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Logo Of World Cup 2014

logo of World Cup 2014

The Most Talked about Logos of 2010!! by Charlie John

With corporate awareness on brand identity value increasing day by day, logo designs are hard to be missed. Each year we see tons of new and fresh logos evolve, conglomerates and mergers taking place and numerous logo redesigns happening.
Some designs are regarded as the best logos of the year while several face severe censure from the design community. Some of them are criticized for their exorbitant logo prices, while others are refuted on visual grounds.
Following is a list of 10 most talked about logos of 2010.

1. Bausch + Lomb Logo: Jan 2010
In the new Bausch + Lomb identity, the plus sign becomes a translucent medical sign that communicates that â€Bausch + Lomb†is willing and committed to partnering with the medical community.
Designer: Pentagram

2. Skittles Logo: Feb 2010
The Skittles logo was widely acclaimed as a pleasant transformation to a multi-colored tongue concept coupled with the brand’s slogan, â€Taste the rainbow.â€
Designer: Miles Newlyn & Dragon Rouge Agency

3. UBUNTU: Mar 2010
The popular format of LINUX underwent a major redesign this year, the new identity is a concept of â€circle of friends,†an icon showing three abstract human figures coming together to form a whole.
Designer: Canonical Design Team

4. Yellow Pages Logo April 2010
The Yellow page logo redesign was first handed over to the logo designer David Airey who gave a shot at the Walking Fingers. The job was later assigned to TAXI agency.
Designer: TAXI agency

5. EU Organic Logo: April 2010
The EU Organic logo was obtained through a logo design contest. Winner Dusan Milenkovic, a student from Germany received â'6,000 (US$8,145), while the second and third place collected â'3,500 (US$4,750) and â'2,500 (US$3,395) respectively.
Designer: Dusan Milenkovic

6. Dodge Logo: May 2010
Chrysler recently unveiled a new logo for the Dodge brand, featuring the Dodge name with a pair of red racing stripes, â€suggesting speed and agility,â€
Designer: Unknown

7. Google Logo: May 2010
The new Google logo came as a part of the redesign of the search experience, with the removal of only the drop shadow from the previous logo.
Designer: Ruth Kedar

8. Wikipedia Logo: May 2010
The Wikipedia puzzle globe logo was again modified this year. The actual 3D construction of the new mark was executed by professional 3D animator, art director, and graphic designer, Philip Metschan
Designer: Philip Metschan

9. FIFA 2014 Logo: June 2010
A few days ago, Brazilian websites published what will allegedly be the logo of the World Cup 2014. However, nothing was informed by the officials as the logo will be officially presented only on July 10th 2010.
Designer: Unknown

10. BP Logo:
The hottest topic under the spotlight is the BP logo redesign, held by Greenpeace UK. It is in reaction to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that the NGO is holding a logo design contest to redesign the real image of the BP logo.
Designer: Landor Associates

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/The-Most-Talked-about-Logos-of-2010--/795607

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