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World Cup Venezuela

World Cup Venezuela

Ronaldinho Bio by Denise I Smithson

Brazils' Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, who came into the world on March 21st, 1980 in Porto Alegre, has become simply one of the best soccer players in the world and perhaps ever in his less-than-30-years in the world. At 5'11" and 177-lbs, "Ronaldinho" started thrilling spectators all the way back in 1999 as he dazzled players and spectators with his mastery of playing forward. Before that, he was following in the cleat-steps of his father Joao by playing in amateur league beach and indoor soccer, or "futball".

Ronaldinho's mother Miguelina had to raise her son afer Joao died when Ronaldinho was only eight years old; she was helped by his brother and sisters. Ronaldinho earned his first cap It was with Gremio's senior team coached by Celso Roth that Ronaldinho won his first cap in 1999. Then in 2001, Arsenal FC got Ronaldinho in their sights, but he couldn't obtain a work permit and so no deal was struck. But Paris Saint-Germain FC got him signed to a five-year contract. But, an unhappy Ronaldinho returned to Barcelona in 2004 after playing for Paris under allegations that he put more time into the nightlife than he did into soccer practice.

Major success came to Ronaldinho at the Copa America held in Paraguay where he mesmerized audiences playing alongside teammates Ronald and Rivaldo scoring Brazil's fifth goal in a 7-0 wipeout of Venezuela. Now known as the "wonder goal," in 2002 during the FIFA World Cup in Japan, Ronaldinho scored the game-winning goal through an amazing 30-yard free kick that surprised the English's unaware goalkeeper, David Seaman. His team would win this quarterfinal and go on to win the World Cup where Ronaldinho achieved soccer greatness by being named to the all-tournament team.

Ronaldinho has won a great array of soccer's greatest prizes. Among these are the FIFA World Player of the Year for 2004 and 2005, as well as the UEFA's Champion League Award in 2006 in Barcelona (he scored seven goals in only 12 matches in that year). "Sports Illustrated" magazine named Ronaldinho the fifth wealthiest athlete of 2008 for his earnings of $37.5 million that year (salary, bonuses, product endorsements, and live appearances). This put the 28-year-old soccer star in group that included Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, David Beckham, and Kimi Raikkonen.

Soccer fans and enthusiasts were saddened in the early summer of 2008 where, in his 200th match, Ronaldinho injured a muscle in his right leg that would bench him for the rest of the 2007-2008 season. Further complicating his injury situation, Ronaldinho's player situation looked bleak when he and his club fought over his choice to play in Bejing's Olympic games. After much squabble, Ronaldinho did strike a deal with the Italian Club AC Milan-a deal that would allow him to play in the Olympics alongside his countrymen.

Manchester City offered Ronaldinho a contract for over $25 million to play for them at a time when he was getting paid $21 million in Barcelona; however, he turned down this offer but instead when with AC Milan on a three-year deal. However, he gave up his #10 because it had been retired for Italian AC Milan player Clarence Seedorf. He replaced it with #80 for the year of his birth. Milan quickly saw the wisdom of their new player selection when Ronaldinho scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory over Internazionale in September of 2008.

As the 2008 soccer season continued, Ronaldinho pushed Milan to a 2-2 draw (they were 2-0 at the time) by scoring a 93rd minute match-winner against Sporting Braga in the UEFA Cup in November. His brother Roberto has been quite the force as Ronaldinho's agent fetching him more and more endorsements that will continue until the year 2014. Residing in Milan, Italy, Ronaldinho seems happy these days.

In 2005 Ronaldinho named his and Brazilian dancer Janaina Mendes' newborn son Joao was born. Only the soccer star and his brother the agent know where Ronaldinho is going to wind up next. However, many are already thinking, "If Beckham can go to the United States, why not Ronaldinho?

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Ronaldinho-Bio/494254

World Cup Venezuela

Old Fashion Venezuela Coffee Maker by George Moore

About twenty years ago almost every home, restaurant and office kitchen in Costa Rica was equipped with a gourmet coffee making device called Chorreador de café or simply café makero. It consisted of an unvarnished wooden frame about 33 cms. tall, with a round hole at the top where a wire rimmed cloth filter or strainer was placed. Fine ground gourmet coffee was placed in the filter and boiling water was poured in filtering down to the gourmet coffeepot below.

