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Florence with AC Milan Soccer Jersey was chosen to play for a further year by lynnlee1230

Dang Italy media also gave AC Milan when summer transfer rating, AC Milan have taken into account in winter, or even next year, Alberto Aquilani and Nocerino? That's not all, according to Mediaset TV station baerjijiya reported that AC Milan and Riccardo Montolivo has a copy of the agreement, Riccardo Montolivo Florence with AC Milan Soccer Jersey was chosen to play for a further year, because he was in the first year following the expiration in the capacity of a free agent next summer to join AC Milan. Baerjijiya yesterday's show, said: "Riccardo Montolivo and AC Milan already have a copy of the agreement, so he remained in Florence until continuing effects, but he is not this winter to join AC Milan, but to wait until next summer. By then, it will be in free agency status to join AC Milan with AC Milan Shirts. "Should said, baerjijiya of saying and sky Taiwan Chief transfer expert dimajiao goes perfectly, he revealed, in and Montolivo of broker bulanqini Miami of beach met zhihou (Gagliani open recognized of), Gagliani and in Milan and he drink has repeatedly coffee, on Montolivo of things they has reached agreement has, just because Florence asking price 10 million, AC Milan only gave up has let Montolivo, let he temporarily left in Florence. Just dimajiao say more sleek and baerjijiya it out of everything.
Sure enough, then Riccardo Montolivo official said in a statement: "I have not and no other Club has agreements, I would like to play well this year in Florence. "But similar words, mexes' before joining AC Milan said, Riccardo Montolivo with AC Milan New Clothes, after all, also have to play this year. The summer of 2012, Montolivo 27 years old, still is when the play of the year. Nocerino had signed for 5 years, Montolivo free to join, and Aquila, if more than 25 appearances, will automatically buy out, in addition, Genoa, Genoa Chairman puleijiaoxi also said a player currently became Genoa and AC Milan has, he will join AC Milan in the winter, widespread speculation of the media is Constandt, isn't it Constandt? Genoa Capozucca noncommittal sports Manager. And AC Milan in win over has a large number of Italy Cenozoic midfielder players zhihou, previously midfielder aging of problem also quietly solved, several midfielder veteran of State will in next year summer was again assessment, from currently view, State still excellent of Van Bommel and Clarence Seedorf may also will get renewal, and also hands only a years contract, but State obvious fell of two bit are Vice Captain Ambrosini and Gattuso, is may will like Andrea Pirlo as dropped from the, or will continues to wage cuts renewal, but from lineup in the fade out, Into a leader in the dressing room, although this is a lot of people with AC Milan Home Shirts do not want to see, but the replacement is the objective of the law. AC Milan this summer into next summer win over Alberto Aquilani, Nocerino, Riccardo Montolivo, who completed the replacement of both an important step, and ensure the Italy International has elements.

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