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Soccer Brazil World Cup

soccer brazil world cup

They want to buy the national team soccer jerseys by vansci123

We love football! We love Tianjin! so as a little Tianjin supplement fans, I call upon the Teda Club, to seize this unique opportunity to create our Tianjin fans own football culture we want to have a blue and white Cheap Soccer Jersey, maybe we won't these civilians fans spend a few hundred to buy a shirt, it's not really represent our team does not love, does not mean that we do not want the stadium became blue and white seas. In July this year, Li Jie new bought a Canon card digital camera, photo and video quality is further improved. Not only online stars football team photos from Li Jie, boarded the Oriental sports daily fans spectra of stars chef, Cui Yong members and beans photos also have * contribution. September 30, 2007, the World Cup finals held in Hongkou football stadium. Brazil soccer fans who bought tickets *, put on Brazil Cheap Soccer Jersey, go to the scene to refuel Marta team. "This is Hongkou football stadium standard maximum of one game, five big screen full open, the atmosphere was very good. So we hope that the Club can bring us more parity fans clothing, even if it is a blue and white printed Tianjin refueling of compassionate! we hope that the Club can make us the city in each zone to see Taida of elements, although the Teda Stadium as far back as the zone, but it can close our distance, because our hearts forever toward where we hope that one day, a father could take their children to go to the Riverside band on a Club Shop, take 6, 70 Yuan to buy a genuine Tianjin fans clothing as a gift, can be proud to tell kids "Tianjin men are playing dad weekend show you the ball!" we look forward to the future, on weekends, our fans can wear the blue and white printed Teda flag clothes, wearing a blue and white printed Teda flag scarf, waving a blue and white printed Teda logo banner, and buddies friends laughed, puff to the stadium to cheer for team Teda Tianjin teams! want to buy the national team soccer jerseys of authenticity is, of course, the dream of fans, however, the purchasing power of Tianjin fans, if you are a high-end brand is certainly not true. Li Jie in scene took many photos, after the game Germany with Brazil and left a lot of fans. The final award ceremony, he also used cell phone pictures of the entire process, upload to the Internet after it because of copyright factors masked, but Li did not mind: "will be screened, notes I took video quality or very high.†Li Jie QQ space album and yoqoo video space, save his shot some photos and video, but his goals than that. Sponsorship is sponsored, the simulation is can do, refer to the English Premier League arsenal! they have their own brands (advanced stage, you can also start from the emulation), and their sponsors is Nike, this need to negotiate with sponsorship, I think as long as the Club sincerely to solve this problem easily. Simulation of uniform prices low and the Club's own fans products, such as crafts, and so on must be clothing sponsor cannot read. "I hope I have to go away, if you can, like a documentary."In the life of Li Jie, Shenhua elements can be seen everywhere. His computer desktop is your own pictures and photographs of Shenhua phone background is Shenhua team logo, even working with blue band substring Shenhua. Shenhua Leopard, Wenguang era exchange banner, the blue Panther "team included, the Shenhua in colour, are collections of Li Jie. He was also a 2003 Shenhua Club membership card, but later Club membership has not been implemented. Then we should try to make the simulation. Will the shirt price depression in 60-70 Yuan, this would be a great world cup 2010 south africa sales.

I like world cup 2010 south africa

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