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World Cup Utah

World Cup Utah

mwll retail outlets by Monkey9987e

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World Cup Utah

mwll With 20 different M&amp by Monkey9987e

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World Cup Utah

Sports News by Frank R. Bilotta

Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver and future hall of famer Marvin Harrison is now under investigation by the FBI for a shooting incident that occurred in 2008 near a carwash he owns in Philadelphia. After a long investigation by local authorities showed that Harrison was not directly involved in the shooting, the DA said they would not pursue charges on the NFL star. But after the victim recently died after being shot again while sitting in his parked car. The FBI has opened up an investigation into the incident and are going through all the evidence in hopes of making an arrest.

Retired NFL great Herschel Walker has finally found an opponent to fight in his first MMA fight. The 42-year-old Walker is not listening to all the critics that he is to old to be fighting in the brutal sport. But Walker feels that his 5-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and his workout that includes 3000 push ups and sit ups a day will help him succeed in the ring.
NFL Playoff Games Schedule

Saturday 1/16/10
4:30 PM ET Arizona at New Orleans FOX
8:15 PM ET Baltimore at Indianapolis CBS
Sunday 1/17/10 TV
1:00 PM ET Dallas at Minnesota FOX
4:40 PM ET NY Jets at San Diego CBS
NBA News

Washington Wizards shooting guard Gilbert Arenas took his nickname †Agent 0 †a little to far by keeping 4 unloaded guns in his locker at the Verizon Center where the Wizards play. Today Arenas pleaded guilty and was released but is expected back in court on March 26 for his sentencing date. Through his plea deal Arenas is expected to serve at least 6 months behind bars. He has already been suspended by the NBA indefinitely.
NBA Weekend schedule

Friday 1/15/10
7:00 PM ET Sacramento at Philadelphia Comcast Sports Sacramento COMCAST
7:00 PM ET San Antonio at Charlotte FOX SW Fox Sports Carolinas
8:00 PM ET Phoenix at Atlanta SportSouth ESPN
8:00 PM ET Washington at Chicago Comcast Sports Baltimore WCIU
8:00 PM ET New Orleans at Detroit Cox Sports Television FOX DET
8:00 PM ET Indiana at New Jersey FOX MIDW YES
8:00 PM ET Toronto at NY Knicks MSG
8:00 PM ET Minnesota at Memphis Fox Sports North SportSouth
8:30 PM ET Oklahoma City at Dallas FSOKHD FOX SW
8:30 PM ET Miami at Houston Sun Sports Fox Sports Net Houston
10:30 PM ET Milwaukee at Golden State FSN North - Wisconsin CSNBayHD
10:30 PM ET LA Clippers at LA Lakers FSN Prime Ticket FOX WEST
10:30 PM ET Orlando at Portland KGW Port, Or ESPN

Saturday, January 16
6:00 PM ET New Orleans at Indiana FOX MIDW
7:00 PM ET Sacramento at Washington Comcast Sports Sacramento
7:00 PM ET Phoenix at Charlotte NBA TV
7:30 PM ET NY Knicks at Detroit MSG FOX DET
8:00 PM ET Miami at Oklahoma City Sun Sports FSOKHD
8:00 PM ET San Antonio at Memphis FOX SW
9:00 PM ET Milwaukee at Utah FSN North - Wisconsin FOX ROCKY
10:30 PM ET Cleveland at LA Clippers Fox Sports Ohio - High Def FSN Prime Ticket

Sunday, January 17
12:30 PM ET Dallas at Toronto FOX SW CBC
9:00 PM ET Utah at Denver Altitude Sports ESPN

During a basketball game last night against Kentucky Wesleyan College, Southern Indiana University center Jeron Lewis fell and banged his head hard on the court. After being rushed to the hospital he was later pronounced dead hours after sustaining the injury. Autopsy later revealed he had in enlarged heart that he probably never knew about. He leaves behind a son Jamel who was born in December and a fianc.
Top 25 College Basketball weekend schedule

