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How To Get Concert Tickets You Know Are Going To Sell Out   by Weerac Kunti

When concert tickets for some top artists go on sale, they sell within a matter of minutes. So this leaves you with a problem: if you know that your favorite artist will be going on tour, and you absolutely don't want to miss the concert in your area, how can you ensure that you manage to get tickets? You know that the tickets will most likely sell out really quickly, but you don't want to be one of the disappointed ones. So, I have put together a few tips that will maximize your chances of getting those highly sought after tickets.

First of all, you need to get signed up to the relevant fan club or mailing list for your favorite artist or band. Members get sent frequent updates about the band's activities and tours, and many fan clubs allow members to buy concert tickets before the tickets officially go on sale. Some of the clubs use presale passwords, that allow members to purchase tickets in advance from the usual websites, such as Ticketmaster. If you love the band so much that you intend going to every concert in your area, then joining a fan club and getting this concession of early sales is a must. Watch out though, as there are most likely more fans in the club than tickets available for presale.

Of course you could just try buying the tickets when they go on sale to the general public, but you have to go for it the minute they come out on sale. With a bit of research you can find out exactly when, to the minute, that they are going on sale, but make sure that you have the right time zone. Go to the website some minutes before the release time, and keep reloading the page. As soon as the tickets are available the link will appear that will take you to the page where you can buy them. Select the number of tickets that you want, and, if the tickets are available, you will be offered seat numbers. If the seat numbers don't suit you, you can release the tickets back, and try again for better seats, but think twice about doing this, as you may lose the chance altogether due to the high level of demand. If the seat selection that you are offered seems reasonable enough, then take them to avoid missing out altogether.

So what if the show sells out and you are still without tickets? Well, you still have one or two options available, but now you are talking higher ticket prices, because it is a seller's market. The prices of the tickets will be determined by the age-old economic rules of supply and demand, with the more popular concerts commanding very high ticket prices. Ticket brokers usually manage to have a reasonable number of tickets in the highly sought after areas such as front rows, and the center of the auditorium. Many ticket brokers actually have their available seats displayed online, so that you can browse for where you would like to sit. You may get good seats with the brokers, but they will most likely come at a price.

So, by continuing searching and not giving up, you may well come across those concert tickets that you are after.

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The article written by Weerac Kunti, please visit the website for more information at http://www.ticketsfans.com/stubhub-tickets.php

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