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World Cup Vancouver

World Cup Vancouver

Sports News 2/3/10 by Frank R. Bilotta


Even though the Super Bowl is days away the Indianapolis Colts are already working on signing future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning to a long-term contract. Manning was signed until 2012 but clauses in his contract allowed his current contract to end in 2010. But the Colts have no intentions of letting him hit the open market with the possibilities of there being no salary cap next year. The Colts are willing to make Manning the richest player in NFL history which he deserves considering that Cincinnati Bengals Carlson Palmer is the highest paid quarterback in the league. Some sports experts think his new deal will be around $20 million a year until he retires.

Just when you thought things for the 4-43 New Jersey Nets couldn’t get any worse it did, assistant head coach Del Harris just resigned after yet another tough lost. Harris was arguably the coach on the Nets staff and did all he could to try and help a team that will almost certainly go down as the worst team in NBA history.


7:00 PM ET LA Clippers at Atlanta FSN Prime Ticket Fox Sports South
7:00 PM ET Chicago at Philadelphia WCIU COMCAST
7:00 PM ET New Jersey at Toronto YES
7:30 PM ET Washington at New York Comcast SportsNet Baltimore MSG
8:00 PM ET Miami at Boston ESPN
8:00 PM ET Oklahoma City at New Orleans KSBIHD Cox Sports Television
8:30 PM ET Golden State at Dallas CSNBayHD FOX SW
9:00 PM ET Portland at Utah KGW Port, Or FOX ROCKY
10:00 PM ET San Antonio at Sacramento FOX SW Comcast Sports Sacramento
10:30 PM ET Phoenix at Denver Altitude Sports ESPN
10:30 PM ET Charlotte at LA Lakers SportSouth FOX WEST

Cleveland 105, Memphis 89
Indiana 130, Toronto 115
Orlando 99, Milwaukee 82
Detroit 97, New Jersey 93
LA Clippers 90, Chicago 82
Oklahoma City 106, Atlanta 99
Houston 119, Golden State 97

7:00 PM ET (1) Kansas at Colorado
7:00 PM ET (21) Pittsburgh at (6) West Virginia ESPN FULL COURT
7:00 PM ET South Florida at (8) Georgetown ESPN FULL COURT
7:00 PM ET Duquesne at (17) Temple
6:30 PM ET Penn State at (18) Ohio State
8:00 PM ET Mississippi State at (20) Vanderbilt ESPN FULL COURT
8:05 PM ET Wichita State at (22) Northern Iowa
7:30 PM ET Iowa State at (24) Baylor ESPN FULL COURT


(2) Villanova 81, Seton Hall 71
(3) Kentucky 85, Mississippi 75
(4) Syracuse 85, Providence 68
(16) Wisconsin 67, (5) Michigan State 49
(11) Kansas State 76, Nebraska 57
(12) Brigham Young 76, TCU 56

7:00 PM ET Ottawa at Buffalo RDS MSGB
8:30 PM ET St. Louis at Chicago CSNC
9:00 PM ET Carolina at Calgary
9:30 PM ET Philadelphia at Edmonton TSN
10:00 PM ET Detroit at Anaheim FOX WEST2 NHLNET

Washington 4, Boston 1
Toronto 3, New Jersey 0
Tampa Bay 2, Atlanta 1
Montreal 3, Vancouver 2
Dallas 4, Minnesota 2
Phoenix 1, Nashville 0 (SO)
Colorado 5, Columbus 1
Los Angeles 2, NY Rangers 1
Detroit 4, San Jose 2

United States World cup soccer star DeMarcus Beasley car was set on fire outside of his home in Glasgow Scotland. This was the second time someone has vandalized Beasley’s car in the last couple of years. Police still have no idea of who caused the fire, but many people feel its probably fans of cross town rival Glasgow Celtics that are to blame.

By: Frank Bilotta

Even though the Super Bowl is days away the Indianapolis Colts are already working on signing future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning to a long-term contract. he deserves considering that Cincinnati Bengals Carlson Palmer is the highest paid.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Sports-News-2-3-10/705263

World Cup Vancouver

Whistler is a Charming Four-Season Resort by Wolfgang Jaegel

Whistler is probably the first name that comes into your mind when you think of an enjoyable as well as memorable skiing vacation. Whistler resort situated amid the stunning West Coast Mountains of British Columbia, and about 120 kilometers north of Vancouver.

With the majestic Whistler and Blackcomb mountains as its backdrop, astounding scenery, and well-organized as well as most advanced lift system, skiing in Whistler is truly a wonderful experience. No wonder why many ski magazines regularly vote Whistler as the number one skiing resort in North America. However, Whistler is not only a skiing destination but also provides opportunities for a range of other winter and summer activities including snowboarding, bungee jumping, dog sledding, fishing, canoeing, and river rafting.

The resort has the longest ski season in the country as well as the largest skiing area in the whole of North America, with more than 8000 acres of skiable terrains. Apart from these, Whistler boasts of more than 200 runs, from the much famed Burnt Stew that is most suitable for beginners to the much exigent double black diamond run Davies Dervish which is perfect for veterans, and about 16 efficient lifts including two high speed gondolas, six high speed quads, two triple chairs, five surface lifts, and one double chair.

No matter you want to enjoy which type of skiing, Whistler provides excellent options for all types of skiing such as alpine skiing, free ride skiing, cross country skiing, and freestyle skiing. Alpine skiing is recommended for skiers with advanced abilities, and is most perfect to perform in skiing trails that are densely packed. As in the case of alpine skiing, free ride skiing is also most suitable for highly experienced skiers. On the other hand, cross country skiing or Nordic skiing is suitable as well as enjoyable for skiers of all levels, and is regarded as one of the best kept secrets of Whistler.

