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World Cup Tomorrow Match

World Cup Tomorrow Match

Mourinho: "A Mchel you know well all lovers of football" by yeah

Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, faces the first time tomorrow Jos Miguel Gonzlez 'Michel', current coach of Getafe, which he said that "the lovers of football know him well as one of the best players in history Real Madrid club.

"I know of Mchel Wholesale Football Shirt Shop what all football lovers know. For his career as player is one of the most important players. As a coach we know its path from the castle to Getafe," he acknowledged.

Michel always sounds like a candidate for the bench Madrid. Mourinho opted to stay dry. "If you have conditions to be coach of Real Madrid will be the president have to do this analysis at the time. It is logical that its white heart will always open the door of his club."

Mourinho confirmed the starting lineup with which played at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez to the Getafe, with news about Sergio Ramos and Raul Albiol as a couple of power stations, and Lass Diarra in the double pivot alongside Xabi Alonso.

To the herniated disc Gonzalo Higuain requiring him to undergo surgery and be at least three World Cup Football Shirt months out, Mourinho admitted that you have to create new systems and changes tactics as the only striker, Frenchman Karim Benzema will not take all encounters.

"We are a team that unfortunately we have never all players available. We missed six months Kaka and now I think in the next six we will not have to Higuain. We must build a team without him. Therefore, it is not to idealize the season and many times players do not play in his preferred position, "he said.

"From today the first match against Lyon in January and February we have fourteen games to play. We must be pragmatic and objective. Some players have to play in positions that are not yours and you have to build another gaming EPL Football Shirts system. It a new challenge for the team, "he said.

Warned of the risk of his next opponent, a winning streak that Getafe has placed doors Champions League positions.

"They come from many consecutive wins on a roll and hope to reach higher positions. So it is a difficult game, but come on holiday because they said before the players arrived with the suitcase and made an extraordinary match . Now, they have been careful on vacation, we train four days with great intensity Scholes Shirts and the team will be very good. If we do not win is because of Getafe, "he concluded.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Mourinho---A-M--chel-you-know-well-all-lovers-of-football-/964444

World Cup Tomorrow Match

Juventus with Jersey Juventus lost a good chance by lynnlee1230

Reporters wanted to ask Juve now state of mind, if there is a weak state of mind, but Antonio Conte with Juventus Jackets said: "until now, our State of mind is very rich, of course, may also want to add some more oil. But don't forget we have 24 League undefeated, and many times we forget that, and Italy Cup semi-final. Now the results are great, at the beginning of the season you can imagine to do? I will never repeat this taboo, our spirit is strong and firm, this is a very important point for Juventus. Today is a national team game this week, and has a lot of Juventus players to compete in the week, some of them also play for a long time, Antonio Conte said about this: "honest sth This does make me found it very difficult, almost all of them are all that come back with fatigue after the national team. Yesterday I gave those to national team of the people the day off to recover, and then we only had one training, only one day to prepare for this important match Chievo. But anyway, I was a very willing players were selected for the national team, because it means that their performance in the Club is recognized by national coach. Last week, after the first world war, because of some controversy on the field penalties, AC Milan and Juventus two bickering has continued this week, particularly the Vice President of AC Milan Gagliani and war of words between Juventus Chairman Agnelli, Antonio Conte with Juventus New Jersey 2012 said: "you know, this is caused because the current points standings. Because in so years zhihou, we again became has competitiveness, and we also can with happy of mood and some lucky to playing competition is all called ' has component of champion ', currently situation also has dangerous, because also has 14 field competition, and I also always said League champion just Juventus and AC Milan Zhijian of competition, also may has Udinese, and Lazio and Naples these team into to. In other words, you have to get used to the great duck pressure. Feeling tremendous pressure will be on the promotion of good performance, there is no question, so in that sense, our champion compete for more on top, because we are a team. But we're still learning, prior to the season, our starting point is not high, we only ranked seventh, so what kind of situation we are experiencing, and we are thinking all the time, and then again when this happens will be able to better deal with, because these are very likely. When it comes to Monday Italy "Golden bench Award" ceremony, when his AC, Allegri, Antonio Conte said: "We also communicate with is very normal, extended greetings to each other, so it is with me talking to another coach, so a good time to get along with. I repeat, from the perspective of sports, every game may be Sparks, trampled to death the opponent, but after the match should greet each other calmly. "In tomorrow of competition in the, Pepe and Breda, cannot played, and this situation and zhiqian playing promise Watts pull of similar, on this Antonio Conte with Juventus Shirts said:" on like I repeat many again of as, season for to now, most important of also is attitude of problem, now also has 14 field competition, is missed opportunities also is seize opportunities on see we themselves, we now shoulder Shang bear with more of responsibility, this is huge of responsibility, and on like I by said of, we wants to processing good, we also must processing good. A reporter asked whether this was a week of intense atmosphere, AC Milan was called to exchange views and even apologized, Antonio Conte and laugh about this:" no, no, no. "And for is has wishes in this story lots of a week zhihou with some party on and currently of feel Shi, Antonio Conte said:" said old truth, I is not is habits so, for I,, now of situation seems is a bit returned to has I do football athletes of that times, in then we for victory and war, for champion and war, also no too more distracting thoughts, these are is undoubtedly of. To tell you the truth I am very nostalgic, cherish the memory of those good things in the past, but now it looks as if these are in the back. Last week, including this week's argument, I always think football needs intense emotional expression, pitch is a place you're stronger than competitors.
A guest at the San Siro last week after the first half, Juventus with Jersey Juventus lost a good chance, and when it comes to midfield adjustments as well as information communicated to players, Antonio Conte said: "I told them to be just as good as. Win spirit are more important than other lots, there is no question, this is more important than any purchase. When I was facing no, I always tell my players, we want to win. If we can win the Championship, the work we do is incredible good, because we're just ten months there has been a qualitative change, this change was being spirit of sound. From my personal experience, I also have luck of winning and winning skills, I also know that to win games, then you need to have a process.
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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Juventus-with-Jersey-Juventus-lost-a-good-chance/1363450

