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2014 World Cup Finals

2014 world cup finals

Blatter's promise about 2014 World Cup by fansi099

Blatter promises diminished team can seat 2014 World Cup
FIFA President Sepp Blatter said that in addition to the 2014 World Cup hosts Brazil, South America will still be 4 and a half tournament.
Football Association FIFA president Sepp Blatter President of Ecuador Luis - Chiriboga invitation to participate in the Ecuador Football Federation's ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building. In the following interview, Mr Blatter talked about the World Cup In 2014 ended in Brazil. "For the next World Cup, I recommend the Board continue to follow the FIFA 2010 World Cup in 2006 and the approach to the allocation of places for the competition. In addition to hosts outside of Brazil, South America should still keep 4 and a half tournament. 2006 Germany World Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is so arranged, I do not see the need to change. "

South Africa this summerWorld Cup finals is that although the final two European teams, football shirt but the entry of five South American teams are all from the group stages only, but also occupied the four top the group, reflecting the overall level of football in South America increased. Since the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, after fears that South America's World Cup FIFA seats will decrease, but now the words of President Blatter to make a reassuring South American team.

Thus, in addition to host Brazil, the other nine South American countries can compete 4.5 places to advance to the World Cup finals reached an unprecedented proportion of 50%. national football shirts If you participate in playoff team in South America that support the cut ultimately successful, then there will be 6 next World Cup South American teams participating, this figure will set a new record in World Cup history.
In South Africa the day after the World Cup finals, FIFA under 32 players in this tournament all the technology in statistics named its final 11, the Spanish team won the World Cup although there are 5 people selected, But there was no Casillas, Xavi, Iniesta the three Lord. Runner-up Netherlands, Uruguay, third and fourth, england national soccer team jersey respectively, in Germany there are 2, 3 and 1 were selected, but Uruguay is not selected the player Fran Golden Globe winner, but had used the hand of God the Savior Soares.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Blatter-s-promise-about-2014-World-Cup/925814

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