the Mighty Ducks carton series can visit the 'Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam', an attraction based on the cartoon.

It's impossible to tell what the future will bring to the Anaheim Ducks, but the story of this ice hockey team just goes to show that real life based on fiction, can be stranger than fiction itself.

Adam Singleton is an online, freelance journalist and keen amateur photographer. His portfolio, called Capquest Photography is available to view online.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Movie-Zeros-to-Real-Life-Heroes--Disney-s-Anaheim-Ducks/175820

World Cup Jr Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Apparel Is the Way To Go In Today's NHL by Johnny McKenzie

Ice hockey is your life, just as it is for so many other NHL fans from around the world. You couldn't care less about football, baseball or any other so called sport.

Who is that Michael Jordan guy anyway?

Hockey is what you are, what you live and breathe and you would never want to have it any other way. What better method to demonstrate this to your loved ones and neighbors than by buying some ice hockey apparel. By wearing your ice hockey apparel from your favorite team, you make a solid statement to friends and strangers alike where you loyalty is.

Should anyone ever doubt that your' a big time NHL fan, all you have to do is to let your knowledge speak for itself. Tell them straight from your heart all the NHL leading scorers from the mid-seventies to present, not to mention the all the Stanley Cup winners during the same period. You will be a huge success!

Whether you're a Gretzky fan, a Jagr fan, or a Lemiux fanatic, your ice hockey apparel will let you have your voice heard loud and clear. They will know that you are the real deal. You might even rip some other hockey facts out of the blue, like who was the first goalie to wear a mask in pro hockey for example. You know this stuff and that's how big a hockey lover you are!

What's even better, your ice hockey apparel is top quality and very comfortable. It's also great for wearing out to dinner and a movie, or for just working around the house on the weekends. You can find sweatshirts, official Stanley Cup apparel, baseball caps, hockey t-shirts and all other articles of clothing you can imagine with the hockey and NHL logo on it.

Why not wear it all?

Not at the same time though, you know that of course. But you could have a different piece of hockey clothing for each day of the week.

That would definitely be cool.

Ice hockey apparel is available, in most cases, at your local hockey dealer as well as in the mall. When you go to a NHL game, you can also buy replica jerseys there. For the best selection and prices, however, you'll want to shop online. As far as colors, sizes, and styles go, online shopping can't be beat. Just make sure to get your hockey gear before the start of next year's NHL season.

Having the right apparel is what separates the real ice hockey fans from the NHL wannabes. Don't be left out in the cold.

This article is written by HockeyTribute, a NHL fan site that offers ice hockey articles and information on how to buy cheap custom replica hockey jerseys.
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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Ice-Hockey-Apparel-Is-the-Way-To-Go-In-Today-s-NHL/53399

World Cup Jr Ice Hockey

European International Ice Hockey Tournaments by Jerremy Grey

Though Canada was the birthplace of hockey, the sport has since crossed over into the United States and Europe. Stanley cup playoffs take the concentration of the international men's ice hockey world championships away from American enthusiasts, unlike their European counterparts. In countries such as the U.S., Canada, and others with a large concentration of NHL players, the countries are at a loss to round up their best players because those players have joined the NHL and will be competing for the Stanley cup.

For many years professionals were barred from playing at the international level, and now that many Europeans are playing for the NHL, the world championships no longer represent the world's top players. Hockey was an event that's been a part of the Olympic Games since 1924 with Canada winning 6 out of 7 gold medals. During the years that professional American, Swedish, Finnish, and Canadians were barred from Olympic competition, the United States took home the gold medal (in 1960) and Russia won all but two gold medals from 1956 to 1988. A bunch of non-pro college kids in Lake Placid, New York beat the Russians in 1980 for the gold medal.

It was then that a new surge in the popularity of the game that most Americans weren't paying too much attention to. The Summit series in 1972 and 1974 had established Canada and Russia as hockey rivals. The best players benefited from this, as it gave rise to the Canadian Cup, which only deals with the world's best players. The Canadian cup later became the World Cup of Hockey with the United States winning in 1996 and Canada winning in 2004. Since 1998 NHL professionals have played in the Olympics giving the top players more opportunity to compete and face off with other professional players from different countries. Since the year of 1998, the Olympics have been home to 9 women's competitions; the women's games started that year.

Because women play just as hard a game as men, they are definitely being seen more and more as a serious sport all their own. In many ways, however, women still have a long road ahead of them if they wish to be on equal footing. Women are competing in a sport that has traditionally only been played by men, so they will have a long road ahead in order to be taken seriously as players. Attendance records are regularly smashed by the millions of loyal fans in the U.S. and Canada alone who love this sport. It is treated as a traditional past time, much like some Americans treat baseball, football, or basketball.

The world of hockey is a world unto itself, and that is true whether it is being played by professionals or amateurs. People get as wrapped up in this sport as some do soap operas, and truly treat it like the air they breathe. Many people will spend hours, late into the night, practicing the game.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/European-International-Ice-Hockey-Tournaments/442631

2011 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

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