This humble device is losing ground fast to modern percolators, gourmet coffee makers and Mr. Gourmet coffee machines. The reason usually given is that the new devices are said to be faster and more convenient. In our home the Chorreador de café lives on. Why? The gourmet coffee simply tastes better.

You don't need gourmet gourmet coffee to brew a great gourmet coffee. Brewing a great Gourmet coffee making is an art where every step should be followed closely. Some advice given below may seem superfluous but should be rigorously adhered to.

This information applies to those who live in or will be visiting Costa Rica. The gourmet coffee we will be using is not export or imported gourmet coffee. We will be using two off-the-shelf pure gourmet coffees that you can buy in supermarkets anywhere in Costa Rica. I will call them brand A and B. will not publish brand names here because I am not endorsing or publicizing brand names though there is only one gourmet coffee that helps children. The gourmet coffee should be fine ground, brand A and B mixed 50 - 50%, then stored in an airtight glass container. The two brands seem to complement one another creating a special blend. Now you know how they make a breakfast blend gourmet coffee.

Bring the water to a boil. The water should be fresh tap water and not reheated from water left in the gourmet coffeepot. Filtered water is even better; collected rainwater works well to make a great gourmet coffee.

Place six teaspoons of fine ground gourmet coffee into the filter, then mount the filter on the wooden stand. Two tablespoons of gourmet coffee produce four cups of gourmet coffee. Use a non toxic paper gourmet coffee filter, a non bleach type. Use a papersack or pantyhouse if no filter is available.

To make the best gourmet coffee please place a glass or stainless steel receptor under the filter and begin to slowly pour the boiling water into the filter or gourmet coffee. You may have to stop occasionally adding water so that the level of water drops and does not overrun the gourmet coffee. Continue pouring as needed until you have the four cups. Do not introduce metal spoons into the filter to agitate the mixture.

In the future you can experiment by adding a touch of cinnamon or vanilla or chocolate or cloves to the coffee mixture. Top the gourmet coffeepot and serve.

You must always use a perfectly dry filter. If you prepare gourmet coffee two or more times a day, you will probably need two filters so one can dry while you use the other. A wet filter causes wet coffee. The reason for this is that if you use only one, it is likely that it will not be totally dry the next time you brew gourmet coffee. By using alternating filters you will always have a dry one on hand. Filters are best dried by a hairdryer or in the sunlight.

For daily use you should carefully rinse the filters in running tap water to remove all residue. It is natural that it will stain. You should now worry about this as it is normal.You should wash the filter weekly but drink gourmet coffee daily. Please never wash the filter in bleach or soap or detergent, wash it only with salt water to remove the accumulated grease. This can be done by generously salting the damp bag and virgorously rubbing it. Afterwords you should sufficently wash and rinse the filter to remove all traces of grinds and salt.

If you are in a hurry, go ahead use instant gourmet coffee or your Mr. Gourmet coffee maker, but if you want a REAL cup of gourmet coffee, you are going to have to put some effort into preparation. I hope that this article inspires those Americans and Costa Ricans who have forgotten this charming way of brewing gourmet coffee. For those woodshop owners and handyman experts here is a detailed explanation. Anyway you look at it - if your are using Costa Rica gourmet gourmet coffee you will for sure have a great cup of gourmet coffee.

Here's what you'll need: A 5" X 18" X 1/2" Maple or your choice of wood. A 6" X 8" X 3/4" Maple or your choice of wood. Finish nails Glue

Cut the base out of 3/4" maple, 7 1/2" X 6". Chamfer a 45 degree cut 1" in from each corner. Cut the two short sections, one on each end, 15 degrees. Next please cut two supports from 1/2" pieces 9" long at 5 degrees on each end. Be sure the angles go the same direction on each end. Please cut the top out of 1/2" wood, 6" X 4 1/2". Please carefully draw and then chamfer a 45 degree cut 1" from each corner. Please carefully draw and then cut a notch on each end of the top and base to fit the 1 1/2" supports using a dado blade. Place the saw so it is set up the miter with a small piece of wood at the base to give the notch a 5 degree angle. Use duct tape to hold it together.

Mark the center of the top and draw a 4" circle. Cut out the circle with a scroll saw or saber saw.

Glue and nail the pieces together and you are almost ready to start making gourmet coffee. The Basket Make the basket from a stiff wire like a clothes hanger and a piece of cotton. Carefully mark and thenBend the wire to make a handle and a 4 1/4" circle of coffee beans.

