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World Cup Sweden Vs France

World Cup Sweden Vs France

2012 Euro has Schedules Ready for June by Camillla Mancini

By Camilla Mancini

A week ago the schedule for the Euro 2012 was displayed at the Palace of Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine. The 14 qualified teams to the Group stage have been divided into four quite exigent groups. As we already knew Poland was automatically set up as A1 and Ukraine as D1, while Spain and the Netherlands were waiting with the rest to know which one would be their group. Well last Tuesday’s evening we found out that the Netherlands has been placed as the head of the Group B while the World Champions are leading the Group C.

The draw started with Pot 1 and moved to Pot 4, calling out first Czech Republic that was drawn A4, Denmark became B2, Ireland C3 and France D3. The Pot 3 was next leaving Greece as A2, Portugal as B4, Croatia and Sweden as C4 and D2 respectively. Reaching the 18.00h in Kyiv all the members of the Pot 2 were impatient to find out their positions and the others were waiting nervously, since the Pot 2 had some of the strongest teams of the Euro. Finally they were settled like this: Russia A3, Germany B3, Italy C2 and England D4.

So on Group A we got Poland participating for the second time on the European Championship and Greece that carries the Euro 2004 title; these two nations are actually going to have the opening match on June 8th at 18.00 (local time) in Warsaw. The second fixture from Group A will be in Wroclaw that same day at 20.45CET, when Russia, the third winner from 2008, will play against Cezch Republic, that hasn’t missed a championship since its debut in 1996.

The matches for the next day will be in charge of the teams from Group B, which by the way is probably going to be the toughest one. Starting on the evening at the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv, the second team with the highest points on the UEFA’s country coefficient ranking, the Netherlands, will be facing Denmark, which has been improving since 2009 moving from the 16th spot to the 10th. Later on Germany and Portugal will clash at Arena Lviv, in what’s definitively going to be a very challenging encounter for the Portuguese that will have a rematch with their executioner from the 2008 Euro quarterfinals.

The Group C will have their first encounters in Poland on June 10th. The journey starts with the past two World Cup winners at Gdansk; Spain and Italy also met in the quarterfinals from the last Euro Cup in which the Reds won 4-2 in penalties. The night-game will confront the Irish Green Boys, which have been out of the tournament since 1988, with Croatia that on the contrary is qualifier for the third time in-a-row.

The last two fixtures of the opening round of the Group stage will take part at Donbass Arena in Donetsk and the Olympic Stadium in Kyiv respectively. First from Group D, is England, which hasn’t been able to go beyond the 3rd place through their career in the competition and that will meet the twice champion France. Next, the experienced Sweden will visit the co-host, Ukraine that will be debuting on Monday 11th.

Six months is a lot of time to wait for this event, but at least it will give more chance to some of the squads to prepare for the toughest fixtures. The Group phase will run from June 8th to June 19th and it will have the four teams of each group confronting each other to qualify for the quarterfinals (21st -24th). Between June 27 and 28 the semifinals will be played and after two days of rest the final will take place in Kyiv on the 1st of July.

About the Author: Camilla Mancini is one of the most qualified copy writers on Sports Betting and currently writes for Instant Action Sports . Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety on your site, make sure to leave all links in place and do not modify any of the content.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/2012-Euro-has-Schedules-Ready-for-June/1281402

World Cup Sweden Vs France

Fifa World Cup Its Birth And Consolidation by Joe Goertz

No matter where one lives, or how people call it, either soccer or football, everybody knows what the FIFA World Cup is all about. This famous competition went on last time in Germany, having Italy as the World Champion, and news coverage abounded about the players, the coaches, famous plays and daily match results. Coverage of the 2006 World Cup could be found in newspapers all over the world!

The history of World Cup Soccer can be traced back to 1904 in Paris, where on May 21, FIFA, also known as the Federation Internationale de Football Association, was founded.

Representatives from seven different countries became members of the federation at this time, and those countries included France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. As years passed, more and more countries joined, and the United States became a member in 1913.

The very first World Cup Soccer Event was held in 1930 in Uruguay. Other host countries for this famous sporting event have included France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, England, Chile, Sweden, Brazil and Switzerland.