Located just five minutes walk from the marvelous pedestrained Whistler village, Lost Lake is regarded as a haven for cross country skiing in Whistler, and provides more than 30 kilometers of picturesque woodlands near a magnificent alpine lake. This area is well-maintained by the Whistler Resort Municipality, and a unique thing regarding this area is that it is stunningly lit so that one can enjoy cross country skiing even during night.

A mix of skiing and acrobatic techniques, freestyle skiing, consisting of aerials and moguls, is perhaps the most exciting among the different types of skiing. Options are also endless to enjoy other categories of skiing such as night skiing, telemark skiing, and powder skiing.

For those looking for skiing experience, Whistler offers superb Snowcat skiing facilities. Likewise, in order to enjoy the finest in backcountry skiing, Callaghan Country, regarded as Whistler's playground for outdoor recreations, offers unique options. Superb options are also available for glacier skiing in Whistler, with the Blackcomb's Horstman Glacier, which is opened during sun-drenched days. In addition, Whistler also provides excellent base for such types of skiing as heli skiing, with more than 1, 00,000 acres terrains.

Whistler also has a number of parks and pipes in order to facilitate for an enjoyable skiing. For instance, Nintendo, the award winning terrain park at Whistler Mountain, has terrains for all types of skiers, and is considered the biggest as well as the best in the world. In the Blackcomb area, there are three parks and one super pipe. The parks in Whistler consist of three levels of terrains: blue, black, and double black.

Above all, skiing and snowboard schools in Whistler Blackcomb areas render excellent programs to cater to every level of skiers. There are even lessons as well as private learning areas, exclusively designed for kids. Additionally, women's only skiing camps and teens' multi day programs are available. Further, many of the ski schools found in the area tailor skiing packages according to the unique requirements of skiers.

Apart from these, many ski resorts and hotels in the area provide superb options for a memorable skiing. For unique experiences, some of the resorts in the area provide astounding ski chalets. A specialty of these options is that many of them are located within easy reach of the lifts.

Whistler hosts a range of significant skiing events. For instance, Whistler Mountain is a venue for World Cup ski and snowboard races that is held during the beginning of the season. Similarly, Blackcomb Mountain hosts World Cup freestyle competition every January. Besides, Whistler has been chosen as the venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Lynxwhistler is a high-end luxury family property unit available for vacation rental in the premier ski resort of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The property is designed in a contemporary style, and boasts stunning views and a reserved underground parking stall right at the base of Blackcomb.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Whistler-is-a-Charming-Four-Season-Resort/249439

World Cup Vancouver

The 2010 Olympic Games Impact On Canada by Gregory Thomas

The 2010 Winter Olympics officially known as XXI Olympics Winter Games will be held from 12th February 2010 to 28th February 2010 in Canada, Vancouver and British Columbia. This Olympic event will be the third Olympics games hosted in Canada.
The 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games can generate sustainable economic benefits for the host countries. The event brings along plenty of opportunities including jobs, business development, and trade and infrastructure improvements. Many government organizations can partner with the event and get economically benefitted. With people coming from all over the world to watch this mega event, will significantly impact the tourism sector. The total number of visitors expected is 250,000 and number of event tickets is 1.8 million. Total number of spectators is estimated over a billion. This will bring revenue to the country. The government of Canada is contributing $290million for venue and infrastructure construction. It is estimated that the organizing committee for Olympics and Paralympics Winter games will spend $2 billion on goods and services to host the game which in turn means development and improvement of standard of the country. An additional $2 billion is expected to be spent by event partners, sponsors and other organizations which will allow businesses of all size to take advantage and get associated with the mega event.
The number of dollars in wages generated by the Games between 2002 and 2015 according to BC government study stands $1.9 billion and number of person-years of employment between 2002 and 2005 according to BC government study is 55,000.
The 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Games will be climate friendly games ever. No other sporting event in the world offers to raise the profile of an issue such as climate change and demonstrate solutions. Developed countries such as Canada need to control and cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions. The 2010 Games can deliver on its bid promise to â€move towards a zero net emissions Games†by adopting a carbon neutral strategy †calculating greenhouse gas emissions associated with an organization’s activities, reducing those emissions wherever possible, and then purchasing high quality carbon offsets to mitigate remaining emissions. The benefits of an effective carbon neutral strategy for the 2010 Winter Games include improved environmental and economic performance, collaborative action by sponsors and the public, risk avoidance, and a legacy of sustainable energy initiatives and projects that will both set a standard for other major sporting events, and transform the communities where VANOC directs its activities. (Lingl, 2007). The event will create awareness of the impacts of global warming and associated results.
The estimated worldwide television audience is around 3 billion and estimated worldwide online audience is 1.3 billion. The event provides an opportunity to celebrate and showcase Canadian athletic, artistic and cultural excellence on a national and international scale. The games will also create shared and lasting legacies for Canadian communities, businesses and citizens across the entire country. (Canada).
The 2010 Olympics event will certainly improve the countries GDP and revenue from the sports activities. Canada is beautiful country and tourism destination. In past events like FIFA Under-20 World Cup Canada 2007 contributed $114 million to Canada’s GDP and generated an estimated $259 million in economic activity according to the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance. (Vancouver2010, 2008). A similar or more contribution is expected from the Olympic Games to be held in 2010 to Canadian GDP.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/The-2010-Olympic-Games-Impact-On-Canada/794227

2007 Vancouver BG Triathlon World Cup - Elite Men

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