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World Cup Soccer Games Today

World Cup Soccer Games Today

World Cup Betting - Can Italy Make History in 2010 by Drin

It is World Cup fever everywhere and this time it is South Africa welcoming one and all with the ear splitting vuvuzela horns. If you are a crazy soccer fan you can never resist the vibe of the World Cup. And above all if you are interested in World Cup Betting, then I hope you can never ever spare Italy. The current World Cup champions and also a credit of four World Cup winnings is enough to declare that Italy is equivalent to Brazil in talent and records.

Team Italy is also known as Azzuri which means blue- the traditional color of the team. The term is related to the dynasty of Italy and the Italian National Football team is generally known by this name. The youths of Italy spend most of their time playing soccer and every youth wishes to be a member of the National team one day. This great team has brought the World Cup to their land four times and it is incredible that it includes the 2 consecutive world Cup winnings in 1938 and 1942. This makes them the second team to win the most number of World Cup after Brazil.

It will be fascinating to know more about this wonderful team. They first won the title in 1938 with a glorious win against Czechoslovakia in the final. The preceding World cup win in 1942 created history for successfully defending the title. This incident have created great fan follow up for the team and still stands out as the best soccer team the world have ever seen. Then it took pretty much years to win another title back in 1984. The finale was very interesting that will remain fresh in every soccer fans mind. The 3-1 victory with the remarkable goal in the 83rd minute was awesome. And finally in 2006, they kissed the World Cup again with a pretty tough match with France and ended in a 5-3 victory. Sometimes this time too they will repeat history by defending their title like in the World Cup of 1942.

They have easily qualified into the World Cup 2010 and have the greatest probability of winning the title again. So you can definitely bet on Italy in World Cup Betting because of their talent and confidence. It is usually a practice to bet on their favorite star and Italys players are the most popular ones in World Cup Betting. Let us take a look at the best performers in the team. Italy has the best goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon who has won the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year award a record nine times. He is truly the backbone of Italys winning and is considered to be one of the best 125 living footballers by Pele. It will be bad if I left out the Italian Captain Fabio Cannavaro who won the FIFA World Player of the year in 2006. He has been the Captain for 133 games and record of the most capped Italian national team player also goes to this 37 year old. Another great player in the team is Andrea Pirlo who is a free kick specialist. He has played for the youth teams and was the captain of the winning team in 2000 and also bagged the title of the Golden player of the tournament. He was also the captain at 2004 Olympics when the team won the Bronze medal in the tournament. In the 2006 World Cup too he had showed real talent and have won the man of the match title three times and won the Bronze ball for the third best player in the tournament.

This time too Italy is ready to defend the title and to create history. They have real talent and one of the strongest teams in the world equivalent to Brazil. You can surely bet on this team without even thinking because we know they will always keep up the glory of their team. Head over to www.sportsbook.com and place all your world cup bets today!

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/World-Cup-Betting---Can-Italy-Make-History-in-2010/797508

World Cup Soccer Games Today

Uruguay celebrates the centenary of football national team by yeah

Montevideo, 21 dic (PL) Montevideo, Dec. 21 (People's Newspaper) Uruguayan President Ho Semuxika attended today's 100 shirts of the "blue ", which determines the national soccer team, the Capital Theatre Adela preta anniversary ceremony.

Mujica, vice president, Danilo Astori present, Wholesale Football Shirt Shop people from different political and national sports from attending the celebrations.

Head of State issued a former soccer player Alcides Ghiggia, world champion in 1950, the unique goal of life and recognize the victory of the year end in the final against Brazil in favor of the Charruas 2-1.

August 15, 1910, in Montevideo, Uruguay, over the course of the Lipton Cup in Argentina 3-1, the sixth edition of the Belvedere, the countries facing the Rio de la Plata.

Argentines of this commitment with their trademark white and blue uniforms, and praised the host of the sky resounding victory in World Cup Football Shirt the river bed local club selection.

With a similar coat color, along defeated April 10, 1910 in Argentina and then invincible alumni in Central Park area, in the city.

Uruguay's victory opened the first South American championship as the path to the success of Belvedere (1916), two in the Olympic Ligue 1 Football Shirts Games (1924 to 28 years) and two World Championships (1930-1950) of the gold medal.

I love Wholesale football shirt shop which determines the national soccer team, the Capital Theatre Adela preta anniversary ceremony.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Uruguay-celebrates-the-centenary-of-football-national-team/955838

World Cup Soccer Games Today

Manchester United Was the Best by yeah

350 to join Manchester United with the Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier is not a new aid Linde Gardner has been good, generally agreed that it was only in the bank goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar is not a successor to the right person. Linde Gardner calls "the new Peter Schmeichel," do not really have Schmeichel, who became famous in the past fifty years a year earlier, does not meet the Red Devils. Until now, 26 years of Manchester United reserve Linde Gardner participated in a single game, but is confident he can prove that the defendant is false. In the Danish peninsula, Linde Gardner who gave his contempt Odense his bow apologize this time wants to conquer his idol Peter Schmeichel. The order of Manchester United, Linde Gardner bluntly: "I want to be the best, I want to be the first option here, and I’m not in the bank here my father made me a fan of Manchester United with the Thai Soccer Jersey. Since 4 years I started this club every weekend week on behalf of the Ministry of guards is my dream. I'm not here to come here, I'm not here to sit and watch, then collect the money, that's not why I came to Manchester United. I come here because I want to be better and the best player you are, in which respect "On the question of the succession of Edwin van der Sar, Linde said Gardner." I do not think that the Egyptian situation Baldwin, I just concentrate on his own, that is my style. I totally ignore these rumors, which are attached to the door than I talk porter II. For those who say that I can not consider these.
Linde Gardner says it is a good thing, but sometimes overlooked. "On the other hand, will become a driving force for me If someone said you're not good enough, it can not succeed is a big incentive. You can go to a clash of these people prove them wrong. Hope Peter with the Manchester Utd Club Soccer Jersey finally said it was the keeper of another Danish club in the world's proudest success. Only time will tell the results. "
If you really today, Peter Schmeichel had no regrets, in fact, all of Odense, Denmark've all did the same contempt Linde Gardner with his error. "I'm used to." Linde said Gardner, "in the Danish national team, which was wrong country. Like, I was strong! I called for a strong self-confidence, two years ago. The South African World Cup approaches, I have said Denmark coach should choose me because I'm the best people make fun of me at that time, they say? "This guy has a demon" They say I'm playing in Norway; I had the ability in the Danish club, crackle, crackle. Suddenly, there were many injuries because I played for the national team of two or three games, all immediately wanted to replace Sri Lanka Stoke City Thomas Sorensen with the Man United Kits Soccer a single country. Now that's football, very touching, things can change very quickly. "

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Manchester-United-Was-the-Best/1007110

Italy 3 v 2 Brazil at world cup 1982. Classic match

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