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Tickets For Brazil 2014

tickets for brazil 2014

New transport projects in the Rio area will boost Brazil's economy by Eco Paul

In the next few years there are several major world events due to take place in Brazil. These include the 'Rio +20' climate Conference (which is imminent) but also the FIFA championships in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.Obviously the city of Rio de Janiero will be a main centre and focus for each of them and in terms of Rio +20, pretty much the only one. These will all have enormous implications for the city and its surrounding state, not least in the crucial field of transport. A major route within the city and state runs from Campo Grande and Santa Cruz, eastwards towards the coastal resort of Barra da Tijuca in the Rio city area. It also passes through a number of important destinations on the way. Barra has a number of upmarket residences but it's main claims to fame are the beautiful beaches and clear water- great for surfing plus of course the massive 'Barra Shopping' centre.

In order to eliminate the worst of the traffic congestion and pollution between the two ends of the route, a major new rapid-transit bus line has been launched. This is called (in English)the Transoeste BRT (bus rapid transit) line. Obviously, due to the construction disrupting traffic flows, things had to get worse before they got better, but now the new 55Km route taking about an hour from end to end, will make a big difference, cutting the journey time in half, from two hours down to one. As well as easing actual traffic flow, the new system will therefore encourage economic development, including commerce and investment.

The system consists of 59 purpose-built bus stations (all of them ready by the end of August) and has many up-to-the-minute features such as dedicated bus lanes on the road, electronic bulletin boards and CCTV systems. The buses will also be using greener fuel, thereby greatly reducing pollution along the route. The cost is reasonable, the price of a one-way ticket along the route is a very affordable R$ 2.75. The process is speeded up by the tickets being purchased before passengers get on board each bus.

At the official launch of the BRT scheme this week were three important dignitaries. They were the Mayor of Rio City, Mr. Eduardo Paes, the State Governor, Mr. Sergio Cabral and the former President of Brazil, the ever-popular Mr. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (more usually known simply by his nickname of 'Lula').

More widely, there is also an underground metro system being constructed, aimed to link-up to the BRT and this is expected to be completed in time for the 2016 Olympics. There are also other features of the massive refurbishment of the Rio-area transport networks. In particular there will be three other lines ; TransBrasil which links Deodoro to the Santos Dumont airport, Transcarioca linking the Tom Jobim Airport to Barra and of course the TransOlimpica connecting Deodoro to Barra.

Altogether an enormous R$1.6 Billion has been provided by the national Government to invest in Brazil and as a long term investment for this infrastructure. Private sector investments will be involved, too, in a whole host of short term investments in associated 'spin offs'.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/New-transport-projects-in-the-Rio-area-will-boost-Brazil-s-economy/1505276

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