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Paraguay defense was the key to victory by lynnlee1230

Paraguay team known as "South America Italy" has always been famous for its defense firm. In 2010 South Africa World Cup, Paraguay team killed in the last eight, was a solid defensive convoy all the way. This America's Cup, Paraguay teams continue to rely on the defence contend with competitors. Defence line, the Paraguay team array in a number of experienced players, such as Silva, has over 30 years of him remains stable. In the first round game against Ecuador in the team competition, da Silva was Benitez after swinging back quickly to resolve each other's shots. This service, Brazil team with Brazil Soccer Jerseys determined to have, will continue to set off a fierce attack, Paraguay's defense will be under tremendous pressure. Silva has said: "neimaer is what we must be careful to deal with players. We know Brazil there were other stars, which no doubt, but neimaer will no doubt be the most difficult to defend. "Although there is a focus on prevention of the characters, but neimaer once state back bravely, Paraguay Defender I'm afraid it's hard to stop him. Paraguay team is famous for its defense, but as does not mean that they strike. Strike pair of Puerto Barrios, one of the team last season, is the hero of Dortmund team champions also Paraguay team's offensive core, he elevated the status of Paraguay team attack. And another striker Valds also has excellent performance in the first round of competition, substitute soon after playing in the restricted area arc at the top right foot choushe, only the ball out of the column. In this round, Paraguay team if they want to do something, first also to stress defense, only carry live Brazil team with Brazil Soccer Jerseys attacks can play nice counter.
Head coach Al Martino for Brazil team offensive, consider the midfielder to strengthen manpower, being able to effectively control the midfield, Paraguay team will be able to improve the efficiency of attack. Liverpool fans should glad, they in UEFA Champions League arenas on Chelsea has perfect of resume, had continuous two times will opponent force resistance finals door outside, and this year new introduced Xiao will Torres, a season 30 ball cut melon cut dishes, eight into four shakes pour arsenal Hou, team State was just right to adjustment pour best, fighting will of more is unprecedented high, plus psychological advantage and opponent coach of weakness, three playing "cloth home village", dang is has WINS no defeated. Chelsea Jersey fans should meet, they in this year this field vs in the by Yang angle go Yin angle, placed low attitude do up has challenge who, this season Kenyon power finally pulling pour G14, blues suddenly by robbers in the Greenwood pass through the Hall into the inner Chamber, into has Quartet fawning of dignitaries Hill, European arenas way good adjusting check games opponent on the left, entered four strong near without striking a blow, also continuous got first guest main of advantage race. Abou has in Moscow base camp set Xia celebration wine, Europe AFC how many also was having regard to the millionaires of face.
Blue Army combat strength is not recession as imagine, not to do anything more than three times, change timing good days. Thus, two red and blue France Jersey Soccer fans, this column sat down by two authors, they are: Hong Kong KLIPPAN cigarette, as silizhu like, Helen Hessel fell only two legs, with Kevin Keegan collectively, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, still holding the geluobeila of more than 40 h of more than one white bar dude (hereinafter referred to as H). Osgood cleaning boots, a legendary venomous insect under Hoddle, in 1955, streaking, nickname is bilanpade or loud "space shuttle", Roman Abramovich's yacht play 20 years under the piano didn't ship delraich (hereinafter referred to as d). 1, which do you most respect your opponent, most admired what point? H: Dear, er, sth Refer to the dictionary under what is the meaning of something Magic bird of the year at the time, most dear, most magical bird that does not respect this to explain it.

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