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World Cup Kenya

World Cup Kenya

2010 World Cup by Kwame Johnson

The World Cup 2010 will be held in South Africa this time around. It will be played at ten stadiums located in nine different regions of the country for a full month from June 11 to July 11. On the part of South Africa there is a massive effort to make the event a grand success. The country is doing its best to rally the whole continent behind the effort. The International Marketing Company of South (IMC) is spearheading the campaign. Paul Bannister, the Chief Executive of IMC is brimming with confidence that their efforts will bear fruits. A series of television advertisements have already started to stir up the interest of not only the South Africans alone, but also that of Africa as a whole. The Vuvuzela trumpet of South Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro of Kenya and the tribals of Giza, where the historic Egyptian Pyramids rest are among the features employed for these advertisements. They stress the point that the show belongs to Africa as a whole, not South Africa’s alone.

Even though the first international football match was played in 1872 between England and Scotland, the first FIFA tournament was organized by the then FIFA president, Jules Rimet in 1930 in Uruguay. Only 13 teams participated. The low number was due to the reluctance of many European teams to travel such a long distance. The FIFA was formed only in 1904 and by that time football was included in Olympics. But Olympic football was always for the amateur players and the FIFA encouraged professional teams. The second World Cup tournament was held in 1934 in Italy with 16 teams participating and that format continued until 1982. In 1982 the number was doubled to 32 and that remains until today.

The present day 32 national teams are selected from over 200 teams all over the world. The selection process takes two years to complete before the final FIFA tournament. One interesting story behind the tournament is that South Americans always protested in the beginning the holding of the tournament outside their territory. Some of them have even boycotted the tournaments held in Europe.

South Africa goes into every detail to make the event flawless. One major factor they take very seriously is the hospitality side. All arrangements are in full swing already. The exclusive right is given to Match Hospitality. Their packages include ticket and on-site hospitality on match-days. They arrange preferential parking, entertainment during the match and even a gift to the guest. The facility called the Big Five Series enables you to watch all the matches in the five big stadiums where all the important matches are played. This facility is offered only in private suites. The Big Five Series does not include accommodation and travel.

Kwame is a freelance writer and loves to write about sports related topics including 2010 World Cup and World Cup South Africa

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World Cup Kenya

Every Cricket Fan Wants To Know The World Cup History by ella Wilson

World cup tournament has a tremendous history. It started in 1975 in England. It's the biggest tournament in the world of cricket. The first three tournaments in the world cup were known as Prudential Cup with the sponsorship of prudential plc, a known pecuniary services company. It's a privilege for the players to play for the world cup and players feel proud and lucky to be a part of world cup tournament. They put their best effort to win the glorious cup and hence to be called world champions.

World cup history says that the earlier matches consisted of 60 overs per players and it was played in white uniform with red balls. Earlier the matches were held only during day. Till 1992 World Cup, only 8 teams participated in the tournament.Afterwards, cricket became more and more famous and gradually it was considered a good sport by many countries. Now, in world cup 2007, 16 teams have participated to battle for the cup. In 1975, England, New Zealand, India, East Africa, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka participated in world cup tournament.

In 1979, East Africa was part of the world cup team while in 1983, Zimbabwe made an entry. The same teams took part in the 1987 World Cup. In 1992, South Africa entered in the group to play the world cup and that year 9 teams took part in the tournament. By 1996, the number of teams have increased to 12 with the participation of three more teams in the group. They were UAE, Netherlands and Kenya. But in 1999 world cup, UAE and Netherlands played for the world cup.

As we all know that cricket was born in England and the first three world cup was played here. In 1987, for the first time in the world cup history the tournament was held outside England. World cup 1987 introduced impartial umpires to give more fair decision. World Cup Matches have contributed more and more records in the cricket's History. The records in the world cup history consist of most excellent batting strike rate, most run-scorers, top bowlers, best bowling, finest bowling strike rate, main wicket-takers, team totals, lowest team totals, all major catches and maximum individual scores, and actually the most dismissals.

Initially the world cup confined the attention of only few spectators, but gradually it has mesmerized millions of viewers who keenly wait for the tournament. Australia has won the world cup thrice, West Indies twice and India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have won once. Ever since in the world cup history, Australia has been one of the toughest contenders for the world cup. World cup history has many fascinating records. This is the ninth world cup being held in a caribbean nation called West Indies. Many arrangements have been done to welcome the teams who will again make some new records.

The history of cricket has many more things to unveil which is yet to be known by the fans. You can find many more interesting facts and figures about world cup history from the various sources. Some sources are cricket dedicated sites which will provide you the complete information of this tournament's history. This history contains many achievements and landmarks made by the players. Some players like Brain Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh, Imran khan etc are the best players in cricket and the records made by them are very fascinating.

Ella Wilson is a cricket fanatic. She simply loves the game and tries to catch live action no matter where she is.At Stickiewicket she works on Online cricket score,live cricket,World Cup History,Fantasy cricket and Cricket News among other things.You can see her works at www.stickiewicket.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Every-Cricket-Fan-Wants-To-Know-The-World-Cup-History/137231

World Cup Kenya

Coffee From Kenya by Valerie T

Mount Kenya is one of the tallest peaks on the planet. That's an appropriate metaphor for the coffee that comes from this region, since coffee from Kenya is one of the finest brews on Earth.

But beyond literary allusions, there's a real benefit to the area in which these superb beans are grown. The high plateaus of Mount Kenya provide excellent climatic conditions for growing coffee plants.

Add to that the volcanic soil and you have a stellar combination for growing some of the world's finest coffee beans.

In this region there are now thousands of small farms, farms that may average only a half acre. But thanks to those small plots, individual, careful attention can be given to the plants.

Fortunately, there also exists a system of cooperatives that allows these small farmers to efficiently market their product. Coffee drinkers everywhere are the beneficiaries.

Coffee from Kenya is famous for its intense flavor and full body. That flavor isn't overwhelming, though. For reasons known best to coffee chemists, the strong acidity of Kenyan coffee is well-balanced resulting in a pleasant tang, rather than a bitter jolt.

Some of that heady flavor is the result of using primarily AA beans in gourmet Kenyan coffee. The ratings - AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT, and T - refer, not directly to the quality, but to the size of the bean. But size matters.

The larger the bean, the greater the accumulation of fine coffee oils. It's those oils that produce many of the hundreds of compounds that combine to produce a fine cup. The larger the bean, all other things being equal (which, admittedly, isn't always the case) the more heady the aroma and the more flavorful the cup.

Though each individual coffee aficionado will naturally have his or her favorite, anyone who enjoys fine coffee will give a Kenya AA high marks. It is the perfect way to start a busy day, or sooth the nerves after a hectic afternoon. Try some and find out for yourself why.

This article is brought to you by coffeeinfocenter.com. If you're looking for more coffee related information feel free to visit our website.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Coffee-From-Kenya/64590

Kenya reaches 2014 World Cup qualifiers

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