So then use your coffee maker; next add a filter and add the finest Costa Rica coffee beans and add hot water and your sum is the finest gourmet coffee available. Want to be a cowboy use some old pantyhose as your coffee filter. Want to be a homeless person - use an brown sack as your coffee filter. Want to be really rugged - use some leaves. As long as its the Tarrazu or the Costa Rica coffee bean the flavor will still shine through. Its the anticipation that counts.

Grounds Gourmet Coffee, http://www.missiongrounds.com , its is a non profit organization, a 501 C Corporation, dedicated to helping children.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Old-Fashion-Venezuela-Coffee-Maker/297662

World Cup Venezuela

Player in today's game was strictly enforced in the tactical thinking by lynnlee1230

He said Chile winning team in this game one of the keys is maintained sufficient patience in the game. Borch said he had been told the players, even behind to play in the game rules, to knock at the door the best, not knock at the door or, otherwise, it is more passive. Player with National Soccer Jersey in today's game was strictly enforced in the tactical thinking, making the team successfully reversed. The 70 minute, Lavezzi under Aguero to defend. After 5 minutes, dimaliya the left cross, assist to a restricted area of Zhongwei Nicolas burdisso alone chesting, Aguero ball landing Road will immediately take to one ' s heels wrath shoot, ball whistling channeling into the left corner of the goal, 1:1! This ball Yiqi he Cheng, cleanly, amazing, live fans burst deafening cheers. However, cheers is not the longest, you can't believe this is Argentina's stadium. Fans with National Team Soccer Kit crazy is far better than the capital of La Plata, secondly, the game is not over, fans hung with a heart, want Argentina to fanchao. But defeat the happy ending does not come, South Africa on the World Cup qualifier was 6:1-hit Argentina Bolivia people know how to restrain an opponent, they never let the hosts play effective overall coordination. Uruguay referee Roberto fern †Silva finished after the whistle blowing, Argentina players bowed departure, Lavezzi to collapsed to the ground more despair, fans have successively left the stand, in the cold night sad to go home. Borch said he Chile team is satisfied with the current First team. The next game against Uruguay in the team competition, in addition to injured players, remaining first player with National Soccer Jersey Basic is not to change. Brazil and Venezuela at the international level a race fought a total of 20 times, sangba Legion 18 WINS, 1 draw 1 negative, into 82 lost 5 ball occupies an overwhelming advantage. Brazil's only defeat was in a friendly match in October 2008 a 0:2 opponent. In the history of the America's Cup, Brazil and Venezuela plays 5 times, sangba army achieved victory. This time, owned Robinho, Pato with AC Milan Soccer Shirt, neimaer, Ganco, little Lucas, Fernando alvez, new and old star of Brazil Eagles let the chicken escaped.
The stadium, leaving only Bolivia player, they ran to the fans to see the front, along with the army of fans for joy. Opening play host to victory, the great victory, Bolivia people unwilling to give up such a wonderful celebration chance, the cold weather is no longer a problem for them. Brazil in the morning (local time) held the America's Cup Group b first battle played out disappointing performance and ruolv only Venezuela 0:0 to make peace.
The second half, Brazil striker Fred (Fred) and midfielder Elano (Elano) play, trying to strengthen the team's offensive firepower, but this win the championship top teams is not effective in creating closed-breaking opportunity. As the game near the end, Brazil was all the more eager to fight for winner, and that Venezuela had the opportunity to launch several times threatening to fight back. Venezuela leader Arango (Arango) and midfielder Rincon (Rincon) has almost as the team scored an unexpected winner, but the two teams with zero goals shake hands in the end. Fradique de Menezes said after the game, Brazil team with Brazilian National Shirt attack that rivals in ease of elusive, is the main cause of team unable to win. He said: "it was a disappointing performance because we than Venezuela team come good. We master the leading position in the game, however, when you attack often pass made the wrong choice. Our line of attack is too obvious, wings players receiving distance after passing the Pato so far, makes offensive cannot be effective cohesion. This is where we must correct a week. "Added the Brazil coach is also considered bad state of the pitches have hindered Brazil team fast attack, but said it was not the team to report a success reasons.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Player-in-today-s-game-was-strictly-enforced-in-the-tactical-thinking/1141936

Venezuela v Chile: 2010 South American World Cup Qualifiers

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