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World Cup Bird

Hambantota Sri Lanka by Aaron88

A growing city and a beautiful destination for a little bit of everything in the island of Sri Lanka is Hambantota. Scenic beaches to relax, temples and kovils to see and worship, national park and a bird aviary to the naturists and wildlife lovers and lots more for the avid traveller. Make it here to enjoy the little luxuries for an awesome vacation in Hambantota.
Hambanthota is surrounded by ample attractions and interesting places. Rent a car for an adventure on your own with your loved ones to explore and experience this coastal city. After the mass destruction by the 2004 tsunami, the city has undergone infrastructure developments. The Hambanthota International Airport and an international port are two most important milestones achieved in the city and in whole of Sri Lanka.
Stretching along the south east corner of the city has blessed Hambanthota with a lien of pristine beaches. The sandy beaches are excellent for an awesome tan or dip in to the cool blue waters for a good swim. Play some beach games and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday this vacation in Hambanthota.
Hambanthota was the host to 2011 South Asian Beach Games and was one of the hosting venues for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. It’s one of the favourite cities among locals during the cricket season. Culture and entertainment goes hand in hand at the Tele-cinema village in Hambanthota.
Temples and kovils are plenty around Hambanthota. The Vihara Maha Devi Temple in Kirinda is not too far away. It is an interesting Buddhist temple on top of a rock offers beautiful views and shares an interesting history. Tissamaharama Temple is another religious site to visit. Being one of the most important Buddhist temples in the island, there are ample ruins in vicinity to enjoy during day time. Wait till dusk to view the beautifully lit temple with a quick visit. Almost everyone and anyone have visited the religious site of Katharagama Kovil. It hosts one of the biggest festivals attracting pilgrims from all parts of the island. If you’re lucky, be there to observe variety of ways people pay homage and show faith. Mulkirigala Rock Monastery, Kirivehera and Situlpawwa Temple are other noteworthy religious sites.
Not too distant from the city, there are several national parks to go wildlife safaris. Naturists and wildlife lovers will definitely love it. Bundala National Park is an awesome place to be, especially for those who enjoys nature and loves wildlife. Yala National Park is another interesting place and one of the most popular national parks in Sri Lanka. Be there to witness high concentration of bears, leopards, deer and elephants amidst the tropical and diverse fauna. However on the other hand, birdwatchers can call Bundala Bird Sanctuary a paradise for what it has to offer. The colourful birdlife of native and migrant birds is more than inviting.
Be it sightseeing from historic ruins to religious temples and kovils or adventure in the lush green jungles, wildlife safaris, Hambanthota has abundance to offer. Cheap Flights to Sri lanka, Cheap Flights to Japan.

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World Cup Bird

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World Cup Bird

2010 World Cup's Most Shocking Moments #35: Witch Bird

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