For the year 2006, the destination for World Cup Soccer was Germany. Cities in Germany which hosted events include Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Leipzig, Kaiserslautern, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. Stadiums located in these host cities where tournament games were played include the Berlin Olympic Stadium and the Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, among others. Many of these stadiums are so large that they can accommodate crowds of up to 600,000 spectators!

Although the majority of the fans who love World Cup Soccer do not reside within the United States, many Americans enjoy the coverage of this world-wide known event that the nightly news and morning newspapers afford them. This event is so very popular that it has its own website, its own magazine, and commands massive media coverage, both on television and in print.

The 2006 World Cup had 32 different teams competing, with teams representing six different continents. The teams are referred to as squads", and each one of them consists of 23 players. That makes the total number of individual players who competed a whopping 736!

People from all over the world travelled to Germany to witness this awesome sporting spectacle. Tickets were sold out in record time, and commanded astronomical prices. Depending upon the host city, as well as what type of seating is desired, ticket prices ranged from 1,000 to 150,000 euros. Some tickets were also available online.

Estimative shows that the 2006 World Cup was attended by approximately 8 million fans, and host cities planned Fan Fests" to make sure that all visitors stayed entertained in between matches. Some of the different featured events for Fan Fest included live concerts, spa getaways, street parties, beach club extravaganzas, cookouts, fan game days, and much, much more.

Germany is a great country steeped in history, art, and beautiful natural wonders. Those who went to the World Cup in 2006 surely had the time of their lives, and for those who weren't able to be part of it, you can start saving your money for the next World Cup, in 2010! No matter who wins, it will always be an unbelievable experience.

More from this author at: sports-articles.com

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Fifa-World-Cup-----Its-Birth-And-Consolidation/69551

World Cup Sweden Vs France

World Cup 2006 Preview - England by David Walker

Outright Odds: 13/2
Group B Winners: 8/13

We've seen it all before and do the tabloids genuinely believe this is England's best chance of success"? What, again? Another year, another major tournament England are expected to win, yet they always bow out with a whimper. Why should this World Cup be any different? It's not 1966 any more, after all.

For all the media playing up England's chances, the bookmakers are far more conservative. The favourite stage of elimination odds-wise is the second round at 12/5, with quarter final elimination at 4/1 and the semi-finals at 9/2.

This is because England under Sven Goran Eriksson are just far too predictable. They may be able to qualify with ease through mediocre qualifying groups in which they are almost always top seeds, but the plain fact is they cannot perform on the big stage.

England will breeze through the group stage with comfortable victories over Paraguay and Trinidad & Tobago before an inevitable draw against Sweden in the final game. However, should they come up against Germany in the second round that may be the end of their World Cup adventure.

When it matters the most, England follow the same pattern time and time again. They always go a goal ahead but then lose their bottle and put everybody behind the ball for the remainder of the game in hope of clinging on to what they have got. Sometimes it works, such as against Argentina in the last World Cup, but more often it doesn't, namely the defeat to Brazil in the next round and later France and Portugal in Euro 2004.

England are the best in the world at flattering to deceive, well, apart from Spain. On paper they have perhaps the best squad they have ever had at the manager's disposal but for all the individual talent, the players often fail to gel effectively as a team. Arguably two of the best central midfielders in the world in Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard don't appear to be able to play together while there is also the timeless problem of the absence of a natural left-sided player to deal with.

England have been dealt a further blow with the news that Wayne Rooney may also miss the finals. The side could do with his genius play and sheer brute force and give the faithful supporters something to cheer about in what could now be a short stint in the Finals.

Recommended Bet:
Don't believe what you read in the papers and get swept up in patriotic bets. While this could be the best squad of players England have ever had they cannot be trusted with your betting money. You could try some handicap bets for the matches against Paraguay and Trindad & Tobago while a second round elimination bet could also be a wise, if not painful, investment.

England to be eliminated in the second round @ 12/5

David Walker runs free World Cup bets and World Cup previews websites. A free 45-page World Cup guide is available from the website and features a "free World Cup football shirt" offer.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/World-Cup-2006-Preview---England/29522

World Cup 1958 Final - Sweden 2:5 Brazil

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