World Cup Tomorrow Match

Spain national team’s Spain Soccer Shirt list by lynnlee1230

Compared to Mexico Guadalajara's game, the match Barcelona's performance has been greatly improved, and the first half, Barcelona with Xavi Jersey 6 attack is viewed, also control the temper, however defence remains to continue to adjust. Second half, melon Josep Guardiola sent Shang has many of viscosity ball players, field Shang only left Busquets, and Keita, and Abidal, and pedicle Asia Al Gore this several large people familiar of faces, worth a reference of is, pedicle Asia Al Gore this field competition again performance excellent, and he of location and Massey as, that is "virtual Center" of location, this also reflected has Brazil small very strong of plasticity. In support of the Keita, pedicled Asia Al Gore played excellent, become the guarantee of team controlled the ball, and once Barca players to control the ball, the team will no problem solving game. Pedicle in Asia and Al Gore in the game works with Iraqi niesita had a very nice, pedicled Asia and Al Gore in the final stages of control the game, and even came close to using the free kick to repeat ourselves in the European under 20 Championships in the world, unfortunately the ball slightly higher. "Virtual Center" position is not vascularized Asia gold natural position, but he accepted the handsome arrangements after the game: "for me, the most important is to play, whether it is a midfielder playing winger, virtual Center makes no difference, handsome where I play, I will play where. "While Al Gore praising outside pedicle Asia continued, and he also was elected by Bo ' the latest session of the Spain national team with Goalkeeper Jerseys, but Al Gore remain clear-headed pedicle Asia, he said:" only by maintaining efforts in training and competition, I have a chance to debut in Barcelona. I don't think I can become the main, I must strive for a main position. â€
"Pedicle Asia gold performance in the pre-season training stage is not confidence. Whether on the pitch or field, pedicled Asia and Al Gore are very bold and smart, he's worthy of Spain national team call-up. Pedicle Asia Gold Green game playing and Europe also said that as long as I can play the major, both in Barcelona also play where it doesn't matter, so also once of Barcelona fans caused unhappiness. However, in the goals of a meritorious and continued after pre-season training, pedicled Asia and Al Gore remained in Barcelona has no suspense, he had himself sworn my love for Barca: "I came to Barcelona 15, this is my 6th year at the Club, I hope to be in Barcelona effect for many years. "Pedicle Asia Al Gore will in Ou Qing match in the of excellent State with to has quarter Qian training in the, melon Josep Guardiola not hope pedicle Asia Al Gore prematurely revealed spearheaded, he of idea is control pedicle Asia Al Gore, let which a step a step development, in last year November pedicle Asia Al Gore of one excellent competition Hou, melon handsome on had threw cold water on:" he now also distribution not Shang I of cheers sound. "However, Bask the inclusion of pedicle Asia gold Spain national team’s Spain Soccer Shirt list, but the Brazil did not really come to the front of the point.
Sub Diego pedicled Spain national team 36th place in the history of "foreign aid", is also being Spain national team called up 21st in the South American players. Spain national team into the Argentina players the most, up to 13 people, followed by Brazil 5, Paraguay 3. Pedicled Asia after Al Gore also following Senna, Spain national team into which a Brazil player Seine in 2008 to help Spain national team got a European Cup champions, not long ago, the pedicle Asia gold also helped Spain youth teams to the European champions, Spain fans with home 8 Xavi Soccer Jersey believe that the future, he will give Spain national team brings a greater contribution. Bask: "pedicled Asia Al Gore wins, because his performance. Pedicled sub Diego in Spain growth of players he had Spain soccer toes, to his chances of winning national team is very fair. "Himno del Centenario fans on losing brood Reyes, but Philip Bosco said, now he is more optimistic about the pedicle Asia Gold:" Reyes the opportunity, but now I'm optimistic about the choice I pedicle Asian confidence in Gore's present and future than Reyes, I am more optimistic about him. "Due to Italy are playing a friendly match, theoretically pedicle Asia Al Gore not quite belonging to Spain, but Philip Bosco have been considered in September on the Liechtenstein official pedicle Asia Al Gore in the race debut of, while the pedicle Asia Al Gore even if only on the day 1 minute, he is unable to represent Brazil team takes over. The coach will call you today, tomorrow, other coaches assumed office, he may not call you again. In this case, pedicled Asia had no prospects for Al Gore, he can neither for this team to play, couldn't for another team to play. Pedicle Asia gold has been Spain youth teams play football, he cannot reverse this, I have information about him to the Brazil national team return, possibilities and ask selected for the national team. In fact, Brazil with 11 Neymar soccer jersey has never been elected to the national team may give him, and he always placed at the edge of the location. Ma Jinhuo revealed Brazil Football Association makes them feel scared approach: "Brazil Football Association has never come to us. 4 years ago, Al Gore received pedicle Asia Spain youth teams of the notification, we had to Brazil Football Association report, they told me that those players not selected for the national team of training abroad.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Spain-national-team---s-Spain-Soccer-Shirt-list/1172008

World cup 2011 - Decisive semi-final Cricket encounter tomorrow 28-3-2011

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