SATURDAY 1/16/10
6:00 PM ET Texas A&M at (1) Texas ESPNU
4:00 PM ET (2) Kentucky at Auburn ESPN FULL COURT
1:45 PM ET Texas Tech at (3) Kansas ESPN FULL COURT
12:00 PM ET (5) Syracuse at (9) West Virginia ESPN
5:30 PM ET (6) Purdue at Northwestern
3:30 PM ET Illinois at (8) Michigan State CBS
1:30 PM ET (23) Mississippi at (10) Tennessee ESPN FULL COURT
4:00 PM ET (12) Kansas State at Colorado ESPN FULL COURT
2:00 PM ET (18) Georgia Tech at (13) North Carolina ESPN
9:00 PM ET (14) Gonzaga at San Diego
8:00 PM ET (16) Wisconsin at Ohio State
6:00 PM ET Colorado State at (17) Brigham Young
12:00 PM ET (19) Clemson at North Carolina State ESPN FULL COURT
12:00 PM ET Louisville at (20) Pittsburgh ESPN FULL COURT
2:00 PM ET Massachusetts at (21) Temple
2:00 PM ET Youngstown State at (22) Butler
4:00 PM ET Oklahoma State at (24) Baylor ESPN FULL COURT
6:00 PM ET Virginia Tech at (25) Florida State
SUNDAY 1/17/09
12:00 PM ET (11) Georgetown at (4) Villanova ESPN FULL COURT
8:00 PM ET Wake Forest at (7) Duke Fox Sports Net National
1:30 PM ET (15) Connecticut at Michigan CBS
MLB News

Finally after years of denying allegations that he took steroids during what once looked like a brilliant career. Mark McGwire finally came clean and admitted to taking steroids off and on during a 10-year span. However McGwire stated that the only reason he took steroids was to stay healthy because of all the pressure he felt. My personal opinion is he is lying again, the only reason someone takes steroids is to get stronger which he did not to stay healthy.
NHL News

After a great 19 year career goalie Curtis Joseph announced his retirement earlier this week. Joseph who was best known as †Cujo †finished his career as the 4th all time in career victories.

Former Hockey star Theo Fluery just announced that he will be filing a complaint against his old coach Graham James from when Fluery was a teenager. The complaint states that James repeatedly sexually abused Fluery and other young hockey players while be coached by James.

Now that Mike Danton has been released after serving his 5-year prison sentence for attempted murder on his agent David Frost. Danton is trying to play college hockey for St Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. Danton who was once a rising star in the NHL claims he really intended to kill his father who regularly abused him and not Frost.
NHL weekend game schedule

Friday 1/15/10
7:00 PM ET Toronto at Washington HTS TSN
9:00 PM ET Nashville at Calgary RSNW
Saturday 1/16/10
2:00 PM ET Detroit at Dallas KDFI 27
2:00 PM ET Chicago at Columbus FXSO
3:00 PM ET New Jersey at Colorado ALTI
4:00 PM ET Boston at Los Angeles FOX WEST
4:00 PM ET Edmonton at San Jose FOX BAY
7:00 PM ET Ottawa at Montreal CBC
7:00 PM ET Buffalo at NY Islanders
7:00 PM ET Tampa Bay at Florida
8:00 PM ET Atlanta at Carolina
8:00 PM ET NY Rangers at St. Louis FOX MIDW
8:00 PM ET Minnesota at Phoenix
10:00 PM ET Pittsburgh at Vancouver CBC

Sunday, 1/1710
12:30 PM ET Chicago at Detroit 12:30 PM FOX DET , NBC
3:00 PM ET Philadelphia at Washington 3:00 PM HTS
7:00 PM ET Montreal at NY Rangers 7:00 PM RDS, MSG
8:00 PM ET Calgary at Anaheim 8:00 PM FOX WEST2
Skiing News

Remember Bode Miller who was supposed to be the next great thing in skiing before he had one of the worst performances in history at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Miller went into the games the odds on favorite for every event he entered but seemed to just melt under the pressure and left with nothing. Now Miller is back to his winning ways after he just one the World Cup Super Combine today in Wengen Switzerland.

By: Frank Bilotta

The Cincinnati Bengals just announced that star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was added to the 2010 Pro Bowl Game in Miami. Johnson will be taking the place of the injured New England Patriot Wes Welker.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Sports-News/692265

Brandy Lyn Winfield Yoga World Cup winner, Sandy Utah

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